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10+ Best Cryptos Under $1 to Buy in May 2024

Kane Pepi
Kane Pepi | Verified by Michael Graw
Last updated: | 21 min read

Many crypto projects priced at under $1 in the marketplace have a sizable token supply. This means that it is often possible to purchase a considerable quantity of tokens without needing to invest a lot of capital. This is ideal if you’re new to crypto investing, and want to dip your toes in before taking the full plunge.

In this guide, we discuss the best cryptos under $1 to consider buying today to take advantage of the current bear market.

The Best Crypto Under $1 to Buy Right Now

We identified the following low-priced crypto projects to keep an eye on in the current bear cycle.

  1. Dogeverse – Best multi-chain crypto to buy under $1. Over $10 million raised.
  2. Sealana – New meme coin based on the Solana blockchain. $150K raised on presale.
  3. WienerAI – Dog-themed meme coin with an AI trading bot.
  4. Mega Dice Token – CasinoFi crypto offers in-game rewards and daily bonuses.
  5. 99Bitcoins – Learn-to-earn crypto platform with over 1,300% staking APY.
  6. 5thScape – New crypto project that blends VR, AR and blockchain, $900K raised.
  7. Sponge V2 – New meme coin offers 191% staking APYs. Token soared by 100x in 2023.
  8. Smog – New Solana meme coin, airdropping 490 million tokens to holders.
  9. eTukTuk – Green crypto project aiming to fight climate change, raised over $3M.
  10. XRP – Top #10 crypto by market cap. Used to settle cross-border payments.
  11. Cardano – Energy-efficient crypto that allows for fast and scalable dApp building.
  12. Dogecoin – Leading meme coin with a market cap of more than $12 billion.
  13. Shiba Inu – ‘Doge Killer’ meme coin with much wider utility, $5.6 billion market cap.

The best cryptocurrency under $1 to buy will vary depending on the investor’s risk appetite and long-term goals.

Analyzing the Best Cryptocurrency Below $1

Building a portfolio of crypto assets with a cost price of under $1 can be advantageous for many reasons.

After all, investors can gain exposure to many different projects with a modest amount of investment capital, while at the same obtaining a sizable number of tokens.

Below, we analyze and rank the best cryptos under $1 in the market right now.

1. Dogeverse – Best Multi-Chain Crypto Priced Under $1

We have ranked Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) as the best crypto priced under $1. This multi-chain crypto is compatible with six blockchains and offers high staking yield through its staking mechanism.

Dogeverse has recently launched its token presale, aiming to raise a hard cap of $17 million. In only a couple of weeks, the presale has already raised more than $10 million. At press time, $DOGEVERSE is priced at just $0.000301 per token.

Dogeverse presale

One of the reasons for the presale’s popularity is due to Dogeverse’s innovative features. It is the first Doge-themed meme coin to offer cross-chain compatibility. Dogeverse is originally built on the Ethereum blockchain.

By using Portal Bridge and Wormhole technology, Dogeverse will bridge to the Binance, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Base blockchains. Therefore, token holders can access the lowest gas fees and fastest transaction speeds when trading the token.

Through Dogeverse’s smart contract, tokens can be staked to generate a high APY (Annual percentage yield). At press time, you can recieve a 107% annual yield by staking $DOGEVERSE.

From a 200 billion token supply, 30 billion tokens are being distributed for the presale. For more information, go through the Dogeverse whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Multichain
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Dogeverse

2. Sealana – New Solana Meme Coin, Available at a Low Price on Presale 

The next project on our list of top crypto to buy under $1 is $SEAL, the native token of Sealana. Sealana new meme cryptocurrency fueled with humor and laughter. Currently, $SEAL is available to purchase during the ongoing presale.

To join the Sealana presale, interested investors can send SOL tokens to the following crypto wallet address:


Sealana presale

Once the funds are received, $SEAL tokens will be sent to the crypto wallet. At the time of writing, $SEAL is priced at 0.000144 SOL. At the moment, 1 $SEAL is priced at $0.022.

While Sealana does not offer much utility, its origin story is fueled with laughter. The central character features an obese and lazy seal, aiming to move out of his mom’s basement by trading cryptocurrencies. The seal is loosely based on the ‘World of Warcraft Guy’ – a popular South Park TV series character.

Since the presale started, Sealana has raised nearly $150K. Stay tuned for further project updates by joining the Sealana Telegram channel and follow Sealana on X (Formerly Twitter).

Presale Started May 2024
Purchase Methods  SOL
Chain Solana
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Sealana

3. WienerAI – Dog Meme Coin With an AI Trading Bot

WienerAI is an interesting meme coin project as it merges the meme potential of a sausage dog and AI trading bot. The bot comes with “noob-friendly” interface, seamless swaps, zero fees and MEV bot protection. The $WAI meme coin could play a huge role once the bot goes live.

wienerai presale

For now, you can buy the $WAI token in a presale with ETH, USDT, BNB or a card. The current price stands at $0.000707 but it will go up every few days during the presale, making it one of the best cryptos under $1. The project raised close to $2 million so far, showing strong investor interest.

While you wait for the presale to end, consider staking your tokens to earn over 500% annual percentage yield. Keep in mind, $WAI purchases made with BNB aren’t eligible for the staking rewards.

Follow WienerAI on X and join the WienerAI Telegram channel to get the latest project information.

