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Top 7 BNB Meme Coins to Buy in June 2024 (BNB Chain)

Kane Pepi
Last updated: | 20 min read

BNB recently hit all-time highs, valuing the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency at over $105 billion. This strong price momentum has filtered down to BNB Chain tokens – including meme coins.

This guide explores the best BNB meme coins to buy right now. Read on to discover undervalued meme projects that you can purchase with BNB in 2024.

List of The Top BNB Meme Coins to Buy

Let’s start with a quick overview of BNB meme coins that could explode in 2024:

  1. PlayDoge – The overall best BNB meme coin, ongoing presale has raised over $3.5 million
  2. KAI – Newly launched cat-themed coin with presale discounts and a huge upside potential
  3. Shiba Shootout – Community-driven meme project with utility features and 2,464% staking APYs
  4. FightNight – Boxing-themed meme coin based on Muhammad Ali and Jake Paul
  5. RichQUACK – Hyper deflationary ecosystem token with automated static rewards
  6. WHY – Trending Elephant-themed BNB meme coin with 7-day gains of over 435%
  7. Catgirl – Low-cap meme coin gem with annual growth of almost 100%

Best BNB Meme Coins Reviewed – A Closer Look

The following sections discuss the top BNB meme coins in more detail. Learn about key metrics like market capitalization and price performance, alongside tokenomics and upside potential.

1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – The Overall Best BNB Meme Coin to Buy

PlayDoge is our overall top pick. It’s a new presale project that’s developing a play-to-earn mobile game. The game takes a virtual pet simulation concept, similar to Tamagotchi from the 1990s. A new virtual pet is born once players enter the game. The aim is to help the pet grow, meaning players must feed it, give it medicine, and ensure it gets enough sleep.

And when the pet is bored, users can play mini-games to keep it entertained. Adequate care ensures the pet’s health meter continues to rise. In doing so, players earn $PLAY tokens for their efforts. Conversely, players lose the game if the pet’s score is deemed unhealthy. This fun approach to tokenization makes PlayDoge a great buy for the next altcoin season.

PlayDoge presale review

Not only is PlayDoge a play-to-earn game but it also has meme-like features. After all, PlayDoge is based on a cute Shiba Inu dog breed, like other trending meme coins. As a presale project, $PLAY hasn’t begun trading on public exchanges. Instead, the presale offers early access to the project – meaning discounted prices.

While presale buyers are currently paying $0.00506 per token, this will be increased in the coming days. So far, more than $3.5 million has been invested in the PlayDoge presale – which is super-bullish. PlayDoge accepts multiple coins when investing in the presale, including BNB, ETH, and USDT.

  • Ticker: $PLAY
  • Presale Started: May 2024
  • Native Chain: BNB Chain
  • Purchase Methods: BNB, ETH, USDT, Credit Cards

Visit PlayDoge Presale

2. KAI ($KAI) – Newly Launched Cat-Themed Meme Coin With Huge Upside Potential

KAI is the next BNB meme coin to consider today. Unlike many meme coins – which opt for the dog-themed concept, KAI is based on a cat. Crucially, cat meme coins are pumping right now – so it’s one of the hottest narratives for 2024. Therefore, KAI’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time. The story is simple; KAI is a retired cat that has overindulged in fish.

Due to an ongoing “blockchain war between dogs and cats”, KAI has come out of retirement to help his fellow Felidae clan. Now, the KAI presale campaign is only a few days old – so there’s still the chance to invest at the lowest cost basis. Currently – that’s just $0.0043757 per token. However, the price will increase in the next few hours.

KAI presale tokens

Over $450,000 has been raised so far and the presale accepts BNB, ETH, and USDT. In terms of tokenomics, 20% of the supply will be sold to presale buyers. Interestingly, 25% has been allocated to ‘Purr Points’. This will reward people for sharing KAI content on social media. KAI is also a staking coin – meaning passive rewards for long-term holders.

  • Ticker: $KAI
  • Presale Started: June 2024
  • Native Chain: Ethereum
  • Purchase Methods: BNB, ETH, USDT, Credit Cards

Visit KAI Presale

3. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) – Community-Driven Meme Project With Utility Features and 2,464% Staking APYs

Next is Shiba Shootout – which could be one of the best meme coins to buy right now – especially considering its presale campaign has just launched. Shiba Shootout is loosely based on the Shiba Inu concept – but with many interesting twists. For a start, Shiba Shootout rules the Crypto Wild West, helping its community navigate this complex trading industry.

