Attacked by 'Double Your Bitcoin' Scammers

Source: iStock/AzriSuratmin, a popular Bitcoin (BTC) resource that had 1.7m visits in August, has apparently been attacked by crypto scammers. The website is now not available.

A message on the website now claims that "The Bitcoin Foundation is giving back to the community" and uses the old tactics to deceive inexperienced BTC holders by asking them to send BTC and promising to send double the amount in return.

Source: A screenshot,

The website is operated by anonymous bitcoiner Cobra, also known for his legal battle with Craig Wright

Cobra confirmed that the website has been compromised.

"Currently looking into how the hackers put up the scam modal on the site. May be down for a few days," the operator said.

The address, posted by the scammers now shows 9 transactions and BTC 0.4 (USD 17,657). However, it might be sent by the scammers themselves.

"I would guess that the server hosting the website has been compromised as the modal does not appear in this repo," Bitcoin Core contributor Andrew Chow said.


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(Updated at 06:08 UTC with comments by Cobra.)