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Best Crypto to Buy Today 29 December – FGHT, ICP, D2T, QNT, CCHG

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The big news this week in the crypto space is that on Wednesday it was reported that Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) will be arraigned before the Manhattan federal court on January 3, 2023. This is the latest development in a string of events leading up to his arrest by Bahamian Authorities on December 12, which was followed by his extradition to the United States.

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US federal regulators and prosecutors are bringing forward a total of eight criminal charges against Bankman-Fried. His past associates, Gary Wang and Caroline Ellison of FTX and Alameda Research, respectively, have already pleaded guilty to crimes such as securities fraud and money laundering. To the great dismay of the crypto community, Bankman-Fried was granted a $250 million bail to live with his parents in Palo Alto while wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Meanwhile, not much else is happening in markets, with trading activity relatively subdued over the holidays.

How Will Bitcoin’s Price Drive Markets Today?

Following its denial at the $16,900 FIB 0.5 confluence with the daily EMA 20 level, Bitcoin is now trading near the FIB 0.618 at roughly $16,636. With a 2% drop over the last two days accompanied by an increase in sell-off volume, traders need to take extra care when taking positions amid these conditions.

Should Bitcoin’s price support area between $16,400 and $16,600, the next likely support is at around $16,100, which also acted as support back on November 28-29.

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise over the past few years has made it an alluring investment option, and many investors do advise having a good chunk of one’s portfolio in the digital asset–but there are other cryptos backed by reliable projects and teams that offer a great deal of potential for greater gains in the next bull run as well.

In the midst of crypto market volatility and uncertainty, investors should think about diversifying their portfolios to include both higher cap and up-and-coming cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals.

Here are five cryptos to buy today based on strong fundamentals and/or technical analysis.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut M2E’s upcoming app and fitness chain has caught the attention of many investors, who have already invested $1 million during its week-long private sale. Unsurprisingly, the project is continuing this success with an impressive presale total of over $2.5 million so far.

FightOut is one-of-a-kind amongst other M2E apps boasting a variety of features, but its most notable capability is the integration of any form of physical exercise – not just steps taken. Users also don’t need to break the bank buying costly NFTs in order to use this app; instead they can receive rewards for living healthy, beyond just simple activities like taking walks.

By connecting a user’s performance to their real-time avatar, FightOut will offer detailed monitoring of a user’s progress on fitness factors such as strength and cardiovascular endurance. And by enabling users to compare progress with others on the app, social motivation will help them stick to their goals. Another interesting part of the app is that when users reach their goals in reality, so too will their character level up.

In Q4 2023, FightOut will launch its inaugural gym with the ambition of providing customers with high-end and cutting-edge equipment as well as other services. Studios for rent, health bars, and a co-working area are some of the amenities patrons can expect. To further add to the experience, FightOut will boast an ambassador program with some of the world’s top boxers and renowned athletes offering exclusive masterclasses and one-of-a-kind events.

Major investors are flocking to the FightOut $FGHT token both due to the innovative platform and solid team as well as its impressive presale bonuses of up to 50%. W,ith critical partners such as LBank Labs, Cryptonews.com, Transak and BlockMedia Labs providing financial and operational support this project is all set for an incredible launch.

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Internet Computer (ICP)

After closing the previous day’s candle with a gain of 3.21% and an increase in volume, Internet Protocol has maintained its bullish momentum going into today as it currently makes an attempt to breakout above the $4 psychological resistance.

ICP’s price is currently at $4.07 as of writing with the RSI at 52.59–a potential bullish indicator. MACD also shows a bullish crossover with a healthy increasing separation between the MACD line and the signal line.

If the price successfully breaks out from $4, the next potential target is the FIB 0.618 level of $4.138 in confluence with the daily EMA 50 for a potential 3% move.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade has created a revolutionary analytics and sentiment tracking platform that could revolutionize crypto trading. Filled with unique features, their system also draws on the current Learn 2 Trade community to offer investors an incredible opportunity to capitalize following FTX’s collapse–as traders search for solutions that will protect them against further fallouts like this in the future.

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Subscribers to Dash 2 Trade’s platform gain access to trade signals, list alerts for upcoming coins, and social sentiment indicators. They can also benefit from the presale token scoring system and a strategy back-testing tool that allows traders to simulate different strategies and then execute them in the market with automatic trading. The auto-trading feature is integrated with exchange APIs meaning they can track their success rate and adjust parameters accordingly as they go. Additionally, advanced data analysis is provided through interactive charts and graphs that break down performance metrics into understandable visuals for better decision-making.

These features are designed to help traders make more informed decisions while reducing risk levels associated with cryptocurrency trading by helping them stay updated on market conditions, analyze trends accurately, and predict future prices based on historical data. With all these tools at their fingertips, traders will have the confidence to make well-informed investments based on smart strategies tailored to their individual needs.

As Dash 2 Trade draws close to the end of its token presale, it has so far raised $11.4 million in funding. The development team behind Dash 2 Trade have announced that their platform will be available soon as development is ahead of schedule. Its first exchange listing is planned for January 11.

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Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT) seeks to provide the infrastructure for digital interconnection using the blockchain, paving the way for blockchain technology to revolutionize some of the world’s largest industries, such as finance, healthcare, and energy.

Companies such as Oracle have announced their commitment to using Quant (QNT) technology in their blockchain solutions, giving the project additional credibility.

After having an increase in bullish momentum for the first two days of the trading week, QNT closed the previous day with a 3.84% loss, retracing to the FIB 0.236 level of $108.8. As of writing, the QNT price is at $112.

For the crypto to maintain its bullish momentum, prices must persist above the FIB 0.236 level. Should it manage this, $113 to $117 is the next potential resistance area while the next significant support may be found at $104 if FIB 0.236 fails to hold.

C+Charge (CCHG)

Join C+Charge’s public presale and be part of the revolution to make EV charging easier, more accessible, and transparent for electric vehicle drivers. This peer-to-peer payment system focuses on making it effortless and transparent for EV owners to charge up their vehicles while unlocking access to carbon credits.

The EV industry is currently combating a multitude of issues such as insufficient charge points, perplexing pricing plans, and inadequate information. C+Charge Network utilizes blockchain technology to address these problems and establish an indispensable connection between electric vehicles and independent charge points.

With the C+Charge app, electric vehicle drivers can easily find and plan for charging costs at dependable charge points with transparent pricing. Plus, users will gain carbon credit rewards when they use the app.

C+Charge’s presale is offering tokens starting at $0.013 USDT. The price will increase over the course of 4 stages, reaching $0.02350 in the final stage. 40% of the total 1 billion tokens are available for the public presale.

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