One of the main characters in this story is Marshall Shiba, who takes the role of the ecosystem sheriff. Shiba Sharpshooters also play an integral role. They’re effectively ‘Shillers’ for Shiba Shootout, meaning the community earns tokenomics rewards for sharing content online. The story is set in Shiba Gulch – where the community can share memes, stories, and challenges.

Shiba Shootout presale launch

All aspects of the Shiba Gulch land offer rewards for engagement – payable in $SHIBASHOOT tokens. What’s more, token holders also have access to huge staking APYs – which are currently 2,464%. The Shiba Shootout presale has just passed $450,000. The current price is $0.0192 – which will be the lowest presale rate.

  • Ticker: $SHIBASHOOT
  • Presale Started: June 2024
  • Native Chain: Ethereum
  • Purchase Methods: BNB, ETH, USDT, Credit Cards

Visit Shiba Shootout Presale

4. FightNight ($FNIO) – Boxing-Themed Meme Coin Based on Muhammad Ali and Jake Paul

FightNight is another new meme coin launch that has huge upside potential. It’s a boxing-themed project with a highly shareable storyline. First, there’s the ‘Chosen One’ – Muhammad Ali. Ali is tasked with defeating the ‘Evil’ of boxing – Jake Paul. Fighting alongside Ali are other Hall of Fame boxers, including Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

Crucially, considering how much global interest there is in the rescheduled Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul bout – FightNight is launching at the ideal time. Moving onto tokenomics, FightNight has a total supply of 200 million $FNIO. 24% of the supply will be sold during the presale. Those buying $FNIO at presale prices will get the lowest valuation.

Fight Night presale

The presale has just launched – so stage-one prices are still available. In addition, FightNight is one of the best staking coins to buy. It has developed a dynamic staking framework – meaning early investors get the highest APYs. Currently, presale investors are getting APYs of 78,609%.

  • Ticker: $FNIO
  • Presale Started: June 2024
  • Native Chain: Ethereum
  • Purchase Methods: BNB, ETH, USDT, Credit Cards

Visit FightNight Presale

5. RichQUACK ($QUACK) – Hyper Deflationary Ecosystem Token With Automated Static Rewards

Next on this list of meme coins on BNB Chain is RichQUACK. Launched in 2021, RichQUACK has developed a ‘hyper deflationary’ mechanism that automatically rewards long-term holders. So, every ecosystem transaction generates a 12% tax. Let’s say $1,000 worth of QUACK tokens are traded. This means $120 is taxed and allocated across various pools.

This includes a 4% dividend payment for existing token holders. Another 4% is sent to the QUACK/BNB liquidity pool – ensuring smooth trading conditions and a set total locked liquidity for buyers and sellers. 2% is automatically sent to the burn wallet, which reduces the circulating supply. And finally, 2% of the taxed transaction goes to the marketing wallet.

RichQUACK price prediction

According to CoinMarketCap data, RichQUACK has a market capitalization of just over $44 million. However, just $680,000 was traded in the prior 24 hours – which is down 25% from the previous day. Nonetheless, QUACK tokens have increased by over 41% in the prior 12 months. QUACK is down 96% from its all-time high price – which was achieved in December 2021.

  • Ticker: $QUACK
  • Launch Date: July 2021
  • Native Chain: BNB Chain
  • Market Capitalization: $44 Million


6. WHY ($WHY) – Trending Elephant-Themed BNB Meme Coin With 7-Day Gains of Over 435%

One of the top trending BNB meme coins right now is WHY. This meme project is based on a bipolar elephant. WHY has two personalities. First, there’s ‘MAD’, which is fueled with anger about missing 100x meme coins from the prior five years. WHY’s second personality is a ballet dancer- which consumes his time during the day.

In terms of price performance, $WHY tokens have witnessed huge momentum in recent weeks. On a 7-day period, $WHY is up over 435%. This increases to gains of over 927% on a 1-month basis. Even so, WHY has a small market cap of just $51 million. As such, WHY could still have many more multiples to go until it peaks.

WHY BNB price chart

WHY also has strong tokenomics. For a start, the $WHY liquidity has been burned, so withdrawals are not possible. In addition, the WHY smart contract has been renounced. This protects investors from honeypot scams. The total $WHY supply is 420 trillion tokens. 100% of the supply is already in circulation, which is another plus point.

  • Ticker: $WHY
  • Launch Date: May 2024
  • Native Chain: BNB Chain
  • Market Capitalization: $51 Million

7. Catgirl ($CATGIRL) – Low-Cap Meme Coin Gem With Annual Growth of Almost 100%

Catgirl is an established BNB meme coin that launched in mid-2021. It’s based on anime-style drawings and multiple use cases have been developed. This includes the Catgirl app, where users can convert characters into NFT creations. There’s also UniPaws, an up-and-coming metaverse world with gaming products.

