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TOKEN2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Chats with Oleg Fomenko, CEO of Sweat Economy

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 1 min read
Token2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Chats with Oleg Fomenko, CEO of Sweat Economy

TOKEN2049 remains the cornerstone event for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation in Asia, attracting key players from around the globe. 

At this year’s conference, Cryptonews Podcast host Matt Zahab had the unique opportunity to meet with some of the visionary leaders shaping the future of blockchain technology. 

A highlight of this event was an interview with Oleg Fomenko, the CEO of Sweat Economy, who is pioneering new ways to integrate blockchain technology with health and fitness.

Sweat Economy Makes Three Big Announcements

In the interview, Fomenko noted that the project has made three big announcements as part of the event. 

In the first place, the CEO revealed that the Sweat Economy has enabled the Arabic language, allowing millions of users to engage with the project’s app in their native language. 

Furthermore, he announced that Chain Abstraction from NEAR Protocol is now live, which makes DeFi transactions as seamless as the Web2 financial apps.

Finally, Fomenko said that Sweat Wallet’s Magic Keys will come this month, empowering users to create a secure Sweat Wallet account in seconds, without the burden of memorizing complex seed phrases.

Sweat Economy is turning heads in the blockchain community by incentivizing fitness activities with cryptocurrency rewards. 

Under Oleg Fomenko’s leadership, the platform utilizes a novel approach to engage users in a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously introducing them to the crypto economy. 

This blend of health, technology, and finance is designed to foster a more active and financially savvy global community.

Full TOKEN2049 Recap

Token2049 continues to be a crucial event for professionals and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world, providing a platform for critical discussions and networking among the industry’s most innovative minds. During the event, big names in the industry, like Oleg Fomenko, share their thoughts and views on the current and future state of crypto globally. 

Discover more insights and in-depth analysis in our comprehensive recap of Day 1 of the TOKEN2049 event below.