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How to Buy OppaCoin ($OPPA) on Presale – Easy Guide

Kane Pepi
Last updated: | 9 min read

OppaCoin ($OPPA) is a new cryptocurrency project based on South Korean pop culture, known as ‘K-culture’. The K-culture market is huge, with InvestKorea estimating 2023 revenues of over $79 billion.

OppaCoin is capitalizing on this high-growth market with $OPPA, an Ethereum-based meme coin with 100x potential.

OppaCoin presale

This guide explains how to buy OppaCoin at presale prices, meaning early investors can secure the lowest entry point. We also explore OppaCoin’s tokenomics, staking rewards, roadmap, and upside potential.

OppaCoin Overview

Here’s what you need to know about OppaCoin:

  • Inspired by K-Culture: OppaCoin is the first meme coin project to target the multi-billion dollar K-culture industry. Token holders have access to AI-backed fan experiences with their favorite K-pop idols.
  • Presale Advantage: OppaCoin has just launched its presale campaign, with early investors getting the lowest entry price. Current prices are just $0.0001412, which translates to over 718,000 $OPPA tokens for every $100 invested. The price increases as the presale progresses.
  • Strong Tokenomics: The OppaCoin team has created solid tokenomics for $OPPA. Unlike other meme coins, the total supply is fixed, meaning the founders can’t issue new tokens. 25% of the supply has been allocated to presale investors, with the balance spread between marketing, staking, exchange listings, and the team.
  • Huge Staking Rewards: K-culture fans can earn passive rewards by holding $OPPA tokens. There are huge staking APYs available to early presale investors. Currently, the APY is over 100,000%, although this will decline as more tokens are staked.

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How to Buy OppaCoin Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

OppaCoin hasn’t launched on crypto exchanges yet, so investors can buy $OPPA tokens at presale prices. This offers a first-mover advantage over other investors, as presale buyers secure an attractive discount.

If you’re new to presales – read on. We’ll now explain how to Buy OppaCoin at the best price possible.

Step 1: Get an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet

The first step is to get an Ethereum wallet. This is because $OPPA is an ERC-20 token. In addition, the OppaCoin presale accepts ETH and USDT, which also operate on the Ethereum network.

Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, and MyEtherWallet are popular options. Although beginners might prefer MetaMask. Not only is MetaMask free, secure, and easy to use but it’s available on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, and Chrome browsers.

How to get MetaMask

Download MetaMask to your preferred device, set up a new wallet, and create a strong password. Write down the backup passphrase in the correct order and store it somewhere safe.

Step 2: Add ETH or USDT to the Ethereum Wallet

Next, you’ll need to fund your wallet with ETH or USDT. Use a regulated crypto exchange to buy some if you don’t currently hold any. The process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, especially when using a debit/credit card.

MetaMask wallet address

After buying ETH or USDT you can transfer the coins to your crypto wallet. Those opting for MetaMask will find the wallet address underneath ‘Account 1’.

Note: The OppaCoin presale also accepts BNB. However, BNB investments aren’t eligible for staking rewards. Another option is to use a debit/credit card. The drawback is that you’ll need to complete a KYC process. Plus, debit/credit fees are much higher when compared to crypto investments.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to OppaCoin Presale Website

Next, visit the OppaCoin presale website and click on ‘Connect Wallet’. You’ll see a pop-up box appear asking for your preferred wallet provider.

If your wallet isn’t listed, click on ‘WalletConnect’ to reveal a unique QR code. You can then connect to the presale website from just about any other wallet, as most are integrated with WalletConnect. You simply need to scan the QR code from a mobile device.

Next, a notification will appear on the device storing the wallet; you’ll need to authorize the connection to OppaCoin.

Step 4: Complete the OppaCoin Presale Widget 

Your wallet should now be connected to the OppaCoin website ( Next, click on the coin you’ll be using to invest (e.g. ETH or USDT). Then, type in the investment size.

We’ve entered 2 ETH, which will get us over 41 million $OPPA tokens.

Step 5: Confirm Presale Order to Buy OppaCoin Tokens 

Another notification will appear on the device storing your crypto wallet. This requires authorization to complete the transaction. Meaning – the ETH/USDT will be transferred to the OppaCoin presale wallet.

Confirm the transaction to complete the presale investment. To ensure a fair launch, investors receive their $OPPA tokens after the presale ends. You’ll be able to do this on the OppaCoin website.

Nonetheless, presale investors can instantly stake their tokens. This means you’ll increase your holdings while the presale is ongoing.

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How to Stake OppaCoin Tokens

OppaCoin is one of the best staking coins to buy. As mentioned, there’s no need to wait for your $OPPA tokens to arrive to start staking. On the contrary, staking can be done as soon as you’ve completed the presale investment.

First, click on the ‘Staking’ button toward the top of the presale dashboard. Then click on ‘Buy and Stake’. If you disconnected your wallet you’ll be asked to connect it once more.

