Celsius ‘In Dialogue’ With ‘Regulators & Officials’, Gets Quieter About Its Operations

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In a most recent update, troubled major crypto lender Celsius (CEL) did not provide any indications of when it expects to stabilize its liquidity and operations, but stressed its focus on its work with “regulators and officials” while limiting communication with its clients.

After one week the company paused withdrawals, Swap, and transfers, they said they “maintain an open dialogue with regulators and officials” and “plan to continue working” with them “regarding this pause and our company’s determination to find a resolution.”

Celsius also said they’re pausing their communication with their clients via Twitter Spaces and ask me anything (AMA) sessions “to focus on navigating these unprecedented challenges.”

At 04:37 UTC, CEL trades at USD 0.64 and is up 20% in a day and 73% in a week. The price is still down 18% in a month.
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