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Antisemitic Holocaust-themed ERC-20 Token Uncovered

Last updated: | 2 min read

Reporters have discovered a website build using the SquareSpace platform courted controversy by offering its users Holocaust-themed token in a World War II genocide-themed coin offering.

The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany. Source: Adobe/Photocreo Bednarek

The project appeared to make light of the Holocaust, which saw Nazi German forces kill some 6 million European Jews.

In a report from The Jerusalem Post, journalist Tamar Beeri wrote of how the now-defunct website has claimed,

“The HoloCoin (ticker: JEWS) is an ERC-20 Holocaust simulator. There are 15.3 million living JEWS at the beginning of The HoloCoin. Of these 15.3 million JEWS, 4,107 burned each day, equivalent to the rate at which Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust.”

The website made use of two cryptocurrencies, JEWS and ASH, and stated, “There must be some use for ASH. We will sell our ASH to the highest bid.”

A Reddit user (appropriately named) Masterbaiter, recently attempted to popularize the overtly anti-Semitic project, claiming that the project was a “cryptocurrency that recreates the Holocaust. Do not forget the biggest crime against humanity,” but adds that the team behind HoloCoin is “airdropping JEWS and [it] is up to you if you wanna save them or let them burn, there is a daily burn of 4,107 JEWS.” The post also promises users “more free JEWS if you keep them in your wallet.”

The same user claimed that the token was a “Holocaust memorial” token.

Most respondent Reddit users seemed distinctly unimpressed.

“This is the biggest pile of dogshit I’ve seen around here for years,” remarked one user.

Another one said it was possible that the HoloCoin was nothing but a failed scam, claiming,

“This is brought to you by the same people as Covid Coin and that coin that tries to keep track of how many humans are alive. It seems about the same. Covid Coin has exit scammed several times already.”

Per Etherscan data, the total supply of the JEWS token is currently 6 million tokens, held by 70 users worldwide, with 77 recorded transactions. However, the last transaction took place more than 590 days ago, suggesting that the antisemitic project has already been abandoned by its creators.

The HoloCoin project seems to be more active, however, with a total of 583 transactions registered, also per Etherscan. And, at the time of writing, the most recent transaction took place at UTC 09:23 on April 15.

The Jerusalem Post also claims that SquareSpace has since taken the website down, while an affiliated Discord server also appears to have been deactivated.