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Is Toncoin the Next Solana? TON Price Nears Record High as New Meme Coin Secures $5,000,000

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read

Telegram crypto is defying the Q2 market dip, with Toncoin (TON) leading the charge. This surge has prompted many investors to ask, “is Toncoin the next Solana?”

This article will provide an analysis of TON’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new Solana meme coin called PlayDoge, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Rapidly emerging as a crypto market favorite hodl for Q2, Toncoin is poised for unhinged growth in the year ahead due to its close links with popular social messaging platform Telegram.

New users can easily onboard into the TON ecosystem—wallets can be opened with one click through Telegram—enabling new user adoption similar to Base Chain’s Coinbase smart wallet onboarding plans.


TON Price Analysis: As Toncoin Price Continues to Defy Q2 Dip – How Long Will Show of Strength Last?

As TON continues to show strength, Toncoin price is currently trading at a market price of $7.18 (representing a 24-hour change of -4.26%).

Despite this localized retrace, Toncoin remains poised in an incredibly bullish pendant flag structure, with a clear patterned trading channel spotlighting TON’s upside price trajectory in the weeks ahead.

Over the past week, a strong support level above $6.88 has been established, a remarkable defense by TON holders in the face of a wider market downturn fuelled by desperate miner selling.

The next bounce will see TON price target the topside of the current upside trading change, with all eyes on topside resistance at $7.78.

Meanwhile, the ongoing consolidation above $6.88 has improved the bullish outlook in the short-time frame, with the RSI indicator shifting to a bullish divergence at 50.57.

But while TON holders target a +15% move to $7.78, bigger gains are seemingly on the horizon for intrepid PLAY presale investors.

Early Bird Investors Are Poised to Win Big in The $5M PlayDoge Presale (You Don’t Want To Miss This)

The Playdoge (PLAY) presale is sending a shockwave through the GameFi space as eagle-eyed investors snipe what is rapidly emerging as the fastest-growing crypto presale in the Q2 market.

Built to tap into the ongoing nostalgia wave, PlayDoge can be considered the first real digital Tamagotchi for Web3.

Themed with the beloved crypto mascot DOGE, this game enables players to adopt their very own little 2D fren.

This pocket-pet can be used to participate in a high-octane ecosystem designed around alluring and profitable play-2-earn tokenomics – driven at its core by the quest for cool NFT upgrades and items.

And the idea is clearly a hit with smart money investors, with the PLAY presale surging past an incredible $5,000,000 raised in the past few weeks.

Follow PlayDoge on X and Telegram for the latest updates.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.