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The Future of EV Charging: This New Crypto Is Changing the Game With Carbon Credits and Crypto Payments

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 1 min read

The world is rapidly moving toward environmentally friendly practices, with electric vehicles (EVs) playing an important role.

However, it is unfortunate that the current infrastructure for EV charging and payment systems hasn’t been effectively developed to cater to this. This may impede the broad use of EVs, and C+Charge is here to alleviate that bottleneck.

The C+Charge ecosystem is sustained by its native token, $CCHG. At press time, the digital token’s price is $0.018 and has raised over $2 million so far. 

An Eco-Friendly Initiative

The C+Charge developers noted that a quick transition to electric vehicles is required for everyone to enjoy a sustainable future. This is because electric vehicles (EVs) are the most eco-friendly form of transportation.

The number of electric vehicles on the road has begun to increase, and this growth has only accelerated since Elon Musk’s Tesla was unveiled. 

Nowadays, more people are willing to trade their internal combustion-engine cars for electric ones. However, the adoption rate has remained weak. 

One of the problems with the EV industry today is the issue of carbon credits. 

A carbon credit is a license to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide. One carbon credit is equal to one ton of any greenhouse gas emitted.

While charging stations and manufacturers benefit from numerous carbon credits, drivers, who account for the majority of the market, are unfairly excluded. The manufacturers are reluctant to give any away to the drivers because they can sell these carbon credits and make millions doing so.

Even worse, giant firms frequently use carbon credits as a polluting-related levy. This enables them to keep generating greenhouse gasses like carbon and others rather than putting alternatives with low or no carbon emissions in place.

C+Charge’s mobile application will be the main hub for all EV owners’ charging requirements. 

Through this, users will be assigned individual electronic wallets, which can be used to pay for EV charging with the C+Charge utility token.

The app will oversee all end-to-end charging process operations in addition to managing payments. This includes a carbon credits tracker, a charging station finder, the most recent pricing, and updated wait time estimates.

EV owners will accumulate more carbon credits as they charge and drive their EVs using the C+Charge network and utility token. 

C+Charge has created a unique method that allows token holders to accrue carbon credits via a “reflection” program – 1% of transactions will be used to buy carbon credits, which will then be proportionally given to token holders.

Invest In $CCHG for a Green Future

At the time of writing, the price of $CCHG is $0.018, and investors seeking to acquire the digital asset can do so via the Metamask wallet on PCs or the Trust wallet on mobile devices. 

The crypto startup now also accepts ETH as a payment method. This is in addition to BNB and USDT. 

The project has also begun burning all tokens not purchased during their designated presale stage. The first burn took place on February 22, with 35,658,291 tokens burned from Stage 2, while 71,474,007 tokens were burned from Stage 3 in the second burn.

C+Charge’s popularity has risen among crypto investors, and so far, the startup has raised over $2 million in its presale

There are only four days until stage five ends, and the price rises to $0.019.

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