Users can create a unique profile avatar that’s automatically minted into an NFT. The Catgirl roadmap continues to grow with new ideas and concepts. This includes new NFT games and a merchandise workshop. Catgirl also has interesting tokenomics. 50% of the supply has been burned, while the remaining 50% provides exchange liquidity.

Catgirl price chart

All that said, the main focus is on price performance. $CATGIRL tokens have increased by almost 100% in the prior year. A modest increase of about 11% has been witnessed in the past month. Nevertheless, Catgirl has a small market capitalization of just $21 million. Considering its established reputation and loyal community, current prices could be a steal.

  • Ticker: $CATGIRL
  • Launch Date: July 2021
  • Native Chain: BNB Chain
  • Market Capitalization: $21 Million

Buy Catgirl on MEXC

What are BNB Meme Coins?

BNB meme coins are highly volatile and increasingly becoming popular with speculative traders. After all, BNB recently surpassed a market capitalization of over $105 billion – which is the most it’s ever been worth. Similar to other ecosystem coins, BNB’s recent success is funneling down to secondary tokens on the BNB Chain.

This is the native blockchain network backed by Binance. According to CoinMarketCap data, the total value of all cryptocurrencies on the BNB Chain is over $300 billion. That said, BNB meme coins can refer to several different project types. For instance, some meme coins are native to the BNB Chain. This means they were built exclusively for the BNB ecosystem.

BNB Chain

One such example is PlayDoge – a new play-to-earn game being developed with the BNB Chain standard. However, this segment of the industry is still nascent, as most meme coins operate on Ethereum or Solana. The Base network has also seen a huge influx in recent months. Nonetheless, some BNB meme coins weren’t initially built on the BNB Chain.

On the contrary, they’ve migrated to the BNB Chain, meaning they operate in multiple ecosystems. A good example is FLOKI. While FLOKI is primarily an Ethereum-based meme coin, it also has a BNB Chain smart contract. This is also the case with Dogecoin – the world’s largest meme coin by market capitalization.

Using BNB for Presales

  • We should also note that our BNB meme coin list included presale projects.
  • While some presale picks operate on other networks, they accept BNB as a payment method.
  • This means you can gain exposure to the best micro-cap cryptocurrencies with existing BNB holdings.
  • Simply connect a BNB Chain wallet to the presale website and swap BNB for the presale tokens.

How We Ranked The Top BNB Meme Coins

Choosing the best BNB meme coins to buy is no easy feat. Investors should consider various factors, including the project’s overall popularity, marketing quality, and whether it’s also available in other network ecosystems.

Our research methodology is discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Highest Popularity – 40%

Our methodology was heavily weighted to the overall popularity of each BNB meme coin. While popularity is somewhat subjective, we focused on measurable metrics. For a start, if the BNB meme coin is established, we assessed how many token holders it has. Projects with a larger number of holders typically have loyal communities.

We also determined popularity by social metrics. For instance, how many X followers and Telegram group members the project has. Not to mention how much engagement the project gets from its community. It’s all good and well having 100,000+ X followers – but if nobody views and replies to posts, the project isn’t being reached to the masses.

When exploring BNB presale projects, popularity metrics were slightly different. We first looked at when the presale was launched and how much it’s raised so far. For example, while the PlayDoge presale was launched less than two weeks ago, it has already raised more than $3.5 million. We

Marketing Quality – 30%

New BNB meme coins live or die based on the strength of their marketing efforts. After all, new tokens are launching every few minutes – so the crypto market has quickly become overcrowded. Failing to stand out will almost always mean the project is destined to fail – leaving investors with worthless tokens.

Therefore, marketing quality played a central part in our methodology. For example, we leveraged alternative data tools to analyze mentions from leading crypto media outlets. Meme coins that are constantly being reported on typically do well – even if they’re sponsored posts or articles. Quality marketing can also be found on YouTube.

Some BNB projects pay successful influencers to promote their tokens. Similarly, we analyzed data aggregation platforms to see which meme coins are trending – such as CoinMarketCap, DexTools, and BirdEye. These platforms are known to add meme coins to their ‘trending’ lists as a paid service. This is considered effective marketing.

Nativity to BNB Chain – 20%

Our methodology gave extra weight to meme coins that are native to the BNB Chain. This means the meme coin was originally built for the BNB ecosystem. This could appeal to investors looking for BNB pureplays, rather than projects that have migrated from other networks.

