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‘Bloomberg Terminal’ for Crypto Traders Catches Experts’ Attention – Time to Buy?

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 2 min read

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Dash 2 Trade is a brand-new trading signals platform that provides a whole range of features for its users, allowing them to make use of a series of signals that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 

A variety of social sentiment signals

Positioning itself as the “Bloomberg Terminal of crypto”, Dash 2 Trade provides a litany of features for its users. 

Unlike Bloomberg Terminals, however, which have a yearly subscription fee of $30,000, the Dash 2 Trade platform allows its users to pay just 400 D2T tokens for the starter tier and 1,000 D2T tokens for the professional tier. 

One can also use the dashboard for free, although with limited features. 

The professional tier comes replete with a range of features that users will find difficult to find on any other platform. 

In addition to the technical analytics that are available, there are also a range of sophisticated social indicators that help users better understand the sentiment surrounding particular projects. 

Indeed, there are opportunities for retail traders to curate their own automated trading strategies, which means that they can trade more passively. If traders wish to test how these strategies would have performed in the past, Dash 2 Trade also provides functionality to do backward testing to facilitate this. 

The D2T token provides utility for the platform 

Given that monthly subscriptions must be paid in D2T in order to access the fuller features of the platforms, the D2T token is an extremely important aspect of the circular economy upon which the Dash 2 Trade platform is built. 

The more users that come to the platform, the more demand there will be for the D2T token, which should reflect positively on the price.

The D2T presale has now raised $3 million 

The presale has now surpassed $3 million in one week, indicating strong investor confidence in the project.This is particularly remarkable when one considers that crypto is currently in the depths of a bear market, and the macroeconomic situation more generally hasn’t been particularly bullish either. 

Aside from the early success of the presale, the background of the Dash 2 Trade team also indicates that the platform has a very good chance of growing. That’s because it’s an outgrowth of Learn2Trade, a popular forex signals provider that already has a community of over 60,000 active members.

Given this track record, Dash 2 Trade has good future prospects, as indicated by the fact that it has accumulated over 33,000 followers on Twitter, despite opening an account as recently as September.

D2T is currently selling for 0.05 USDT, but this will increase to $0.0513 in the next stage of the presale.

Visit Dash 2 Trade presale now.