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16 Best DeFi Coins to Buy in 2024

Jay Leonard
Last updated: | 21 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
best defi coins to buy

Over the past couple of years, the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has absolutely exploded, leaving many earlier investors very happy. While finding the best DeFi cryptos can be a difficult task, it doesn’t have to be.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be reviewing some of the best DeFi coins to buy, explaining whether or not DeFi cryptocurrencies make for good investments, and taking an in-depth look at perhaps the top exchange to buy the best DeFi coins in 2024. Let’s get started.

  • First truly multi-chain Doge token, promising interoperability across major blockchains
  • Easy to buy and claim $DOGEVERSE tokens during presale phase
  • Could be the next Doge-inspired coin to explode in 2024
Project Launched
April 2024
Meme, Multi-Chain
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • Brand new South Park-inspired seal-themed SOL meme coin
  • Ideal coin to buy in presale ahead of the expected summer meme coin frenzy
  • Thought to be by the team that was also behind the viral SLERF coin
Project Launched
May 2024
Purchase Methods
  • Solana
  • Infinitely upgradeable AI meme coin, with modular technological capabilities.
  • Huge staking rewards available everyday during presale.
  • Presale price rises every two days - buy now to benefit from best price before listing.
Project Launched
April 2024
Stake-to-earn, Meme
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • First of its kind daily rewards based on the performance of Mega Dice Casino
  • $DICE holders can enjoy 25% rev-share through the Mega Dice Referral Program
  • $2,250,000+ USD airdrop for casino players
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • Solana
  • ETH
  • bnb
  • Learn-to-Earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto
  • Stake $99BTC tokens in secure smart contract to earn passive rewards
  • Get the edge in fast-moving markets with expert crypto trading signals
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • bnb
  • +1 more
  • Trending meme coin with P2E utility & staking rewards
  • Price up 10x in past month, rumors of Binance listing
  • 12k+ holders and growing
Project Launched
December 2023
Meme, P2E
Purchase Methods
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • usdt
  • ETH
  • Buy and hold $SMOG to generate and earn airdrop points
  • 35% of supply reserved for future airdrop rewards
  • Viral potential after pumping over 1000%
Project Launched
February 2024
Meme, P2E
Purchase Methods
  • usdt
  • Solana
  • Sustainable new transportation revolution project with green $TUK tokens powering its AI-driven project.
  • Buy and stake $TUK tokens to earn passive 83% annual rewards. Presale has raised $3.3M so far.
  • Features a play-to-earn game allowing users to gather rewards while driving virtual eTukTuks around cities.
Project Launched
Purchase Methods
  • bnb
  • usdt
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • A revolutionary DEX platform bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized crypto trading.
  • By holding the COINDEXER Token, users can set stop-loss orders to mitigate losses in volatile markets, as well as use margin trading and much more.
  • Buy and stake COINDEX tokens to earn more rewards at a dynamic rate, currently set at 3,055% p/a
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt

16 Best DeFi Coins to Invest in 2024

We’ve included a brief summary of the best DeFi cryptos to invest in right now, with more detailed reviews of each project located slightly further down the page.

  1. Dogeverse – Overall best DeFi coin to invest in that offers a staking APY of 50%. Raised $15M+ in presale.
  2. Sealana – Hot meme coin presale on Solana with a viral potential, raised over $2.5M.
  3. WienerAI – Combines the fun of memes with AI and offers 416% staking APY. $2.3M+ raised.
  4. Mega Dice Token Trending casino token with $50M monthly bets and $2.25M airdrop rewards.
  5. 99Bitcoins Token – Learn-to-earn token offering high APY. Raised over $1.4M in presale.
  6. Sponge V2 – Upgraded $SPONGE with a stake-to-bridge mechanism for V2 tokens, promising high staking rewards.
  7. Smog – Popular DeFi coin to invest in that offers a staking APY of 42% and massive airdrop rewards.
  8. eTukTuk – Green crypto project with electric tuk-tuks, charging stations and AI route planner.
  9. Coindexer – New DeFi platform offers robust security measures and access to advanced trading tools.
  10. Chainlink – Leading oracle solutions provider, vital for smart contract accuracy.
  11. XRP – Platform offering a fast and cost-effective international payment network.
  12. Tezos – Smart contract platform for building decentralized applications with governance features.
  13. Avalanche – A highly efficient blockchain network that hosts a range of Web3.0 projects and P2E ecosystems.
  14. Maker – Governance token $DAI stabilizes value, users decide on DAO’s future.
  15. Loopring – A layer-2 blockchain network that utilizes Ethereum’s high levels of security but offers higher throughput.
  16. Uniswap – A top decentralized exchange that allows users to leverage the $UNI token to access discounts when trading.

