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Blockchain Game Firm Releases Samsung Phone Featuring a Crypto Wallet

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

Samsung has released three special-edition Galaxy smartphones in conjunction with WeMade Tree, the blockchain arm of South Korean gaming giant WeMade.

Source: H_Ko

The devices are customized versions of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, but come pre-loaded with WeMade Tree’s Wemix cryptocurrency wallet. According to a sales platform created for the phones, the most expensive of the three devices is priced at USD 1,329.

The offering is part of WeMade Tree’s fast-expanding Wemix platform, which has formed partnerships with Kakao’s Klaytn platform, as well as internet firm Naver and Chinese gaming company Longtu.

The new Samsung device, which will be released in conjunction with telecoms firm SK, is also fitted with an app named Scope. This, per Decenter, is a blockchain app that allows users to check on the transaction history and game usage history stats of Wemix’s own eponymous cryptocurrency.

The Wemix token is currently unlisted, but WeMade Tree appears to be confident of finding a domestic exchange willing to list the token.

WeMade Tree says it will airdrop a “maximum” of 2,400 Wemix tokens to customers buying the phone.

Samsung has included its own blockchain wallet on its past two major flagship smartphone releases, and has also released two recent blockchain-themed phones with domestic business partners. Last year it released a similar device in conjunction with Kakao’s Ground X subsidiary, featuring a wallet for Kakao’s Klay token.

And last month, Samsung created an SK-branded 5G handset equipped with a blockchain-powered authentication feature.