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How to Buy Lucky Block Token & NFTs

Goran Radanovic
Last updated: | 11 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Lucky Block is a transformative crypto and NFT competition platform that has blossomed in the last few months. Some investors have gained returns from the prizes it offers and capital appreciation by holding the LBLOCK token.

Since many investors have flocked to Lucky Block to get their share of the pie, we wrote a detailed guide about how to buy Lucky Block. The step-by-step tutorial will simplify the token buying process, and we have provided key information investors need to know about this project.

Lucky Block Key Points

  • Lucky Block uses Binance Smart Chain to offer participants a transparent and fair NFT competition platform.
  • The platform evolved from offering prizes such as exotic vacations to luxury cars and homes.
  • Lucky Block’s ecosystem is enhanced by the processing of LBLOCK, the platform’s native token.
  • Participants need to buy LBLOCK to enter draws but won’t incur transaction fees
  • The network recently released an ERC-20 token, known as LBLOCK V2, to provide investors with sales tax-free transactions.
  • Investors can buy Lucky Block on LBank, MEXC,, Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

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Quick Guide About How to Buy Lucky Block

The process to invest in LBLOCK is fairly simple when using an exchange such as LBank. Let’s highlight the steps before we get into a detailed guide.

  • Step 1 – Set up an account: Visit LBank’s website and register for an account.
  • Step 2 – Buy USDT: To buy LBLOCK, investors need to own USDT, which they can buy with a credit card or bank transfer on the exchange.
  • Step 3 – Search for LBLOCK: Click on the trade icon, then spot. Search for LBLOCK in the search box
  • Step 4 – Buy LBLOCK: Investors need to input how many LBLOCK tokens they wish to buy. Once the investor has inputted the desired LBLOCK amount to purchase, a confirmation is necessary.

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In-Depth Tutorial on How to Buy LBLOCK

LBLOCK has proven that it’s one of the best crypto to buy right now because of the massive prizes it offers and its epic bull runs. Before major exchange listings, LBLOCK was available on decentralized exchanges.

But the centralized exchange listings on LBank, MEXC and simplified the process of buying LBLOCK tokens.

Step 1: Set up an account

Investors need to visit LBank’s website. To open an account, investors should click ‘Register’ in the top right corner. The next screen will prompt investors to input an email and password.

LBank registration page

Then, investors should click ‘Register’ at the bottom after agreeing with the T&Cs. To verify the account, an investor will need to retrieve a verification code sent to the email stipulated.

Once the investor has inputted the verification code, a message at the top of the screen will confirm the account registration. If not directed to the log in page, the investors should click ‘Log in’ at the top. Input the log in details.

Step 2: Buy USDT

Investors need to own USDT to exchange for LBLOCK. The exchange has enabled investors to use various payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards, Google Pay and Transak, to name a few.

On the home screen, investors need to input the amount of USDT to buy. Please note that 1 USDT is equivalent to 1 US dollar. After inputting the USDT amount, investors need to click ‘Buy now’.

LBank dashboard

Investors can choose between credit/debit purchases or peer-to-peer (P2P) at the top.

Payment methods

If the investors choose the card option, the next step would be to input the preferred currency and the amount to spend, as well as the payment method. To complete the transaction, the investor should click ‘Place Order’.

Step 3 – Search for LBLOCK

After placing the order, investors should have the desired USDT amount in the accounts. The next step is to find LBLOCK on the exchange.

LBank trade

To access the exchange, the investors should click the Trade icon at the top, then Spot. On the exchange, use the search box in the left corner and type ‘LBLOCK’. When the symbol appears, click on it.

LBank price chart

Step 4 – Buy LBLOCK

The final step is to buy LBLOCK. In the LBLOCK box, the investor should input the amount of tokens to buy. A confirmation is necessary to place the order, so the investor needs to click ‘Buy LBLOCK’ at the bottom.

LBlock token to USDT

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What is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block started as a regular prize platform offering rewards to participants. But it quickly transformed itself into an NFT competition platform that significantly increased its prize pool.