That said, being native to the BNB Chain isn’t a minimum requirement. The BNB Chain isn’t a traditional home for meme coins. As mentioned, most operate on Ethereum or Solana. This means in the current landscape, most BNB Chain meme coins come from other ecosystems.

Plans to Bridge to Other Chains – 10%

A much smaller percentage of our methodology focused on cross-chain functionality. Put otherwise, can the respective BNB meme coin operate on multiple networks? And if so, which networks are covered?

Crucially, launching a multi-chain meme coin can be beneficial for its long-term price potential. Some investors like to focus exclusively on BNB Chain, while others prefer Ethereum or Solana. By operating in multiple ecosystems, BNB meme coins can gain exposure to a much larger audience.

Do BNB Meme Coins Have a Future?

BNB Chain is the ideal home for meme coins. It’s one of the most efficient blockchain networks – with transactions often costing a few cents. Moreover, the BNB Chain is scalable, and block confirmation times take seconds. Even so, very few meme coins have built on the BNB Chain, with most projects preferring Ethereum, Solana, and now Base.

In light of this, Binance – which backs the BNB Chain, recently announced a $1 million grant to attract new meme coin projects. The grant is split into two core divisions. First, there’s a competition for meme innovation. The prize pool will be distributed to meme projects that offer something new to the ecosystem.

BNB Chain ecosystem

Second, there’s also a competition for BNB meme traders. Those who participate will win a share of the $500,000 prize pool – which is distributed as an airdrop. A similar initiative is being run by the Base network. Its backer – Coinbase, is offering $2 million in grants during On-Chain Summer. Therefore, BNB Chain is following suit to increase its share of the meme coin market.

Whether or not BNB Chain achieves this goal remains to be seen. That said, recent performance metrics are positive. There’s been a surge in BNB Chain trading volumes in the prior few weeks. This aligns with BNB recently recording new all-time highs. However, BNB’s meme coin ecosystem is still minute when compared to other leading blockchains.

BNB Ecosystem Value

  • While CoinMarketCap shows that the total BNB ecosystem is worth over $300 billion – most are established projects from other networks.
  • For instance, excluding BNB ($91 billion), this includes Tether ($112 billion), USD Coin ($32 billion), Dogecoin ($20 billion), and Polkadot ($9 billion).
  • Actual meme coins that are native to BNB are worth just a small fraction of the overall network value.

Advantages of the BNB Chain For Meme Coins

Here’s why the BNB Chain is the ideal home for meme coins:

  • Low Transaction Fees: As mentioned, BNB Chain has some of the lowest network fees. This is crucial – as many meme coin traders are short-term speculators. This means they’ll buy a meme coin and hold it for several days or weeks. Some positions will remain open for minutes or hours. According to yCharts – which tracks real-time GAS charges, the average BNB Chain network fee is currently $0.13. In contrast, Ethereum’s current GAS fee is about $5. This surpassed $30 earlier in the year – making it unfavorable for meme coin trading.
  • Huge Room for Growth: Very few meme coins are native to the BNB Chain – even though the network is conducive for short-term traders. That said, this presents a solid opportunity for growth investors. Especially considering Binance’s $1 million grant – which is sure to attract a wave of new projects. Therefore, buying some quality BNB meme coins at current valuations could be a smart move. After all, there’s substantial room for growth when compared to more established meme coin ecosystems.
  • Easy to Launch New Coins: Launching a new meme coin on the BNB Chain couldn’t be easier. The process is largely the same as launching an ERC-20 (Ethereum) or SPL (Solana) token. Developers simply need to create a unique smart contract and launch it to the BNB Chain. What’s more, it takes minutes to list BNB Chain tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX). PancakeSwap is the leading DEX for BNB projects – which attracted over 4.4 million traders in the prior 30 days.

