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Solana Announces ‘Actions’ and ‘Blinks’ to Enable Crypto Transactions on Websites and Apps

Hassan Shittu
Last updated: | 2 min read
Solana Unveils Tools to Enable Crypto Transactions on Websites and Apps

The Solana Foundation introduced on June 25 new tools to integrate crypto transactions into everyday internet use. These tools, named “Actions” and “Blinks,” simplify and expand the accessibility of blockchain interactions by enabling users to perform on-chain transactions across websites, social media platforms, and various digital channels.

Actions and Blinks: A Game-Changer for Crypto Transactions?

“Actions” will allow users to perform on-chain transactions directly on websites, social media platforms, and through QR codes.

Blinks, on the other hand, transform Actions into shareable links.

“Access to blockchain protocols has long been isolated to dapps and other wallet-aware tools,” said Jon Wong, head of ecosystem engineering at the Solana Foundation. “Actions and blinks on Solana allow any website and application on the internet to be a distribution point for on-chain interactions, furthering the goal of mainstream adoption.”

Actions integrate Solana’s blockchain functionalities directly into websites and apps through APIs that return Solana transactions. According to the announcement, with “Actions,” users can sign and send these transactions using the native app and mobile buttons, scannable QR codes, and shareable blinks.

Blinks can be embedded anywhere a URL can be shared, such as social media feeds, emails, and chatrooms, transforming them into gateways for on-chain transactions.

For example, users could receive a payment request via text message or buy an NFT directly from a social media post, streamlining the process and making blockchain interactions more mainstream and accessible.

Early Adopters and Industry Impact

According to Solana, several teams, including Cubik, Sanctum, Tensor, Realms, Access, Jupiter, Helium, Truffle, and Helius, are set to test and implement these new tools. Also, key platforms and wallets have already begun integrating Solana’s new tools, including Backpack and Phantom.

“Actions and blinks deliver on one of the internet’s original promises: they make experiences portable, shareable, and actionable on any surface,” Dialect Labs founder and CEO Christ Osborn said. “From your X feed, you can buy an NFT, tip a creator, receive money, vote, stake, swap, and so much more.”

Solana is recognized for its lower transaction costs compared to other major blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In May, Solana reached an all-time high of 41.7 million active addresses and led with over $91 million in daily transactions. This surge in activity is partly due to the creation of meme coins, which previously caused network congestion but has since stabilized.

The introduction of Actions and Blinks represents a major advancement in integrating blockchain technology into mainstream internet use. It could potentially transform how users interact with crypto assets.