Analyzing the Best DeFi Tokens & Projects

We’ve included a broad range of the best DeFi investments in order to provide budding investors with ample choice. Each of the projects we’re taking a look at shows plenty of promise and boasts strong fundamentals to support their inclusion on our list.

1. Dogeverse – Overall Best DeFi Coin to Invest in that Offers a Staking APY of 50%

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) is currently the best DeFi coin to buy, offering a high staking APY. It’s the first ‘Doge’ token that can work on many different blockchains. It recently launched a presale for its native $DOGEVERSE tokens.

$DOGEVERSE stakers can get over 50% APY at the time of writing. Over 30 billion DOGEVERSE tokens were already staked at press time, showing strong investor traction.

The presale is already off to an explosive start. It raised over $15 million in just a few months of launch, showing massive community support. Early buyers can get $DOGEVERSE for just $0.00031 at the time of writing. However, this price will increase at the time of exchange listings.

Dogeverse Token Presale

The platform is built to connect blockchain communities that are usually separate. It works on six big blockchains—Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base—using new-age tech like Wormhole and Portal Bridge. People holding $DOGEVERSE tokens can move around easily between these blockchains.

The project has a total supply cap of 200 billion tokens, of which 30 billion are available in the ongoing presale. You can follow Dogerverse on X (Twitter) and join its Telegram group to get the latest updates.

Visit Dogeverse

2. Sealana – Hot Meme Coin Presale on Solana, Raised Over $2.5 Million

Sealana ($SEAL) is an exciting new meme coin presale on Solana that follows the same route of Slerf and Slothana. These two are sloth-themed meme coins that had a unique presale style and saw massive success post-launch.

The way these presales work is you send SOL to a Solana wallet from your decentralized wallet (like Phantom and Solflare) and you wait for the presale to end to receive the token airdrop. In this case, you send SOL to DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c and once the presale ends, you get your $SEAL allocation airdropped to the same wallet that sent the SOL.

Unlike the other presales, Sealana also gives the option to visit the presale site and buy $SEAL using SOL and USDC on Solana, or use ETH, USDT or a card on the Ethereum blockchain.

sealana token presale

No matter which option you choose, each $SEAL costs $0.022. At the moment, there’s no information on the total token supply or a roadmap on what to expect in the future, but that’s in line with all similar meme coin presales whose goal is to drive hype and see how far it can go.

Follow Sealana on X and join the Sealana Telegram channel to get the latest updates around the presale and the token launch.

Visit Sealana

3. WienerAI – Combines the Fun of Memes with AI and Offers 416% Staking APY

WienerAI ($WAI) is next on our list of best DeFi coins. It’s a unique project that combines the fun of memes with advanced AI technology. It offers powerful features that are suitable for new and experienced traders.

The project currently offers a highly rewarding staking program, where early token buyers can stake $WAI to earn over 416% APY.

Early investors can grab $WAI for only $0.000709 at the time of writing. This rate will surge in the upcoming presale round. The platform raised over $2.3 million in just a few weeks, showing strong investor support.

WienerAI token presale

WienerAI’s AI interface is easy to use and efficient at offering price predictions. It analyzes the market in real time to help find potential opportunities, giving users quick information to improve their trading strategies.

The platform ensures transactions are fast so traders can take advantage of market opportunities without delays. It’s worth noting that WienerAI is that it doesn’t charge any trading fees.

Moreover, WienerAI protects traders from being front-run by MEV bots, which means trading is fair and users’ interests are kept safe. You can join WienerAI’s Telegram group and follow it on X (Twitter) for the latest news and updates.

