Crypto Investor Tips Waitress USD 3K To ‘Give Back To Community’

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Source: Adobe/Ruslan


In an unexpected sign of generosity by a customer, a waitress in Pennsylvania, USA, Mariana Lambert, pocketed a tip of some USD 3,000 on a USD 13.25 restaurant order from an out-of-town customer who said he was involved in crypto.

Zachary Jacobson, a manager at Alfredo’s Cafe who was at the restaurant when customer Eric Smith stopped by, told CNN that Smith “was just trying to give back to the community” as he is “originally from the area.”

The massive tip has led the waitress to tears of joy, as it “really helped out”  Lambert, who has been working for around two years at the Scranton-based restaurant, according to Jacobson.

Similar to their counterparts in many other countries, the US restaurant staff have been largely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many of them to lose their jobs and significant portions of revenue.

While the tip was made in fiat currency, crypto investors are also using tips made in bitcoin (BTC) and other coins to promote crypto around the world and reach out to those who have not yet started to use and invest in cryptoassets.

In March, a crypto enthusiast made headlines after a video depicting him tipping an Argentinian waitress in bitcoin went viral.

The puzzled waitress patiently listened to the patron, who explained to her how she can pocket a bitcoin tip worth USD 20, or around BTC 0.00524 at that time, within seconds.

“Now, what do I do with this?” she asked.

The customer’s companion, who is clearly a hodler, replies with a piece of investment advice: “You keep it for 20 years.”


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