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Token2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Chats with John Lilic, Executive Director, Telos Foundation

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 1 min read
Token2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Chats with John Lilic, Executive Director, Telos Foundation

Token2049 remains a pivotal event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, attracting leading thinkers and innovators from around the world

This year, one of the highlights was an exclusive interview with John Lilic, Executive Director of the Telos Foundation, conducted by Cryptonews reporter Matt Zahab. 

The conversation offers deep insights into Telos’ latest developments and strategic direction.

Telos Foundation on Hardware Design of ZK

The Telos Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the Telos Blockchain Network. 

It plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the Telos ecosystem by fostering community engagement, funding projects, and driving innovation on the Telos blockchain.

In April, the Telos Foundation today announced that it will work with Ponos Technology, the leading Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) research and development firm, to begin to develop an end-to-end optimized, hardware-accelerated Ethereum Layer 2 network featuring SNARKtor, the Telos-developed decentralized recursive proof aggregator. 

The teams will take a hardware-software co-design approach that will help unlock new possibilities in terms of massive scalability, greater data protection and trustless interoperability for Ethereum users globally.

Full TOKEN2049 Recap

Token2049 continues to be a crucial event for professionals and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world, providing a platform for critical discussions and networking among the industry’s most innovative minds. During the event, big names in the industry, like John Lilic, share their thoughts and views on the current and future state of crypto globally.

Discover more insights and in-depth analysis in our comprehensive recap of Day 1 of the TOKEN2049 event below.