Visit WienerAI

4. Mega Dice Token – Trending Casino Token with $50M Monthly Bets and $2.25M Airdrop Rewards

Another DeFi coin to watch out for is the Mega Dice Token ($DICE). It’s the native token of the famous Mega Dice Casino. It’s already a well-established and profitable casino with over 50,000 players and $50 million monthly bets.

$DICE holders can participate in staking and earn daily rewards based on the casino’s performance. Plus, the platform currently offers a big airdrop campaign, wherein it is rewarding $2.25 million to active users across 3 seasons.

Buyers can grab $DICE for only $0.075 at the time of writing. The token offers benefits like casino cashback, airdrop rewards, and NFT perks.

Mega Dice Token Presale

Mega Dice offers a 10% referral bonus on all investments made by friends you refer during the presale. Please note that there’s no limit to this bonus.

It’s worth noting that the platform has set a supply cap of 420 million tokens. The ongoing presale offers 35% of these tokens at a discounted price.

Buyers can enter the Mega Dice Token Telegram channel and follow its X (Twitter) handle to keep up with the latest news and updates.

Visit Mega Dice Token

5. 99Bitcoins Token – Learn-to-earn Token Offering High APY

99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) is another popular DeFi coin offering high staking rewards to early buyers. Early buyers can earn an over 1,100% APY at press time.

99Bitcoins is a well-known and trusted education platform with over 700k YouTube subscribers and over 2 million registered users for its crypto courses.

The platform is venturing into the Learn-to-Earn (L2E) space by launching its $99BTC token, which rewards users for learning about crypto. Early investors can grab $99BTC for only $0.00105 at the time of writing.

The $99BTC token has real uses as it lets users earn rewards for their learning progress, including access to premium content, crypto trading signals, and exclusive benefits.

99Bitcoins Token presale homepage

The platform has a strong community of crypto enthusiasts who love to learn about crypto. Users can connect, share ideas, and join discussions, improving their understanding and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. The platform has interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials to make learning fun and enjoyable.

The platform also has a big airdrop campaign where it is offerring $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to early supporters. You can follow 99Bitcoins Token’s X (Twitter) handle and join its Telegram channel to stay updated on the latest progress.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token

6. Sponge V2 – Upgraded Version of a Popular Meme Coin Offers High Staking Yields and P2E Gaming Opportunities

One of the best DeFi coins to buy right now is Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2). Sponge V2 is an upgraded version of Sponge – a popular meme token launched in 2023.

Sponge V2 token presale

The new token version will allow V1 token holders to access V2 tokens through the stake-to-bridge model. $SPONGE token holders can stake their holdings on the V2 smart contract and earn an equal amount of $SPONGEV2 tokens as a reward. Currently, the stake-to-bridge model is the only way to access $SPONGEV2.

The Sponge V2 whitepaper states that the new token will be listed on crypto exchanges in the coming months. As your V1 tokens are locked in the V2 smart contract, they cannot be unstaked. However, users can access V2 tokens and earn a minimum of 246% APYs.

Sponge will also launch a play-to-earn environment through which community members can increase their earnings. In this upcoming game, players will compete in challenges to climb up an online leaderboard. The top performers will be rewarded with $SPONGEV2 tokens.

Sponge V2 roadmap

With the launch of this new utility token version, Sponge V2 can become one of the top performing cryptos in the long term. Stay tuned for more project updates by joining the Sponge V2 Telegram channel and the Discord.

Visit SpongeV2

7. Smog – Popular DeFi Coin To Invest In That Offers A Staking APY of 42% And Massive Airdrop Rewards

Smog ($SMOG) is another DeFi coin on Solana that has quickly caught investor interest with its fair launch in February 2024.

Initially listed on the Jupiter DEX and later on the Ethereum network via Portalbridge, Smog achieved a market cap of $100 million at its peak in just over a week, which is currently around $60 million. This shows Smog’s potential in the competitive meme coin space, while many are drawing comparisons with top coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Smog Crypto Homepage

The platform has attractive staking options, with up to 42% annual yields. Such a high APY has attracted many investors looking for the best DeFi coin. Over 10.4 million tokens have been staked, showing strong investor confidence.

