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Blockchain Protocol Antelope Takes ‘Leap of Freedom’ as it Forks Of EOSIO; EOS Jumps

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The blockchain protocol Antelope has taken what it describes as a “leap of freedom” and forked its protocol off development firm Block.one’s EOSIO platform and instead embraced the rival EOS Network Foundation.

According to an announcement from Antelope, the project has already launched a new website and shared a public release of the Antelope Github repository. Going forward, Antelope will be run by a Coalition led by the EOS Network Foundation, with participation by community members from EOS and the blockchain networks Telos, Wax, and UX Network.

EOS Network Foundation is an organization that was formed in opposition to Block.one after the latter was accused of failing to add value to the blockchain. Among other things, it was said that EOS missed out on the decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) booms, and has seen an exodus of developers under Block.one’s watch.

As reported back in December, the foundation, composed of the dissatisfied members of the EOS community who claim that Block.one is no longer acting in the network’s best interests, rebelled against the company in a bid to gain the EOS network’s intellectual property.

To move Antelope forward under the EOS Network Foundation, all Coalition members will share the project’s underlying blockchain codebase, while a development treasury will be available for participants “to continuously improve upon the core protocol,” Wednesday’s announcement said.

It added that it now falls on Antelope to “fly the flag for iterating the codebase and rejuvenating the community.” Further, the announcement noted that new innovations, including Application Programming Interface (API) improvements, history pruning, and enhanced cryptographic functions, will now be delivered to Antelope.

“At the EOS Network Foundation, we’re committed to exemplifying the best that Antelope has to offer by making EOS the most powerful and usable platform for building next-generation web3 products and services,” commented Yves La Rose, CEO and Executive Director of the EOS Network Foundation.

Meanwhile, Douglas Horn, Chief Architect of the Telos blockchain, said he expects Antelope to excel as a user-friendly way to design new blockchains. “Antelope is a protocol built by its users, for its users.,” he said.

EOS is a smart contract platform that gained popularity after its debut in 2018 when it raised USD 4.1bn in an initial coin offering (ICO). The project was considered an “Ethereum killer” because of its capacity to offer a higher rate of transactions per second (TPS).

Meanwhile, EOS jumped today. At 13:15 UTC, the 45th coin by market capitalization was trading at USD 1.53, up 19% in a day and 30% in a week. It’s also up 55% in a month and down 72% in a year. 

EOS 7-day price chart. Source: coingecko.com


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