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9 Meme Coins to Turn 100 Dollars into 25,000 Dollars in June

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 4 min read
9 Meme Coins to Turn 100 Dollars into 25,000 Dollars in June
9 Meme Coins to Turn 100 Dollars into 25,000 Dollars in June.

Meme coins are a highly speculative type of cryptocurrency that rely on trends (often joke or memes) and the hype of the moment to perform well.

They have the potential to deliver huge gains if conditions align correctly. There is a long history of traders turning hundreds of dollars in millions in the meme coin market.

That said, meme coins also carry huge risk. Just as quickly as they can rally, they can also quickly shed all their value.

For every meme coin investment that deliver 100x gains, there are likely one thousand others that deliver 90-100% losses.

Analysts at Cryptonews spend a lot of time combing through the meme coin market. Here are 9 meme coins that they think could deliver a potential return of 24,900%, and transform $100 to $25,000 this June.

Katana Inu (KATA)

The Katana Inu (KATA) meme coin is embedded in the Battle Royale game and combines elements of DeFi and GameFi.

The game features realistic graphics, 3D characters, and weapons that can be minted as NFTs.

The game also features an NFT marketplace for trading in-game items such as skins and special powers.

Additionally, in Katana Inu, players can hunt, find loot to sell, and participate in monthly tournaments.

Its native cryptocurrency is the KATA token, which fits into both the memecoin and GameFi sectors, and could explode in the coming months.

Super Trump (STRUMP)

The Super Trump Token (STRUMP) is another cryptocurrency that pays homage to Donald Trump.

The speculative project brings together supporters of the 45th POTUS and its native cryptocurrency is STRUMP.

In the last 30 days it has gained over 550% on Uniswap . Its community is also growing day by day, with over 11,600 followers on X.

Sealana (SEAL)

The Sealana (SEAL) meme coin was recently launched on the Solana network.

The project parodies Gamer Guy, a character from the South Park series known for being an obese nerd.

Sealana aims to become the best-known memecoin on the Solana network, ahead of established cryptocurrencies such as Bonk and WIF.

Its native cryptocurrency, the SEAL token, is currently available in pre-sale at a price of $0.22.

This is opportunity to join this next Solana gem ahead of its launch is not to be missed.

The pre-sale has already raised more than $4 million and the token can be purchased with ETH or SOL.

Visit Sealana Now

Optimus AI (OPTI)

The Optimus AI meme coin is focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to become a hub for funding AI projects in crypto.

Its native cryptocurrency is the OPTI token. The project has more than 32,000 followers on X and its cryptocurrency is held by more than 12,000 people.

OPTI could be an option to consider, given the huge potential that AI technology plays in the bull run.

WienerAI (WAI)

Meme coin WienerAI is a humorous new cryptocurrency, aiming to help crypto traders by providing them with a free AI trading bot.

The project’s native cryptocurrency is the WAI token, currently available presale at for $0.000718 each. The project has already raised more than $5.6 million in its pre-sale.

The WAI token can also be staked during the event to benefit from a 200% APY. At the time of writing, early WAI investors have already locked up over 5.1 billion tokens in the project’s staking pool.

Visit WienerAI Now

Maga VP (MVP)

Another President Trump-themed meme coin called Maga VP also has huge potential this June.

The team behind the cryptocurrency is not officially linked to the candidate in the upcoming US elections.

The 45th president of the United States has shown his support for the crypto sector recently, spurring several meme coins in his likeness.

Maga VP is one of these cryptocurrencies and is even held by Trump, according to data from Arkham Intelligence.

PlayDoge (PLAY)

The PlayDoge is a new Tamagotchi-inspired play-to-earn (P2E) project on the blockchain. Users can take care of a virtual pet to win prizes.

For PlayDoge, the platform’s native cryptocurrency is the PLAY meme coin and players earn rewards denominated in PLAY.

PLAY is currently available at a unit price of $0.00506, with the pre-sale having raised more than $4.2 million.

Not only is PlayDoge a low market cap gem, but its also a great source of potential passive income.

In fact, it is possible to stake PLAY tokens immediately after purchase to earn at an APY of 208%.

Visit PlayDoge Now

Pitbull (PIT)

Project Pitbull (PIT), issued on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC), is community-focused and its native cryptocurrency is the PIT meme coin.

The Pitbull project has ambitious development plans. It wants to launch on several blockchains, plans to launch a magazine called PitMag, an NFT collection and has various partnerships in the pipeline.

A play-to-earn game and a metaverse are also planned in the very near future.

Currently, according to the meme coin’s website, the cryptocurrency is held by over 500,000 people.

To support PIT’s growth, the project uses a token-burning mechanism.

Smog (SMOG)

Solana meme coin Smog (SMOG) was launched in February and is a parody of the character Smaug, from the famous novel The Hobbit.

The project aims to become one of the best community meme coins on the blockchain.

The meme coin has already had a lot of success. In its first month, Smog managed to reach a market cap of $100 million.

Today the price of the SMOG token is in the process of correction, but the project still benefits from a strong community.

More than 42,000 people follow his X account and the cryptocurrency is currently held by over 119,000 people.

That’s a lot of people, and suggests that the current decline is only temporary before the next bull run.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.