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Experts Believe These Altcoins Will See Major Price Increases in 2023 – Find Out Why

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Some of the more well-known cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are great choices for investors looking to play it safe. Alternatively, buying promising altcoins can be a good option for those who want a chance at earning higher returns on their investment.

Although some people may be hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency because of the negative press it’s gotten recently, analysts say that this could actually be a good time to buy. Inexperienced investors often jump into the market when everyone’s talking about crypto and the prices are sky-high. However, experienced investors know that bear markets present the best opportunities to buy coins at a discount. It’s difficult to say when the market will hit bottom, but if you’re thinking about investing in altcoins, now could be a good time to get started.

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It can be very profitable to invest in relatively unknown cryptocurrencies, but only if they have solid fundamentals. A good example of things to look for in promising projects are trustworthy teams behind the project, a lot of interest from investors, and clear utility for the tokens.

The following are a few altcoins to buy now that fit the bill and will be listed on exchanges in 2023: FGHT, D2T, CCGH, and IMPT–all currently at ground-level prices during their presales.

FightOut (FGHT)

Recently, FightOut has been garnering a lot of attention as an upcoming Move-to-Earn (M2E) app and gym chain. In a mere 7 days, it managed to raise over $1 million from private investors and continues to gain attention in its first round of public presale.

FightOut is simply better than other M2E programs for a variety of reasons. Most notably, FightOut’s technology allows users to measure all fitness activity–not just steps taken. Also, there’s no need to buy any high-cost NFTs to use the app; and with FightOut you get rewarded for making healthy choices–not just for walking around aimlessly.

With FighOut’s new approach, your in-app self is represented by a soulbound avatar with physical attributes like strength and cardio health. The avatar gives you access to a metaverse community where fitness becomes social currency. As you accomplish more fitness goals in real life, your stats level up–and so does your avatar.

FightOut’s first gym will open in the fourth quarter of 2023. Each space will boast a health bar, studio, and co-working area. The FightOut ambassador program promises to bring big names such as pro boxers and other elite athletes on board to help promote the brand through events like masterclasses.

With such a large demand for the token already, the project has huge potential to move into 2023.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is the perfect place for novices and experts alike to get reliable data-driven information that will help them make informed investment decisions. This includes: social sentiment analysis, buy/sell signals for trending coins, and a scoring system that grades presales.

In light of the FTX scandal, more individuals are investing in resources to help them sidestep cryptocurrency scams. As a direct result, Dash 2 Trade has announced that their platform will go live sooner than originally planned and their token presale will be cut short. Originally, 665 million D2T tokens were going to be sold across 9 stages of the presale–but this number has been decreased to 4 rounds with only 262.5 million tokens available for purchase now.

Dash 2 Trade is a social trading platform that plans to make it easier for newcomers to get involved in the cryptocurrency market and succeed, even when the market is struggling. With features such as signals for profitable trades, sentiment tools, and blockchain analysis indicators, Dash 2 Trade will help investors find success whether the next bull market manifests soon, or the bear market continues to drag on.

The app will provide users with a presale token scoring system to help them evaluate possible investments, an alert system for new listings, and strategy backtesting tools. The features aim to help cryptocurrency traders make more informed decisions and avoid scams such as FTX.

Complete access to the Dash 2 Trade platform is only possible by using D2T tokens. Fees related to usage and subscriptions must be paid with the token. The project’s pre-sale has raised nearly $9.7 million dollars so far, with over 73% of tokens sold.

Most of Dash 2 Trade’s functions will require D2T tokens, which is likely to create a significant demand for the token. So far, the D2T token presale has raised $9.95 million and 75% of the tokens have been sold. The beta version of the presale dashboard will be released soon as well.

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C+Charge (CCGH)

Take part in C+Charge’s public presale and become a supporter of the mission to revolutionize EV charging, along with making carbon credits more accessible. With an emphasis on offering electric vehicle users both convenience and transparency while they charge their cars, C+Charge provides a peer-to-peer payment system that encourages sustainable energy consumption.

The electric vehicle industry faces an array of obstacles, from lack of charging stations to puzzling pricing structures. To bridge this gap, C+Charge is introducing their blockchain-powered network with the development of an app that allows drivers to search for dependable charge points while also calculating cost upfront and offering carbon credit rewards. The C+Charge App offers transparency on all sides–allowing users to confidently find reliable charging options at sensible prices.

Now is the opportunity to join C+Charge’s pre-sale and acquire tokens while they are discounted at an introductory price of 0.013 USDT each (1 CCHG). The cost per token will gradually go up in four stages until reaching its peak rate of $0.02350, with 40% out of 1 billion available tokens for public sale. 

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With IMPT, companies and individuals can now effortlessly contribute resources towards international climate change programs. Companies and consumers who are passionate about eco-sustainability projects have the option to buy and sell carbon credits through the platform; while a percentage of customer purchases at partner retailers go towards investment for global climate change initiatives.

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By shopping with IMPT’s partners, customers can earn rewards in the form of IMPT tokens. These tokens are tradable for carbon credits on the IMPT blockchain 24/7 and 365 days a year. The platform has an impressive network of more than 10,000 affiliates that includes well-known names such as Netflix and Microsoft.

The $15 million pre-sale for IMPT.io’s token suggests that it will have a successful future even in bear markets, and an explosive growth during the next bull run. The release of its cryptocurrency on BitMart exchange last Wednesday has opened up the opportunity to introduce new trades/users into trading with IMTP tokens.

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