The project’s “Greatest SOL Airdrop” campaign also greatly rewards early investors. This airdrop is facilitated via the Zealy platform which saw over 270,000 challenges completed until now, showing massive investor traction.

Smog key highlights

With 490 million tokens allocated for airdrop rewards and half of its 1.4 billion total supply dedicated to marketing, Smog is well-positioned for viral growth and widespread adoption.

Investors can check out the Smog whitepaper to learn more about the platform. Also, users can enter the Smog Telegram group and follow it on X (Twitter) for the latest updates and developments.

Visit Smog

8. eTukTuk – Green Crypto Project Fighting Climate Change, Raised Over $3.3 Million

eTukTuk is a unique DeFi coin to invest in because it aims to fight climate change with electric tuk-tuks, charging stations and an AI route optimizer to help you save money and time. In the first phase, the team will deploy their electric tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka, which already has over 1.2 million gas-powered tuk-tuks. If successful, it will expand globally.

Its native token, $TUK, is now available in a presale where you can buy it for $0.032 apiece. Use BNB, USDT, ETH or a card to make the purchase. Consider staking your tokens to earn 83% APY while the presale lasts.

etuktuk token presale

The $TUK token is designed to reward holders with Power Staking, but it will also be used as a form of payment within the network, giving earning opportunities to the unbanked.

Once the presale ends, the token will be listed on exchanges and you will be able to claim your tokens then. In the meantime, you can also try the Android play-to-earn game where you drive your eTukTuk on the streets of Sri Lanka.

Check out the eTukTuk whitepaper for more details. Also, follow eTukTuk on X and join the eTukTuk Telegram channel for the latest updates.

Visit eTukTuk

9. Coindexer – Revolutionary Decentralized Exchange Offers Robust Security Features

The next top DeFi coin on our list is Coindexer ($COINDEX). This revolutionary cryptocurrency bridges the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges by leveraging the $COINDEX token.

On Coindexer, users can access several trading tools, such as stop-loss orders. These are effective risk management tools, as they enable the automated selling of cryptos at a predetermined level.

Coindexer presale

On Coindexer, one can also access advanced trading tools such as limit orders and margin trading.

By implementing a robust set of security measures, Coindexer safeguards investor’s funds. For example, the platform conducts regular smart contract audits by third-party firms. Coindexer also conducts rigorous code reviews and stores funds in multi-signature wallets.

This DeFi token can also be staked on smart contracts to generate an annual yield. At the time of writing, $COINDEX can be staked to earn an annual yield of up to 3,087%. So far, more than 12 million tokens have been staked on Coindexer.

From a total supply of 5 billion, 2.5 billion tokens are being allocated through the presale. At press time, $COINDEX is priced at $0.00156 per token. For more information, go through the Coindexer whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Visit Coindexer

10. Chainlink – Leading Provider of Oracle Solutions

Chainlink (LINK) is a DeFi cryptocurrency dedicated to bringing off-chain data sources onto the blockchain to be used by other web3 projects, massively expanding the use cases of new crypto projects.

LINK Price Chart

With Chainlink being one of the first projects to offer such a service, it has been picked up by key players and become the go-to platform for a number of the best DeFi crypto projects including Aave, Hedera, and Compound.

As Chainlink’s services are in such high demand, it’s of little surprise that LINK has remained one of the strongest assets on the market, even during the recent crypto downturn.

With many investors touting LINK as one of the best long-term crypto projects available, and the asset showing huge amounts of strength whenever the market enjoys a slight run-up, we’ll be watching closely to see how it performs once the next bull run begins.

11. XRP – Project Aiming to Decentralize Currency Conversion

XRP has been a favorite asset of crypto investors since its release as a fast settlement, low-fee, sustainable cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin. The asset has created by David Schwartz and Jeb McCaleb who then went on to launch Ripple Labs in order to create use cases for XRP.

XRP Price Chart

As we touched on, the primary attraction to XRP is its extreme efficiency. Transactions can be settled in just seconds and cost only a fraction of a cent, making it one of the fastest and cheapest networks on the market. Furthermore, the release of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) in 2021 has expanded the project’s use case by allowing other projects to be created on the network.

