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“Not a Lambo, but…” Memes Take Off Online

Fredrik Vold
Last updated: | 1 min read

Seven months into the bear market in bitcoin, users of the r/Bitcoin subreddit seem to be having a great deal of fun bragging about what they have, or rather have not, been able to buy with their bitcoins.

Source: iStock/Berezko

Reddit users are posting pictures of what their bitcoin investments have enabled them to buy. However, with a declining bitcoin market this year, the shopping craze of 2017 seems to have gotten more down to earth. Once a favorite symbol of bitcoin wealth, “Lambos” are now few and far between, judging from recent posts on the popular discussion forum.

One reddit user, for example, posted a picture of a new lawn mower that he/she apparently was able to afford thanks to bitcoin. “sick Lawnbo dude,” the top comment reads under the picture.


Another user was able to buy a new pair of custom-made Nike shoes with “BTC” and “ETH” written on the back of them thanks to his/hers bitcoin.


“Not a Lambo, but my dinner thanks to bitcoin,” reddit user kokomeows wrote while showing off his/hers new bag of chicken flavor ramen noodles.


Another user named adamlm apparently decided to go for a “hodlwagen” instead of a Lambo this time around.


“Not waiting for a Lambo, I’ll just stick with this instead,” wrote another user who posted a picture of a car from Italian carmaker Fiat. “[…] Even worse than fiat banknotes,” a commenter sarcastically replied.


Lastly, if you haven’t had much success with your bitcoin trading this year, perhaps it’s comforting to know that you are not alone. “Not a Lambo, but she’s mine thanks to Bitcoin :-)” one user wrote with a picture of his wallet.

“Haha ME TOO! I’m down $16K! But I still love bitcoin, bullish!” another user commented.

However, the lambo dream is still alive. A survey in Q2 showed that 28% of the respondents still hoped they can become a ‘crypto-millionaire’ in 2018, while 8% said they did become a ‘crypto millionaire’ in 2017. Good luck!