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Crypto Prices Explode – 5 Coins To Buy in the New Crypto Bull Run

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Source / Sam Cooling X SinnesReich

After an impressive week for Bitcoin (BTC) following positive CPI numbers, markets are in retracement this morning.

This comes as the hype around the release of the latest version of popular AI tool Chat GPT seems set to ignite AI narrative transaction once more.

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With some of the biggest opportunities in the space on fire sale in the local retracement pattern, here are five picks for the best altcoin projects to ape ahead of the next bull run.

Fetch Ai: Exploding On Micro Agent News

Source / Sam Cooling

As Chat GPT 4 makes waves across the tech space, it appears a resurgence of interest in AI-based crypto projects is back on the cards.

This follows a sensational breakout AI narrative in February, which saw some of the biggest AI projects in the space explode in value.


Among the winners was Fetch Ai – the biggest AI focused blockchain project.

Network native $FET token is riding high this week, after bullish price movements last week reclaimed vital rally structure.

This comes as Fetch Ai CEO Humayun Sheikh sat down for an exclusive interview with CryptoNews.com to discuss the AI narrative and 2023 project roadmap.

Now currently trading at $0.40 (a 24hr change of -2.5%).

TradingView / FET USDT

$FET is in a consolidation period following a local -15% retracement on the short-time frame (STF).

This comes after $FET reclaimed vital rally structure last week with a 55% pump fuelled by project news and positive macro sentiment from Bitcoin’s CPI rally.

This brings $FET gains to a YTD total of +343% in 2023.

The RSI has cooled off quite a bit since coming close to overheating on last week’s leg-up. Now sat at 50, the RSI hasn’t produced an overbought signal for $FET since February 8.

As for the MACD? Despite the STF downside move this indicator is still signaling bullish divergence. This reflects $FET’s impressive price structure, sat high above the 200-day MA.

With such bullish positioning and no bearish indicator signals, upside potential remains high at $0.70 (+72%).

A rejection from the current consolidation level could see $FET tumble down to nearby support at $0.30 (-26.25%).

TradingView / FET USDT

This leaves Fetch Ai with a Risk: Reward structure of 2.75 – an attractive entry characterised by a lucrative potential gain.

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Meet: Love Hate Inu ($LHINU)

Love Hate Inu kaufen 2023 – Potenzial und Kaufanleitung
Source / Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is a new crypto project that combines meme coin virality with a Vote-to-Earn system.

Interest is ripping through the market as Love Hate Inu kicked off its presale last Tuesday – and has since raised $1.2m in less than two weeks.

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The project enables users to express their opinions on controversial figures like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, and Elon Musk and other topics – all while earning rewards.

$LHINU it is set to transform the $3.2 billion survey industry by offering sponsored polls with rewards such as NFT discount codes and NFTs backed by physical assets.

The $LHINU ecosystem has a real-time vote staking mechanism that requires a minimum of 30 days of staking $LHINU to prevent spam and manipulation of the voting process.

The ongoing presale is divided into eight stages, and investors are urged to take advantage of the current presale price of $0.00009 to load up their stacks before the next stage increases the price.

By the eighth and final presale stage, $LHINU will cost $0.000145, a 70.5% increase.

LHINU is expected to go viral on social media, following in the footsteps of moonshot meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, and Tamadoge.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to profit on the next big utility meme coin. The next price increase to $0.00095 is in 5 days.

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Ambitious AI Analytics: Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is the Bloomberg Terminal Crypto Has Been Waiting For
Source / Dash 2 Trade

Set to launch by the end of this quarter, Dash 2 Trade ($D2T) is a trading intelligence platform that will provide real-time analytics and social trading data, giving investors all the resources and tools they could possibly need to inform and improve their trading.

By leveraging AI technology to perform high-level social and market sentiment analysis – $D2T enables traders to sit on the pulse of global markets effortlessly.

Having raised a jaw-dropping $15 million in its sale, $D2T has now listed on Gate.io, with BitMart, Changelly Pro, and LBANK Exchange also listing the coin.

So, needless to say, this project has all the right backing to grow into a very popular AI-powered dApp.

$D2T is currently trading at a present price of $0.029 (-3%).

TradingView / D2T USDT

Like much of the market this morning, $D2T is in the midst of a localized retracement move.

