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Bitcoin Price Prediction as Recent Decline Triggers Largest Bull Liquidation in 3 Months – Is a Rebound Imminent?

Arslan Butt
Last updated: | 5 min read

Bitcoin Recap

In recent financial news, Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed a significant fluctuation in its market value, drawing attention to its latest price movements and the implications for investors and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Despite a recent decline that triggered the largest bull liquidation in three months, Bitcoin is showing signs of resilience.

As of Sunday, it is trading at $36,538, marking nearly 0.50% increase. This comes alongside noteworthy developments, such as luxury car manufacturer Ferrari announcing that it will accept Bitcoin as a payment method for car sales in the United States.

Additionally, there’s a growing interest in South Korea, where cryptocurrency premiums are rising, with Bitcoin trading nearly $1,300 above the global average. Meanwhile, the balance of Bitcoin held by whales has reached a new high, indicating a potential shift in market dynamics and investor confidence.

This confluence of events raises the question: Is a Bitcoin rebound on the horizon?

Ferrari Embraces Bitcoin: Luxury Car Sales in the US Now Accept Cryptocurrency

Through a collaboration with BitPay, Ferrari (NYSE: RACE) has ventured into the cryptocurrency space by accepting Bitcoin payments for its premium cars in the US.

This initiative, available at ten Ferrari dealerships and including vehicles like the Daytona SP3, Purosangue, and SF90 Stradale, indicates a potential trend of wider corporate adoption of digital currencies and a significant shift in luxury automobile sales.

Ferrari aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, and this decision aligns with their environmental goals. Echoing cryptocurrency initiatives by major industry players like PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) and BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), CoinFlip CEO Ben Weiss views this as a pivotal moment in 2023.

Ferrari’s endorsement enhances Bitcoin’s legitimacy in well-established industries, which could stimulate demand and influence its market value. Consequently, the impact on Bitcoin’s price is expected to be positive.

Surge in South Korea’s Crypto Market: Bitcoin Premiums Soar Above Global Rates

The cryptocurrency market in South Korea has experienced a notable surge recently, particularly evidenced by the heightened trading activities involving Bitcoin. A report by, dated Saturday, November 18, 2023, highlighted that the Korean won accounted for 3.53% of all Bitcoin (BTC) trading the day before.

Additionally, the won was actively paired with other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), contributing to 1.65% and 8.78% of their respective trades.

South Korea’s significant position in the global cryptocurrency landscape is further underscored by its ranking as the 11th largest market in terms of trading volume, amounting to $2.62 billion, with a substantial portion of this volume generated on exchanges like Upbit.

Notably, major trading platforms such as Upbit and Bithumb have been observing price premiums, with Bitcoin trading approximately $1,300 higher than the global average in South Korea.

This disparity, while unique to the region, aligns with the overall global trends for most cryptocurrencies. However, the pronounced premiums and vigorous trading volumes in South Korea indicate a robust demand within the country.

This heightened demand not only contributes to regional market differences but also potentially influences the global pricing dynamics of Bitcoin by fostering increased market activity.

Whale Investors Accumulate: Bitcoin Balances Hit Record Highs

According to on-chain analytics startup IntoTheBlock, Bitcoin whales with over 1,000 BTC have reached a significant milestone in 2023. This week, the total amount of BTC held by these huge addresses—7.67 million—reached a new annual high, valued at $275 billion.

These organizations have been growing since 2023, despite a brief decline after the failure of FTX-related Alameda Research and Genesis. This suggests that there is a substantial market for big Bitcoin institutions.

At the same time, the amount owned by long-term investors reached record highs, which has traditionally corresponded with the growth of the Bitcoin cycle. This shows that investors are feeling upbeat and are expecting more price increases for Bitcoin.

As the price of bitcoin gets closer to$38,000, bullish options bets that predict it will hit $40,000 or even $45,000 by December reflect high market expectations and possible turning points in the currency’s upward trajectory.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin‘s performance on November 19 offers a nuanced view of market trends. Currently trading around a pivot point of $36,220, Bitcoin shows signs of a cautious bullish momentum. The key resistance levels are set at $36,675, $37,160, and a more significant threshold at $38,000, which traders are closely monitoring.

On the downside, support levels are established at $35,835, $35,235, and $34,522, indicating potential areas where price could stabilize if a downward trend is triggered.

The technical indicators paint a mixed but slightly optimistic picture. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 51, just above the midpoint, hinting at a mild bullish sentiment. This suggests that the market is not in overbought or oversold territory, but rather in a state of cautious equilibrium.

Bitcoin Price Chart
Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $36,400 reinforces this view, as the current price hovers around this key indicator, suggesting a potential short-term bullish trend.

Chart analysis reveals a mild upward channel pattern, indicating a continuation of the bullish momentum, provided the pattern holds. In conclusion, while the overall trend leans towards bullish above the $36,400 mark, the market remains watchful.

The immediate resistance and support levels are crucial for short-term movements, with the possibility of Bitcoin testing higher resistances or retreating to lower supports in the days ahead.

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