Cardano Price Forecast – Bulls Hold $0.30 Comfortably, Quick 50% Move Incoming?

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 3 min read

A mixed start to the day on Nov. 24 saw ADA rise to an early high of $0.321 before falling to a low of $0.312, with the token currently trading at $0.316 as of writing.

On Nov. 23, the FOMC meeting minutes delivered a push to crypto markets in general, with members talking about slowing the pace of rate hikes in the US. ADA was not able to capitalize on this market pump for sustained upside momentum, however.

Cardano Fundamental Analysis

Because of project timeline uncertainty and a lack of funding, Ardana, a stablecoin project on the Cardano network, has paused development pending a potential takeover of its project. The related Orbis project has also halted development.

In an early Nov. 24 Tweet, the Ardana project wrote that “Development on Cardano has been difficult […] the underlying network on #ADA is currently not ideal for any protocol dealing with liquidations […] best course of action is halting development.”

Although just one project among many on Cardano, this announcement raises questions about the future of development on Cardano and the future of other Cardano projects that may be struggling in the wake of the current bear market.

Keep a close eye on the development progress for Cardano and the projects building on it as news about its network updates or further project failures or successes could accelerate the price in either direction.

ADA Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

After a failed attempt to break the $0.378 level on Nov. 22, bears still appear to be in control of ADA’s price action. As long as the price stays beneath the $0.378 level, a further decrease would not be unexpected, targeting the $0.285 support area and potentially dipping to $0.231 in the near term if the wider crypto and risk asset bear market continues – not to mention the risks associated with the ongoing FTX saga.

However, the short-term bullish case for ADA can be made by looking at the stochastic RSIs, which show some possible momentum to the upside. A bullish scenario could be in sight if Cardano manages to reclaim the $0.378 and, more importantly, the $0.43 level. Should that happen, ADA/USD could rocket 50% by year’s end as market sentiment shifts back in favor of a bullish scenario for ADA.

For now, the bulls have managed to hold onto key support at $0.30, which indicates that ADA will likely continue trading between $0.30 and $0.32 and possibly rise above the First Major Resistance Level (R1) at $0.319 in the coming days or weeks, depending largely on any further market movements related to FTX contagion issues or project news.

Bear Market Crypto Opportunities

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RobotEra is building a virtual world where users can purchase their own private plots of land and build upon them with buildings, games, artworks, etc. 

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Calvaria is a play-to-earn battle card game centered around speeding up the mass adoption of crypto. The platform allows players to experience the fun and thrill of collecting, trading and battling with NFT cards. 

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