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Make the Most of the Booming EV Industry With This Little-Known Crypto Project – How to Buy Early?

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Tipped to be one of the hottest blockchain-based projects right now due to its peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions, C+Charge has grown exponentially, hitting a milestone of over $1 million in presale investment. With just one day left before the end of its second presale stage, this might be the best time to buy at a discounted price. 

The C+Charge Revolution

C+Charge is a new, innovative platform looking to provide a lasting solution to several pain points faced by electric vehicle owners in the market. The project, which was first announced in 2022, aims to make it easier and more efficient for EV owners to pay for their vehicles’ charging. Its developers have also devised a method to provide EV owners with benefits such as carbon credits in exchange for charging and using their vehicles.

With EV ownership increasing significantly in recent years, there is a growing sense that these vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. Both new and traditional carmakers are aware of this and are vying for a larger share of the EV market. However, it appears that most carmakers are focused on creating vehicles rather than providing charging infrastructure.

As a result, charging stations have not expanded at the same rate as EVs. Owners do not have access to information about available charging stations, which means they could become stranded if unable to charge their vehicles. In addition, most charging stations are also connected to traditional electrical grids, making their eco-friendliness claim unsubstantiated.

C+Charge intends to resolve these issues once and for all. The platform ensures that EV owners have a reliable and effective way of paying for charging by combining the benefits of crypto and blockchain.

The C+Charge solution works on multiple sides. For one, the platform’s developers aim to collaborate with existing charging stations and build their own. This way, EV owners can use the platform’s native CCHG token to process payments for charging their cars. 

For their payment, EV owners can also access carbon credits in the form of Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which will be stored in the C+Charge mobile app. Each token has been audited and vetted, representing a verifiable carbon credit that can be sold or traded. By democratizing the carbon credit space, C+Charge’s developers hope to provide an additional incentive for people to switch to electric vehicles. 

The C+Charge mobile app also offers several advantages to EV owners. They can use it to find charging stations nearby and to check their balance of carbon credits and CCHG tokens.

The CCHG Token 

Powering all of C+Charge’s operations is CCHG – the platform’s native token. The CCHG token will process payments for charging vehicles, making holders eligible for rewards.

As a deflationary token, CCHG’s total supply is reduced whenever it is used to make payments. The goal is for this burning mechanism to reduce the asset’s circulating supply over time, thereby significantly increasing its price.

CCHG has been available on presale for a few months, and the reception has been impressive. With over $1 million raised from investors, the crypto asset is set to advance to stage three of the ongoing presale in two days. Tokens sell for $0.01450 each, and with exchange listings already set for March 31, 2023, investor demand is set to skyrocket even higher. 

To purchase the token, investors can follow these steps: 

Download a Wallet

The first step will be for investors to get a self-custodial wallet. We recommend Trust Wallet or MetaMask. 

Connect the Wallet 

After installing the wallet, go to the C+Charge presale page. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and follow the on-screen prompt.

Fund the Wallet 

Next, purchase BNB or USDT to buy CCHG. Both coins can be purchased directly from many of the available centralized exchanges or wallets. 


After funding the wallet, investors can now buy CCHG. Click on the “Buy with USDT” or “Buy with BNB” button, and complete the purchase directly.

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