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Ethereum Price Falls Below USD 180 Again

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After the major carousel action last week – which might seem distant in crypto time – we’re seeing yet another repetition this week: Ethereum’s price has dropped below USD 180.

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To recap shortly, last week the hopes of an altseason were shattered as the price of BTC dropped below USD 10,000, then below USD 8,000, and all this time, altcoins have been feeling the hits of each drop too, with this drop-and-rise action repeating a couple more times. Already after the first plunge, we saw ETH suddenly drop from its USD 221.40, seeing all its gains in September swept away.

ETH price rose by 6% on September 27th, when it climbed to USD 175. We’re then seeing some fluctuations and corrections, the scale of which is not surprising in the Cryptoverse. ETH gradually dropped to USD 167 recorded on September 30th, which was followed by a jump to USD 184.8 the next day. Yet, just a day later, it’s back below the USD 180 mark, and at this moment trades at c. USD 177 (08:39 UTC). It has appreciated 8% in a week, but also lost 1.6% in a day. Its Sentscore too dropped 24.2% (the third highest) over the course of last week.

Ethereum price chart:

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But speaking of losses, all top 10 coins by market capitalization are in the red in the past 24 hours, with BSV taking the largest hit of -4.36%, and LTC the smallest with -0.95%. The situation is somewhat different for the 7-day period, as six coins are in the green, led by Stellar (8.52%), while the reddest of the red is again BSV (-2.82%).

Yet, all this said, ETH still came out of September as the winner, having appreciated 6.61% and being the only green one among the top 10.

Meanwhile, current BTC price is USD 8,268. It dropped 1.56% in a week, and 1.77% in the past 24 hours.