The primary use of XRP is as a transactional cryptocurrency. It has already partnered with leading international currency transfer services like Swift and MoneyGram, leading many investors to consider the asset as one of the 10 best penny crypto projects currently available.

12. Tezos – Easily Upgradable Ethereum Competitor

Tezos (XTC) is a DeFi DeFi coin that is akin to a more efficient, easily upgradable Ethereum. The project was conceptualized in 2014 but it wasn’t until far later in 2018 that the Tezos mainnet was officially released.

XTC Price Chart

The project allows developers to build applications using the Tezos network through smart contracts. The project is consistently regarded as being a great alternative to Ethereum as the Tezos network can be easily upgraded with zero downtime, meaning the team can always ensure that the network boasts the latest technology.

With the Ethereum merge, the need for on-the-fly upgradable blockchains has become more apparent than ever before. With Tezos offering this functionality in an incredibly efficient package, many crypto fanatics regard it as being one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024.

13. Avalanche – Low-Cost Layer-1 Blockchain

Similar to Tezos, Avalanche (AVAX) is a new cryptocurrency and a highly-efficient layer-1 blockchain. The project exploded in 2021 at the height of the ‘Ethereum killer’ narrative, promoting a huge amount of P2E games and web3 projects to make the switch to the Avalanche network.

AVAX Price Chart

While the hype surrounding the project has subsided over recent months, its technology remains powerful. One of the main reasons why Avalanche was able to pick up traction so quickly was its massively impressive throughput.

Rather than treating every kind of transaction as one, Avalanche settles transactions on three different chains. The C-Chain is used to settle transactions that originate from the best DeFi coins and web3 projects, X-Chain is used for sending and receiving AVA, and P-Chain is for network validators.

While AVAX has fallen a long way from its 2021 highs, the DeFi DeFi coinis trading at $17. While investor confidence has likely been shaken a bit following its dramatic fall, once the next bull run kicks off we could see impressive returns from AVAX.

14. Maker – DAO Behind Leading Stablecoin

Maker (MKR) is a governance token that investors can use to make decisions in the Maker decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), that controls the popular stablecoin DAI. With the DAI stablecoin rapidly gaining market share falling the fall of algorithmic dollar-pegged stablecoin UST, MKR could be the best DeFi crypto to buy this year.

MKR Price Chart

As, by design, stablecoins don’t have any room for growth (unless something goes seriously awry), the MKR token is used to provide value to investors and fans of the project. As anyone holding MKR can vote on the development of DAI, and the price of MKR is linked to DAI’s success, this system should, in theory, ensure that only the best decisions are made regarding the future of the stablecoin.

Out of all the best DeFi projects to invest in, Maker fits perfectly in the industry. MKR is currently priced at $665 per token, as of January 2023. With the need for a trusty stablecoin more apparent than ever, we could see big things from this DeFi cryptocurrency in the coming months.

15. Loopring – Advanced Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution

While there was a large demand for Ethereum alternatives, the focus has now shifted to Layer-2 scaling solutions like Loopring (LRC). These projects utilize the Ethereum network but commonly settle transactions in a different way. This means that Layer-2 solutions benefit from Ethereum’s security but aren’t held back but its lackluster throughput.

LRC Price Chart

In order to achieve higher throughput than its parent network, Loopring bundles multiple transactions together off-chain, before settling them together on-chain at a later date. This allows the project to validate transactions far more efficiently than Ethereum, reducing fees and network congestion.

With its partnership with GameStop, Loopring has been brought into the limelight. While it’s yet to enjoy a meaningful move to the upside, there’s plenty of hype surrounding the project meaning it could end up being one of the best DeFi projects to invest in ahead of the market’s recovery.

16. Uniswap – Decentralized Exchange and DeFi Platform

Created by former Ethereum developer Hayden Adams, Uniswap (UNI) is packed with pedigree. It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that hosts some of the best DeFi projects to invest in right now. During the DeFi explosion, the platform enjoyed widespread notoriety and quickly become one of the most used DEXs on the planet.

UNI Price Chart

UNI was created as a governance token, allowing fans of the project to help forge its future. With Uniswap (alongside PancakeSwap) remaining one of the largest decentralized trading protocols on the market, clearly, this model worked.

