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Play to Earn Cryptos Are Making a Comeback and This Coin is In The Lead

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Play-to-earn crypto projects suffered huge losses in 2022 after their meteoric rise in 2021, with the top games in the space hemorrhaging investment and player base.

The likes of Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox have been some of the biggest losers in the bear market, despite the obvious potential of GameFi in the future.

While the likes of Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox attract tens of millions of players every day, only two GameFi projects – AlienWorlds and Trickshot Blitz – have attracted more than 500,000 in the last month, according to DappRadar.

But there are signs the asset class is recovering, with a DappRadar report also stating that GameFi projects have proven to be more resistant to the crypto winter than other crypto assets due to their greater utility and potential.

One new presale project, Calvaria, is aiming to attract casual and traditional gamers en masse by offering a solution to the two biggest issues in the crypto gaming space. 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity to Attract Casual Gamers to Blockchain

Calvaria’s developers believe two major issues have turned traditional and casual gamers away from GameFi projects despite the obvious potential of the play-to-earn (P2E) model.

The first is prohibitive costs, with most projects requiring players to purchase expensive NFTs gain access to the game, while the second is being intimidated by a lack of blockchain technology.

Calvaria will solve these two issues by not only developing a P2E version of its flagship game, Duels of Eternity but by offering a free-to-play (F2P) version as well.

The latter will be the exact same game – a card-battle strategy game set in the afterlife – but will need no NFTs to play or any knowledge of the blockchain.

The founders instead want the game itself to entice players into switching to P2E, with a couple of small pointers along the way.

The F2P game will include a visible tracker to show players how much they could have earned if playing the P2E version, while there will also be gamified quests that teach players about blockchain and crypto while giving them rewards.

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What is Duels of Eternity?

As mentioned above, Duels of Eternity is a card-battle strategy game where players stack their decks and use their knowledge, skill, and assets, such as power-ups and upgrades, to beat their opponent.

Players choose to align with one of three warring factions – each with unique traits and strengths – and battle for rewards.

Unlike similar card-battle games, Duels of Eternity will be played in full 3D and is also available as a mobile game that can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

As well as the usual player vs player mode, Duels of Eternity also features a single-player story mode which will not only build out the lore of the Calvaria universe but reward players with cards and assets that can be used in other game modes.

In the P2E version, players will be rewarded with the eRIA token for winning matches and cards will be fully tradeable NFTs that can be bought or sold on the open market.

Like some of the biggest Web2 games, Calvaria will also take a seasonal approach to Duels of Eternity, releasing new cards, new upgrades and holding seasonal tournaments for bigger prizes as the months go on to ensure the long-term success of the game.

Later in the roadmap, Calvaria will develop an in-house eSports team and plans to host eSports tournaments with large prize pools.

Calvaria Presale Details

Calvaria is currently in round 4 of its presale, with tokens on sale for $0.025 each and nearly $2 million of investment secured already. 

By the 10th and final stage of the presale, RIA tokens – another token that will be used for governance and the stability of the project – will sell for $0.055, a 120% increase from its current price before reaching exchanges.

The project has already secured partnerships with major centralized exchanges KuCoin and Gate, meaning it will not take long for tokens to be listed once the presale sells out.

The presale will see 300 million RIA tokens (30% of the max 1 billion supply) sold during the presale, with a hard cap of $9.75 million.

Much of the remaining supply is divided between the staking pool (25%) and the prize pool (20%), with the rest split between operations (8%), the INO (6%), the team (5%), exchange liquidity (4%) and advisors (2%).

Calvaria features a fully doxxed team that has been KYC verified, and the project is also offering investors a $100,000 giveaway during the presale.

The prize is distributed in RIA and shared between three winners – $70,000 goes to the winner, $20k for second place, and $10k for third.

To take part, investors must hold $100 of RIA on the day of the draw and can gain up to 155 entries by taking part in tasks such as following the project on social media.

The project is also built on the Polygon network, which is much faster and more scalable than Ethereum

How to Buy Calvaria

Calvaria is currently in stage 4 of its presale. Read our full guide on how to buy RIA tokens.

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