How to Stake OppaCoin Tokens

The dashboard will know that you’ve already invested in the presale, so there’s no requirement to buy more tokens. After you’ve confirmed the staking activity the dashboard will update. Check back at any time to see how many staking tokens you’ve accumulated.

What Is OppaCoin?

OppaCoin is a new cryptocurrency project that’s capitalizing on a huge growth market; South Korean pop culture, or ‘K-culture’. Put simply, K-culture celebrates the best aspects of South Korean culture, including pop idols, fashion, and food. As explained by the Guardian Newspaper, K-pop events streamed around the world often attract tens of millions of viewers.

Not only is OppaCoin based on K-culture trends but it’s leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to offer immersive experiences. This means token holders will have access to AI-backed K-pop shows, not to mention K-dramas. These innovative fan experiences mean that $OPPA is one of the best meme coins for use cases.

OppaCoin AI use cases

Not only that but OppaCoin is built on the Ethereum network, meaning holders can earn competitive staking rewards. This is a great way to organically increase token holdings without needing to make additional investments. OppaCoin has just launched its presale campaign, which enables investors to buy $OPPA tokens at discounted prices.

Like many presales, the price increases periodically. For example, while the price is currently $0.0001412, this will increase in just over six hours. Of the 140 billion token supply, 25% will be sold to presale investors. The supply is capped, meaning no new tokens will be created. This is a solid safeguard, as it ensures token holders aren’t diluted at a later date.

What Does the OppaCoin Roadmap Look Like?

The OppaCoin roadmap consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1: Launch the presale campaign, offer competitive staking rewards to early investors, and introduce the K-culture concept to the broader crypto industry.
  • Stage 2: Enable token claims for presale investors, list $OPPA on decentralized exchanges, and launch AI-backed fan experiences.
  • Stage 3: Develop long-term staking rewards for holders, secure partnerships with industry stakeholders, and explore gamification capabilities in the K-culture scene.

OppaCoin Presale and Tokenomics

The OppaCoin presale has just launched, allowing investors to buy $OPPA tokens before they’re listed on exchanges. This offers a first-mover advantage, as presale investors are incentivized with a lower cost price. This means an immediate upside, as the presale price increases periodically. Therefore, the earlier the investment the more favorable the entry price.

In addition, OppaCoin is one of the best crypto presales for holder perks. The presale website states that early backers could receive exclusive rewards as the project becomes mainstream. Not to mention access to exclusive K-culture content and voting rights on key project proposals. This highlights that OppaCoin is a community-centric project.

The OppaCoin presale accepts ETH, USDT, and debit/credit cards. BNB is also accepted but you won’t be eligible for staking rewards. As such, if you’re holding BNB coins, it’s best to swap them for ETH or USDT.

In terms of tokenomics, the total $OPPA supply is 140 billion tokens. 25% will be sold to presale investors. 25% of the supply will be allocated to marketing, while 15% has been reserved for staking rewards. 25% will go to the project team while the remaining 10% will be allocated to exchange liquidity.

Reasons to Buy OppaCoin: Key Takeaways

Here’s a recap of the OppaCoin investment thesis:

  • OppaCoin is the first cryptocurrency project based on K-culture. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to witness year-on-year growth.
  • Although OppaCoin is a meme coin, it offers several use cases. This includes access to K-culture experiences via artificial intelligence, plus exclusive content, voting rights, and competitive staking rewards.
  • Aiming to become the next 1000x crypto, OppaCoin has just launched its much-anticipated presale campaign. Early investors will secure the lowest entry price. After the presale, $OPPA tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges.
  • OppaCoin’s smart contract has been audited by Coinsult. No vulnerabilities were found, meaning there’s no risk of honeypot scams or rug-pull exits. What’s more, the $OPPA supply is capped at 140 billion. This means additional tokens can’t be created, as confirmed by the Coinsult audit.


While K-culture is a multi-billion dollar industry, OppaCoin is the first cryptocurrency project to target this high-growth market. Those buying $OPPA tokens can access AI-backed fan experiences, such as virtual K-pop concerts and K-dramas.

The OppaCoin presale has just launched; early investors will pay just $0.0001412 per $OPPA. Prices increase periodically, so early presale investors secure the lowest cost basis possible.

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What is OppaCoin?

OppaCoin is an innovative meme coin project based on K-culture trends, including K-pop and K-dramas. Fans buying $OPPA tokens can enjoy K-culture experiences via artificial intelligence. Token holders also receive competitive staking rewards and the potential for price appreciation.

How to invest in the OppaCoin token?

The OppaCoin presale has just launched, allowing investors to buy $OPPA tokens directly from its website. After connecting a wallet you can pay for your presale investment with ETH, USDT, BNB, or a debit/credit card. 

Where can I buy OppaCoin?

The only way to buy OppaCoin is from the ongoing presale. This offers the lowest price possible before $OPPA is listed on exchanges.

Is OppaCoin legit?

Yes, OppaCoin’s smart contract has been audited by Coinsult – no vulnerabilities were found. This means OppaCoin is a legitimate project. However, just remember that, like all meme coins, you’re investing in a high-risk market.


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