Initially, Lucky Block offered prizes such as watches and exotic vacations, but it lured in investors with massive prizes such as a Lamborghini, $1 million in Bitcoin and even a home worth $1 million.

Lucky Block NFT stylized

Many investors deem Lucky Block to be one of the best long term crypto investments because it offers a transparent and fair platform offering massive prizes. Because of its evolving nature, Lucky Block has continuously made the investor platform experience more convenient.

It’s hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, and all Lucky Block transactions are on the public ledger, so investors should have peace of mind knowing that competition winners are announced publicly and fraud is reduced.

LBLOCK is the platform’s native token. To transact on Lucky Block, investors need to own LBLOCK. It’s used for buying tickets for draws and prize distributions. The other benefit of owning LBLOCK is the possible capital appreciation. 

The best crypto ICOs have massive price pumps when they start trading on major exchanges. That is exactly what happened to LBLOCK. Investors who bought the Lucky Block token in January 2022 didn’t wait long for returns. 

LBLOCK price chart

It took only the first two weeks of February for LBLOCK to provide investors with more than 1,100% returns. The coin has shown that it can have massive rallies in a short period.

The great news for LBLOCK investors is that several exchange listings followed PancakeSwap. The additional exchanges adding LBLOCK increased the coin’s exposure by putting it in the sight of more investors. That resulted in an increase in demand.

LBLOCK was one of the best altcoins to be a victim of the crypto winter. After Bitcoin topped out in November 2021, it began its crash. Lucky Block followed suit with the rest of the market. Although LBLOCK has lost a significant portion of its value, more use cases and a crypto market recovery should position the coin for further returns.

The Reasons to Invest in Lucky Block

Lucky Block has provided investors with several reasons to invest in its project. Let’s see how investors benefit.


Owning NFTs on Lucky Block enables investors to enter the Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. That’s where the main prizes are such as the Lamborghini and the house. Lucky Block has increased its reward frequency by offering daily rewards.

Even if participants didn’t win the main prize, they continue to receive rewards daily as long as they own the NFTs in their wallets.

Wallet and NFTs stylized

Capital Appreciation

LBLOCK has proven that it can provide investors with massive returns in a short period. It usually happens after the token is listed on a major exchange, which is what occurred in January 2022.

New listings provide more exposure and increase demand for LBLOCK. Apart from the PancakeSwap listing, Lucky Block has also been listed on LBank, Uniswap, MEXC and the most recent one was on 1 September 2022.

Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder announced several updates for the project. One of the updates was more exchange listings.

Owning a Deflationary Asset

Investors view deflationary assets as a future crypto to invest in because they become more scarce with time. That is LBLOCK’s trajectory. Part of the announcements Ryder made was a token burn.

Lucky Block’s intention is to make its native token more valuable to investors. And it’s doing that with a 1% token burn. The first burn is scheduled for 30 September 2022 and will occur monthly. 

The diminishing supply over time will make the coin more difficult for investors to own. Couple that with increased demand due to more exchange listings, Lucky Block’s price should see favorable movement.


Lucky Block is constantly looking for ways to improve by adding more use cases to its network and providing more prizes. Besides giving back to the community through fundraisers and a merchandise store that supports charities, Lucky Block, aims to incorporate its platform into the Metaverse.

This crypto network will invest in gaming, which will directly benefit Metaverse and online gaming projects by incorporating both into the Lucky Block platform and redistributing rewards to coin holders and charities.

Another development is the creation of an NFT fund enabling owners to receive royalties on secondary market sales and then receive exclusive access to the Lucky Block community.

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LBLOCK’s Price History

To determine if LBLOCK is one of the cryptos with the most upside potential this year, we have to look at its history. One thing’s for sure about this token — it has proven that it can go on massive bull runs.

LBLOCK price chart

The crypto market can be incredibly deceiving. It can make some investors believe that the low prices will remain forever. Currently, Lucky Block is trading at around $0.00035. It’s been consolidating around that price point for several months.

But let’s not forget the massive bull run that LBLOCK had when it was listed on PancakeSwap. The price reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.0095. Since then, LBLOCK followed the rest of the crypto market and began making lower lows.