Disadvantages of the BNB Chain For Meme Coins

Here’s why BNB Chain might not be the best home for meme coin traders:

  • Competition From Other Blockchains: Many blockchain ecosystems are vying for a share of the lucrative meme coin markets. After all, billions of dollars worth of meme coins are traded daily – meaning huge network fees for the respective blockchain. For example, in the prior 24 hours, over $1.2 billion worth of Pepe was traded. And over $971 million worth of Dogecoin. Therefore, the BNB Chain faces strong competition from Ethereum, Solana, Base, and other popular networks.
  • Centralization Concerns: Although the BNB Chain is technically decentralized, some would argue that there are centralization concerns. This is due to the lack of validators – which are responsible for verifying transactions and keeping the network secure. Although numbers fluctuate depending on the source, BNB Chain’s recent documentation explains that up to 56 validators are present. In contrast, Ethereum typically has over 1 million – which is true decentralization.
  • Prevalence of Scams: Many BNB meme coins are nothing more than scams. Some are created as a honeypot scam, meaning a malicious code is entered into the smart contract – often preventing people (other than the scammers) from selling. Rug pulls are also common – which is when the meme coin’s liquidity is withdrawn by the project founders. However, it’s worth noting that these scams are not unique to BNB Chain. On the contrary, they’re also commonplace on Ethereum, Solana, and other meme coin networks.

How to Buy BNB Meme Coins: PlayDoge Walkthrough

We’ll now explain how to buy BNB meme coins in 2024. This tutorial uses PlayDoge as our example. PlayDoge is both a meme coin and a play-to-earn game – and it’s currently in presale. This means you’ll be investing in PlayDoge before the tokens launch on exchanges.

Step 1: Get a BNB Chain Wallet

The first step is to get a secure crypto wallet that supports the BNB Chain. This is where you’ll store your BNB meme coins. The wallet will also enable you to invest in the PlayDoge presale. This is because investments are made on a wallet-to-wallet basis.

In terms of which wallet is best, Trust Wallet is the standout option. While some traders prefer MetaMask, it doesn’t come pre-installed with the BNN Chain. Instead, it needs to be added manually.

Download Trust Wallet

Therefore, beginners will prefer Trust Wallet – which comes as a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Go to the Trust Wallet website, download the app, and open it. Then, create a PIN and write down the 12-word passphrase.

Step 2: Add BNB to Trust Wallet

So, BNB meme coins operate on the BNB Chain. Naturally, the network’s primary currency is BNB – so you’ll need to buy some coins before you trade meme coins. You’ll also need BNB to directly invest in the PlayDoge presale.

Although you can buy BNB from traditional crypto exchanges (like Binance), the easiest option is to use Trust Wallet. It has partnered with payment processors that accept debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and bank wires.

Trust Wallet buy crypto

This means you can use your preferred payment method without leaving the Trust Wallet app. And, once you’ve bought BNB – the coins are automatically added to your balance.

Just click on the ‘Buy’ button and follow the in-app instructions. The process takes less than five minutes – including the mandatory KYC verification check.

Step 3: Connect Trust Wallet to the PlayDoge Presale

Once BNB is added to your Trust Wallet balance, visit the PlayDoge presale website. Then click ‘Buy With BNB’ – which is located beneath the presale widget. Next, click on ‘WalletConnect’. Open the Trust Wallet app and click ‘Settings’, followed by ‘WalletConnect’.

How to buy PlayDoge

Scan the QR code shown on the PlayDoge website. Approve the connection within Trust Wallet. Your wallet should now be connected to the PlayDoge presale.

Step 4: Fill Out Presale Widget to Buy PlayDoge

The final step is to fill out the presale widget form. This requires you to enter the number of BNB coins you want to invest. The widget will then display the number of $PLAY tokens you’ll receive for that amount.

For example, we’ve typed in 1.2 BNB. This means we’ll receive 143,326 $PLAY tokens. Confirm the presale purchase and open Trust Wallet to approve the transaction.

BNB will be transferred to the PlayDoge presale website. The $PLAY tokens will be transferred to your Trust Wallet balance once the presale ends.


In summary, BNB Chain has a small share of the multi-billion-dollar meme coin market. However, recent trends show that an increasing number of traders are flocking to the network. What’s more, Binance – which backs the BNB Chain, has allocated $1 million to incentivize new meme coin projects.

One of the best BNB meme coins to capitalize on this growth is PlayDoge. This presale project doubles up as a play-to-earn game – so it’s involved in two high-growth markets. The PlayDoge presale – which is still ongoing, has raised over $3.5 million so far.

Visit PlayDoge Presale


Does Binance Chain have meme coins?

Yes, Binance Chain does have meme coins – although only a small fraction when compared to Ethereum, Solana, and Base. That said, increased network activity has been seen in recent weeks – meaning more meme coin volumes are expected.

What is the best meme coin on the BNB chain?

PlayDoge is the best meme coin on the BNB Chain. It’s a presale project that also offers play-to-earn gaming features, with over $3.5 million raised so far.

How many BNB meme coins are there?

BirdEye data shows that over 30,000 tokens operate on the BNB Chain. However, it doesn’t state what percentage are BSC meme coins.


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