This follows a major bounce off the supportive lower trendline that reclaimed $D2T’s technical rally structure.

With a total monthly gain of +23%, $D2T is looking to consolidate the bounce to form a footing to push up once more.

The RSI seems to support this sentiment, leaning slightly bullish at 49.75. Notably, this reading comes after a significant multi-week cooldown that could signal a return to rally movements.

However, the MACD doesn’t offer bullish confirmation, instead signaling a bearish divergence. This likely reflects $D2T’s drop below the 20-day MA last Wednesday during retracement movements.

Overall, the upside target for $D2T is currently $0.055 (+91%) – and this could be spurred by the upcoming platform launch and more CEX listings.

Downside risk remains present, with a risk of falling to $0.0175 (-39%) on the cards.

TradingView / D2T USDT

Despite the high risk, $D2T’s Risk: Reward ratio is attractive at 2.36, with significant gains on the cards if $D2T finds feet.

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Levelling Up Fitness: Fight Out ($FGHT)

Exercise and Earn Crypto with Fight Out &amp;amp;ndash; The Future of Fitness is Here as  New Project Raises $2.6 Million
Source / Fight Out

With the play-2-earn narrative firmly back in market view following STEPN’s short-lived recovery rally, many investors are looking to find better Move-2-Earn trades with top-tier upside potential.

One solid contender garnering significant attention on crypto Twitter is Fight Out (FGHT), which has been named our overall best crypto presale.

Positioning itself as a more advanced and better-developed STEPN, this new P2E and M2E dApp aims to take you on a journey to becoming your ultimate fighter self.

Fight Out aims to achieve success by providing a sophisticated and versatile application that can gauge and incentivize various types of physical activity, ranging from boxing workouts to late-night weightlifting sessions at the gym.

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All of this is based around a soulbound avatar (think of this like a STEPN sneaker but that can’t be bought or resold), custom designed by the player and which embodies the user’s fitness journey.

As you train and work out, this is recorded and levels up your soulbound avatar’s stats in real-time – while also earning you in-game $REPS tokens.

These $REPS tokens are redeemable for network native $FGHT, which can be cashed out, spent in the NFT marketplace, or put up for grabs in high-stakes PVP community competitions that pit users against each other to see who can train hardest that week.

What’s more? Big names in the fighting world are coming out to support the ambitious Web3 venture, with UFC fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos already onboarded as ambassadors.

More UFC ambassadors will be announced in March.

And this isn’t limited to the world of MMA, as world champion boxer Savannah Marshall joins the project to lead ambassador challenges and contests.

To make the most of the Fight Out presale you will need to act quickly, with more than $5.65 million raised and investors getting the chance to earn up to 67% in bonus tokens. Don’t miss out.

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On The Bounce Back: SingularityNET ($AGIX)

AI Token AGIX Rockets in Early 2023, Posts 1,300% Gains
Source / Singularity NET

One of the poster boys of the AI crypto narrative. SingularityNET ($AGIX) exploded this February amid hype around ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Market excitement drove an eye-watering 250% rally, much needed for one of the oldest AI projects in the space.

Now trading at a current price of $0.49 (-4%).

TradingView / AGIX USDT

$AGIX has enjoyed a promising week, with a +33.5% gain over the past 7 days as the AI narrative gains traction once more.

This bring’s $AGIX YTD gains to a whopping 915% in 2023 – a near 1,000% return on investment.

Markets as a whole are in retracement this morning, and this extends to $AGIX – which is undergoing a localized move to the downside.

This comes after $AGIX hammered up 12% last week to retest the tricky resistance level around $0.60.

Rejection demanded consolidation, but price action has remained tight and close by. 

Footing here would poise $AGIX to enter upside price exploration.

The RSI is on the fence at 55, however, it has cooled off since the leg-up last week.

It could be a case that prices will begin to move to the upside once the $AGIX RSI drops back below 50 – in the next 24 hours or so.

As for the MACD? Bullish divergence (0.00915) as $AGIX continues to consolidate below resistance.

Upside potential is targeting $0.65 (+31%), this would leave $AGIX in unexplored territory.

On the downside, $AGIX could fall to the next support level at $0.35 (-29%).

TradingView / AGIX USDT

This leaves $AGIX with a Risk: Reward structure of 1.09 – a good entry but not the best entry out of crypto AI projects.

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