That trend continued for LBLOCK until eventually reaching its all-time low, losing 96% of its value since the ATH.

Not all is lost because Bitcoin and Ethereum’s price have also lost more than 90% in bear markets before recovering and setting ATHs.

LBLOCK Price Prediction

It’s possible that LBLOCK’s price surges due to several factors. When Ryder announced the token burn, the LBLOCK V2 token (discussed in detail below), surged 60%. The price was at $0.0005 and then spiked to $0.0008 in several days.

It seems that Ryder’s announcement spooked the market, making investors believe that the coin would be difficult to buy. And the other factor that caused the price to pump was the bridge announcement.

The bridge between LBLOCK V1 and LBLOCK V2 will go live on 3 October 2022. It will enable investors to convert each V1 token for a 0.88 V2 token.

Predicting the future price of LBLOCK is anyone’s guess. But we can look at the history of the crypto price movements to gain some insight. The key takeaway is that many coins rallying usually surpass their ATH. That’s in a bull run when the market has exhibited a strong trend.

A coin’s use case serves as a guide about its potential price spike. And LBLOCK offers investors many benefits.

LBLOCK features

Prize platforms are synonymous with slow payouts. The winner encounters an arduous process to claim the winnings and may even incur administration fees. Lucky Block has used blockchain to expedite the payout process and enabled winners not to do any heavy lifting as the platform takes care of everything.

Winners receive instant payouts and don’t incur transaction fees for buying tickets. Even after the winner has been announced, participants who didn’t win continue receiving rewards as long as their NFTs are in their wallets.

Also see our full Lucky Block price prediction article.

What is LBLOCK V2?

When the Lucky Block platform was developed, it had only one native token — LBLOCK V1, a BEP-20 token. It’s the main token for entering draws and receiving rewards. The V1 token contained a 12% sales tax, and Lucky Block developers wanted to omit the tax for traders.

Hence the development of the LBLOCK V2.

It’s an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that’s perfectly suitable for investors wanting to trade and hold LBLOCK on centralized exchanges without incurring sales tax. This makes it the ideal coin for active traders. However, the V2 coin has some limitations. It can’t be used for rewards and there’s no game functionality.

LBlock V2 token features

Another key reason for its development is convenient centralized exchange listings. So far, the coin is listed on five major exchanges and more will follow.

NFTs on Lucky Block 

The biggest prizes are in the Platinum Rollers Club NFT. To enter, investors need to buy NFTs on the platform. All that’s required is for investors to choose the competition they wish to enter and click the buy NFT option.

Investors will then be guided to the collection on where they can select the desired NFT. More than 10,000 NFTs make up the collection. The NFT prize draws run separately from the main draws and offer rare edition NFTs — enabling owners to double their rewards.

Platinum Club NFT holder rewards

Entering the Platinum Rollers Club NFT enables participants a chance to win a Lamborghini, a house worth $1 million and $1 million in Bitcoin. 


Besides showing investors how to buy LBLOCK crypto, our guide deep dives into how Lucky Block benefits investors. This transformative NFT competition platform offers incredible prizes and a chance to own unique NFTs.

Transacting on this platform requires investors to own LBLOCK. The added benefit is that holding Lucky Block may provide investors with capital appreciation. The coin had a massive bull run when listed on an exchange, and more listings will follow.

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What is LBLOCK?

LBLOCK is the native token of Lucky Block, an NFT competition platform offering big prizes such as a Lamborghini and a house worth $1 million.

How can I invest in LBLOCK?

Investors have several options to buy LBLOCK. It’s listed on LBank, MEXC,, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Our guide provides step-by-step details of how to buy Lucky Block on LBank.

Is Lucky Block worth investing in?

Investors need to compare Lucky Block’s offering to their investing goals. If the two matches, then Lucky Block might be a good investment. Since investor goals differ, it’s up to the individual to make that call.

Where is Lucky BLock available?

Lucky Block is available on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Exchanges that have listed Lucky Block are PancakeSwap, LBank, Uniswap, MEXC and More exchange listings are planned for the near future.