26 Mar 2020 · 3 min read

How To Earn Crypto Rewards Through Staking & Masternode Coins?

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Staking and the Proof-of-stakes

Staking can basically be called the method of setting aside a certain number of cryptocurrency coins through a node on the network of the crypto asset universe, to participate in the process work inside of the network itself. These cryptocurrency coins and networks, usually considered for staking, manage the mechanism of proof of stake.

Widely known as an alternative for mining or proof of work, staking is known for not indulging in energy and competition intensive transactions. As for attaining the blockchain for earning rewards, the stakers are needed to lock the pre-mentioned numbers of the native digital of the network.

In the proof of stake mechanism, validators are the alternative for miners as in the proof of work mechanism. These can easily authenticate transactions whilst meeting with the expected requirements of the software of the network as nodes. Putting the tokens as the stake on the networks is the main requirement for the node to qualify for a validator. There are other stipulations as well, but they all differ from network to network, for every individual staker.

Although, one must consider the common argument of the market that the bigger your stake will be, the bigger will be the reward. The locked away tokens act like wagers, and the value of these wagers are required to be high, so as to earn a higher reward, for the recompense are proportionally calculated.

Staking and Masternodes

Masternodes are instances suggestive of the way of how staking can also be made exterior to the proof of stake consensus algorithm. These Masternodes are nodes only, but of a more particular special type with extra or special responsibilities or rewards or requirements. These usually network agnostic and were made known through the campaign, popularly known as the Master Node Me Bro. network, assisted with their consensus mechanism can help with the making of these masternodes. They also help with keeping you updated. With what, do you wonder? The updates, of course. Approximately 500 crypto assets support Masternodes. For more details about Staking, PoS, cryptocurrency reviews and blogs etc. one can visit mycointainer.com!

To qualify for the designation of the masternode, one is required to set aside pre pre-decided number of tokens, similar to the process of that os staking.

But why masternodes and not just regular nodes?

The owners of masternodes are entitled to a much larger share of block rewards as compared to those of the regular nodes, for the mere participation in the network, with a larger context. These owners also get the opportunity of unlocking a better and greater number of benefits. One of them being having greater control owing to the network and its governance.

There are numerous advantages of staking, and the following are just a few, though significant ones to name, as per the Dash Masternode community:

● Just like a savings account is meant to pay interest, just similarly a masternode pays rewards of a special type. These are like interests in many respects. These are attained from the network and from performing certain services. But the interesting thing to note here, primarily focusing on the difference is that unlike the savings account we compared our masternodes to, with the masternodes, our initial deposit never leaves our authority or our control or basically our possession.
● Staking in general, be it through the cryptocurrency coins or through maternodes, provides its stakers with the means of realising profits outside of the markets and the realms of its volatile movements.
● It also helps in acquiring a more knowledgeable and a more energetic operator, typically of the nodes, which is what the desired result usually is.


DASH is one of the most popular networks enabled for staking. Although, one must be careful with the knowledge, that the proof of stakes is not supported by DASH. but don't fret. Stakers can set up masternodes of up to 1000 DASH, which have a wild value in the market in the times of today. The investment in return is approximately 8% per year. Check out Top 10 masternode Reviews to get some idea about various masternodes return variations.

PIVX is another choice in terms of privacy centred digital assets, to consider. There aren't any evident limits to how much PTVX tokens one can lock up in their wallets for the purpose of staking. Also, to increase profits and maximise benefits, masternodes can also be set up in the network. But this also requires a minimum of 1000 tokens. Your computer will always be required to be put on as the nodes will be required to stay connected at all times. Article contributed by Hari babu!