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4 Ways to Get Free NFTs in 2022

Alex Lielacher
Last updated: | 5 min read

While the value of NFTs has dropped significantly in 2022 after the NFT hype in 2021, creators and collectors are still able to make money in the NFT market. If you want to take part in the non-fungible tokens market but don’t have the money to buy Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, or other popular NFTs, you can always get your hands on free NFTs. 

From participating in airdrops to earning NFTs through play-to-earn games, there are numerous ways to get free NFTs. Read on to find out more!

1. Airdrops

Arguably the easiest way to free NFTs is to take part in NFT airdrops.

An airdrop is when a project distributes tokens or other cryptocurrency assets to its community for free. This is usually done to promote the project, grow its community, and reward loyalty.

Airdrops are typically given to people who are already involved with the project in some way, such as holding specific tokens related to a project or participating in a social media campaign. 

To take part in airdrops, you can sign up for airdrop alert newsletters or keep an eye on social media accounts that regularly promote NFT airdrops. If one interests you, check out the requirements and provide your wallet address to receive your token. For cybersecurity and privacy reasons, however, it’s probably smart to use a separate wallet (from your main web3 wallet) just for airdrops. 

2. Giveaways

NFT giveaways are another great way to get your hands on some free NFTs. There are a few different ways you can go about finding them.

One way is to keep an eye on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Often, when an NFT project is launched, the team behind it will run a giveaway to promote their work. So, if you see something announced that looks interesting to you, be sure to follow the instructions on how to enter.

Another way to find NFT giveaways is to search for them online. A quick Google search will reveal many different websites and forums where people are giving away free NFTs. You can also try searching for specific keywords like “NFT airdrop” or “NFT giveaway.”

You can also earn free NFTs by participating in bounties. Bounties are regularly offered by projects looking for help with their marketing or development efforts. For example, you might be asked to tweet about the project or create a YouTube video review. Finally, you can sign up for mailing lists of popular NFT projects. This way, you’ll be among the first to know about any upcoming giveaways or other promotional events.

Note that in most cases, you will have to get whitelisted for an NFT giveaway. Whitelisting is when a website or service adds your wallet address to its list of approved users. This means that you’ll be able to access content or features that are normally restricted to other users. In some cases, you may even be able to get exclusive access to certain items like NFTs or events. 

To get whitelisted, you will need to complete some specified tasks and provide some information to the project team. This will usually include your name, email address, and Ethereum wallet address. Once you have been whitelisted, you will be able to receive the NFT tokens that are being distributed as part of the giveaway.

Whichever method you choose, participating in NFT giveaways is a great way to get your hands on some free crypto assets!

3. Earn NFTs in P2E Games

Another popular way to get your hands on free NFTs is to win them in play-to-earn games

There are dozens of NFT-powered blockchain games that allow you to receive free NFTs for scoring a particular number of points (like in Sorare, for example) or for winning battles against other players (like in Axie Infinity). 

While the NFTs you receive in play-to-earn games are free, most of these games require you to spend some money upfront, typically to purchase NFTs that will act as the game’s characters. 

4. Breeding NFTs 

In addition to winning free NFTs in blockchain games, you can also engage in NFT breeding in a handful of leading NFT games. Two popular games that offer breeding services are Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game where players can breed, battle, and collect cute little fantasy creatures called Axies. There are three different types of Axies: Land, Sea, and Sky. Each has its own unique set of stats and abilities.

To breed Axies, players must first find two compatible Axies. The game will then generate an egg that contains the DNA of both parent Axies. This egg can then be hatched in five days to produce a new Axie. The resulting Axie will have the appearance and stats of both parents.

Players can also earn free Axies by participating in battles and tournaments. Winning battles will reward players with points that can be used to buy new Axies or eggs. Tournaments usually have large prize pools, so they’re a great way to get your hands on some free NFTs.


CryptoKitties is another popular game that allows players to breed and collect digital cats.

Each CryptoKitty has its unique appearance and set of genes. These genes determine the cat’s physical traits, such as fur color and eye shape. Players can breed their CryptoKitties to create new generations of cats with different appearances and traits. Breeding two CryptoKitties will result in an offspring that has a random combination.

To breed CryptoKitties, players must first find two compatible cats. The game will then generate a new virtual kitten that contains the DNA of both parent kittens. The resulting CryptoKitty will have the appearance and stats of both parents.


There are several ways to get free NFTs, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which method is best for you. Whether you want to earn them through participating in games or by taking part in giveaways or airdrops, there are plenty of options available. 

Whichever method you choose, make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure you are avoiding scams and getting free NFTs that you may actually be able to sell to get your hands on some crypto.