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The Future of EV Charging is Here – Invest in This Groundbreaking Carbon Credit Crypto Today

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 7 min read
Trent Alan / Midjourney AI

Electric vehicles are becoming a dominant force in the transportation industry, and their popularity only continues to grow as people look for solutions to climate change and increasing gas prices. However, with this upsurge of EVs comes an ever-increasing obstacle: locating dependable charging stations.

Despite some recent progress made on this front, there is still much work to be done when it comes to building out adequate infrastructure supporting EVs. Until that happens, drivers are forced to scour through different apps and websites trying desperately to locate places where they can charge their vehicle while away from home.

This is where C+Charge comes into play – an upcoming blockchain-based EV charging platform tied to a carbon credit crypto that’s looking to improve how drivers charge their electric vehicles while simultaneously being rewarded for their sustainable choice.

EV Charging Apps and Carbon Credit Cryptos Key to Widespread EV Adoption

EV charging platforms are well-equipped with a variety of convenient features that make charging easier. Users can use the app to set reminders so they never forget to charge their vehicles, start or stop the charge process remotely, and even save money by scheduling charging during off-peak hours.

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EV drivers can conveniently plan stress-free trips with the help of EV charging apps like C+Charge. The apps can provide real-time information regarding charging station availability and tools for managing pricing, allowing users to stay informed about their costs while planning. They also display the charge connectors available at each site as well as cost-saving membership options – perfect for frequent travelers. In short, EV charging apps allow EV owners to keep tabs on all aspects of their EV charging in one place.

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C+Charge: A New Type of EV Charging App Backed by Carbon Credit Crypto

In an age where hackers and identity thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated, C+Charge offers a cutting-edge blockchain platform that connects EV owners to charging networks through highly secure encryption and privacy features.

C+Charge’s unique peer-to-peer system allows users to pay directly from their digital wallets, bypassing traditional payment systems with their long wait times and steep fees for operators and users alike.

The EV charging platform also offers users real-time information on charging station availability, pricing, and connector types, as well as technical diagnostics regarding any charging issues. C+Charge’s innovation extends beyond individual users, with solutions for property managers to monitor electricity consumption for each EV. This translates to increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, and less hassle in managing energy costs and ensuring non-EV drivers are not charged for electricity they didn’t use.

C+Charge Joins Hands with Flowcarbon’s Carbon Credit Crypto

Sustainability is at the core of C+Charge’s mission, and the platform has taken this commitment to the next level with its partnership with Flowcarbon. The collaboration allows electric vehicle (EV) owners to earn carbon credits and rewards in the form of sustainable cryptocurrency through the C+Charge platform. With carbon credit crypto Goodness Nature Tokens ($GNT) by Flowcarbon, users can earn trustworthy and voluntary carbon credits by simply charging their EVs via a C+Charge charge station.

The partnership allows CCHG cryptocurrency holders to receive passive credits as all transactions on the C+Charge platform incur a 1% tax that goes towards purchasing GNT carbon credits. The carbon credits are then distributed among CCHG token holders based on their holdings, providing an opportunity for users to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future while earning valuable carbon credit crypto rewards.

Why Use a Carbon Credit Crypto?

The carbon credit market has grown significantly in recent years, and the voluntary market for carbon credits is expected to see massive demand in the future. However, the market is fragmented and complex, with some credits being questionable at best. Carbon credits should represent real emissions reductions that would not have occurred otherwise, but this isn’t always the case as things stand.

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As demand for carbon credits continues to increase, it’s clear that there is a need for more accessible, transparent, and verifiable carbon credit markets. The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets projects that the demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by up to 100 by 2050. To meet this growing demand, the carbon credit market needs to be transparent, verifiable, and environmentally sound.

According to recent estimates, annual global demand for carbon credits could reach up to 1.5 to 2.0 gigatons of carbon dioxide by 2030 and up to 7 to 13 gigatons by 2050 as the world struggles to meet a 1.5-degree global warming limit. The market size in 2030 could range from $5 billion to $30 billion at the low end and more than $50 billion at the high end.

To achieve a sustainable and viable carbon credit market, it is essential that standard-setting organizations provide clear and rigorous standards for carbon credits, ensuring that they represent real, additional, and permanent emissions reductions. Additionally, pricing needs to be clear and transparent, and reliable, independently verified data should be available to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

Flowcarbon is looking to address these challenges by creating the first multi-functional carbon credit crypto primitive that brings institutional-grade carbon assets on-chain. GNT is the first liquid carbon instrument designed for corporate, retail, institutional, and cryptocurrency buyers. It is backed one-to-one by voluntary carbon credits and is live and unretired, meaning it always retains its full off-chain value and can be used as a genuine offset.

By bringing carbon credit cryptos onto the blockchain, Flowcarbon is creating price transparency and immutable tracking of credits while incentivizing high-impact climate change mitigation projects. The move will democratize access and make carbon solutions more accessible to everyone, furthering C+Charge’s mission of creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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Get Your Hands on C+Charge Sustainable Cryptocurrency Tokens: Here’s How

C+Charge’s crypto presale of its CCHG token has generated over $1.68 million, and there’s still time to get in on the action. With the presale in full swing, the CCHG token is available for only $0.017 USDT per token presently, but will increase to $0.018 USDT in just over two days, making it a great time to grab your tokens in preparation for their exchange listing on March 31.

To purchase CCHG tokens, there are a few options available:

  1. The first option is to buy CCHG tokens with BNB by swapping the required amount of BNB in your wallet for CCHG. Simply enter the amount of CCHG you want to purchase (minimum $15) and click “Buy with BNB.” Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and show you the cost of gas.
  2. Alternatively, you can purchase CCHG tokens with USDT (BEP-20). To do this, you will need at least $20 USDT and $10 BNB in your wallet. Enter the amount of CCHG you want to purchase (minimum $15) and click “Convert USDT.” Your wallet will ask you to approve the application to access your USDT and then to approve the purchase.
  3. The third option is to top up your BNB with a card. To use this option, you’ll first need to set up a wallet, such as Metamask for desktop users and Trust Wallet for mobile users. Once you’ve set up your wallet, you can fund it with BNB using the “Buy BNB with Card” option, which will be shown to you once you’ve connected your wallet.
  4. For mobile users, Trust Wallet is recommended, with a multichain wallet enabled. Connect your Trust Wallet to the C+Charge website through Wallet Connect, select Binance Smart Chain as the network to connect successfully, and purchase CCHG with either USDT or BNB. You’ll need to sign the transaction in your Trust Wallet app for the purchase to be successful.

C+Charge’s EV charging app tied to carbon credit cryptos is a testament to how blockchain technology can solve problems in the real world. With transparent pricing and a rich customer experience, C+Charge will give EV drivers the confidence they need to plan their trips so they’ll never run out of juice on the road again. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this innovative sustainable cryptocurrency project.

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