Although Uniswap can no longer be considered a low-cap crypto with its multi-billion dollar market cap, the project remains a favorite of DeFi-centric investors worldwide. While the smaller DeFi projects that live on Uniswap have been hit hard by a downtrend, it’s likely that Uniswap will enjoy huge amounts of volume after these projects begin to draw attention once again.

What are DeFi Coins?

DeFi is short for decentralized finance. This refers to any sort of financial application that does away with a central authority and instead allows users to act for themselves. For example, on the PancakeSwap platform users provide liquidity in order to earn interest, with the platform then using an algorithm to match a buyer and liquidity provider.

With cryptocurrency having a heavy focus on both finance and decentralization, there are a huge number of projects that could be considered DeFi coins. We’ve already discussed some of the best DeFi crypto projects to watch but a few other notable examples include Aave, The Graph, and Fantom.

To summarize, any cryptocurrency that has a focus on finance or decentralization can be considered a DeFi coin. As decentralization requires that there is no central body controlling an application, it’s common for DeFi coins to be largely autonomous, hence the inclusion of a large number of DAO-based projects on our list.

Are DeFi Coins a Good Investment?

With decentralized finance growing in popularity massively over the past couple of years, the best DeFi cryptos can make for solid investments. However, as with any sector, there will be projects that fail to perform as expected.

With that said there are now DeFi 2.0 projects which is an umbrella term for a new era of decentralized finance ecosystems. Read our article on the best DeFi 2.0 projects for more details.

Multitude of Use Cases

As we briefly touched on, DeFi coins can comprise a huge variety of sectors and use cases. With such diversity, the future of DeFi holds near-endless possibilities. With what’s possible in cryptocurrency constantly changing, DeFi projects are set to evolve as blockchain technology improves, making the best DeFi investments great for getting exposure to a future-first market.

Future of Finance

Decentralized finance has already disrupted the traditional finance sector in a big way and with cryptocurrency adoption steadily rising, this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. While it’s impossible to know for sure how things will progress as the DeFi market matures, few sectors can compete with DeFi when it comes to future potential.

Adheres to the Crypto Ethos

At the core of the cryptocurrency ethos is decentralization, the belief that no one individual or organization should have total control. With this concept being important to many die-hard crypto investors, projects that respect this, tend to generate more buzz from key players in the industry.

Early Mover Advantage

While finance in the traditional sense has been around for centuries, the DeFi revolution is only just starting. The cryptocurrency market as a whole has existed for just over 10 years and DeFi far fewer. As such, the sector has seldom had time to mature. With this in mind, investing in DeFi can provide users early access to what could eventually become the new financial system.


Decentralized finance is one of the hottest sectors in cryptocurrency right now. Throughout this article, we’ve looked at some of the best DeFi cryptos currently available, discussed the merit of DeFi as an investment, and reviewed the top DeFi exchange. One of the top cryptocurrencies we reviewed in this guide is Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE). Early buyers can stake $DOGEVERSE, the native token of the platform – and start earning rewards at 50% annually.

Visit Dogeverse


What crypto coins are DeFi?

DeFi simply means decentralized finance. As such, a huge number of crypto coins fall under the category. In the strictest sense, DeFi coins are the native tokens of DeFi protocols, such as Maker (MKR) which powers the Maker decentralized lending platform – a way for people to benefit from loans without the need of a centralized entity like a bank. Some people apply the term more loosely.

What is the best DeFi Coin to invest in?

Each of the projects we’ve reviewed has plenty of room for upwards growth. Many can be invested in as part of a DeFi portfolio on a regulated trading platform.

Are DeFi Coins worth it?

While it’s important to understand that every project is different, the best DeFi coins have historically yielded excellent results for early investors. So, while it’s crucial to perform ample due diligence, DeFi coins can make for solid investments.

What are the best DeFi projects?

The best DeFi project will vary greatly based on a particular investor’s goals. Most DeFi projects specialize in different areas so it’s important to consider what one is looking for before investing. One of the top DeFi projects we reviewed is Dogeverse. It offers a high staking APY of 50%.

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