Presale Started 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit WienerAI

4. Mega Dice Token – CasinoFi Token Offers In-Game Rewards and Access to NFTs

The next crypto to buy under $1 is Mega Dice Token ($DICE), the native token of Mega Dice Casino. $DICE can be used on Mega Dice’s ecosystem to get daily rewards, exclusive access to casino games, and airdrops.

Currently, $DICE is priced at $0.069 per token during its first presale round. From a maximum supply of 420 million tokens, 35% are being distributed through the presale. $DICE tokens can be staked across three staking pools to generate passive income.

Mega Dice Token presale

Staked token holders also receive daily rewards at the casino. The exact rewards differ depending on your past casino performance. You also get enhanced platform bonuses and priority access to new games and promotional events.

Through the current presale, early investors will be rewarded with free tokens as well. Loyal and long-term customers can also win from a $2.25 million airdrop prize pool. A further 15% of the supply will be offered through a Casino $DICE pool.

Due to all these use cases, $DICE has the potential to offer soaring returns in the long-term. So far, the Mega Dice Token presale has raised more than $500K. Stay tuned for further project updates by reading the Mega Dice Token whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel.

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  SOL, ETH, BNB
Chain Solana
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Mega Dice Token Presale

5. 99Bitcoins – Learn-to-Earn Crypto Project With Over 1,300% Staking APY

99Bitcoins is the next crypto to buy under $1 because the project has been around for over a decade helping over 2 million users learn more about Bitcoin and crypto. The project now offers its token in a presale for a price of $0.00105 – a price that will go up every few days during the presale.

The idea behind the $99BTC token is to reward users of the 99Bitcoins platform via gamified learning mechanics and quizzes. Early investors will also be rewarded by offering one of the largest staking annual percentage yields of over 1,300% during the presale. This is a dynamic APY that drops as more users stake their tokens, making it prudent to stake early to take advantage of the APY.

99bitcoins presale

Buy $99BTC tokens with ETH, USDT, BNB or a card. Once the presale ends, you can claim your tokens. For now, you can interact with the platform with an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask, but sometime in 2024, the team plans to bridge $99BTC to Bitcoin’s blockchain using the experimental BRC-20 token standard.

Additionally, aside from bridging to Bitcoin, you can expect interactive crypto learning experience, crypto trading signals and rewards in 2024. Community rewards have 17% of the total token supply allocated, while marketing has 23%. This should be enough to bring more investors to the project and help the token price surge after the presale ends.

Check out the 99Bitcoins X account and join the 99Bitcoins Telegram channel for the latest updates.

Presale Started 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit 99Bitcoins Presale

6. 5thScape – New Crypto Project Merging AR, VR and Blockchain, Raised Over $900K in a Presale

5thScape is an exciting new crypto project that combines augmented reality, virtual reality and blockchain. This includes VR games, movies, education and hardware. The team has announced five VR games so far, such as Cage Conquest where you get to experience immersive fighting and training.

The project is now running a token presale where over $900K have been raised so far. There will be multiple presale stages where each stage will have a price increase. For example, from stage one to stage two, the price will increase almost 15%. Moreover, the listing price is over 400% higher than the current token price. Consider buying as early as possible to get the lowest price if you plan to participate in the presale.

5thscape presale

Connect your Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, to the token presale site and use ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT or a card to make the purchase. Once the presale ends, you can claim your tokens. The 5SCAPE token will be used to unlock premium content, to incentivize developers, and it will be used as a currency within the 5thScape ecosystem.

Learn more about the project in the 5thScape whitepaper. Also, follow 5thScape on X and join the 5thScape Telegram channel for the latest information.

Presale Started February 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None


7. Sponge V2 – New Crypto With 191% Staking APY And an Upcoming Play-to-Earn Game

Sponge V2 is the best crypto under $1 because it’s riding on the success of Sponge V1, which had a market cap of $100 million at its peak, returning 100x to everyone who invested early on. To make things more interesting, Sponge V2 will be the native token of a play-to-earn racing game. If V1 managed to surge 100x without a game, V2 is likely to do better.

The only way to get Sponge V2 tokens is to buy Sponge V1 tokens and stake them on the Sponge V2 website. Those who already have the tokens can start staking them now to get the upgraded version. Those that don’t will need ETH or USDT and an Ethereum wallet to make the purchase.

Sponge V2 token presale

Sponge V2 comes with over 191% staking APY. It’s important to stake your tokens as early as possible not just because this is the only way to get your hands on V2 tokens, but because the APY will drop when more tokens are staked. However, with over 43% of the total staking APY dedicated to staking rewards, based on the Sponge V2 whitepaper, having an APY of over 100% for a prolonged period of time is likely.

Once this stage ends, the second stage of the project begins. During this stage, you can claim your tokens and sell them on exchanges as they will be listed by then. If you want to grow your bag, keep staking your tokens. In stage three, the play-to-earn game will launch. This should bring more eyes to the token as it can be earned, and maybe even spent, within the game.

Make sure to follow Sponge V2 on X and join the Sponge V2 Telegram channel to get the latest information about the project. You can also join the Sponge V2 Discord.

Presale Started Dec 2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT and Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None


8. Smog – Best Meme Crypto Under $1, Offers High Staking Yields and Airdrop Rewards

Smog ($SMOG) is our top pick for the best cryptocurrency to buy under $1. On February 7th 2024, $SMOG conducted its initial DEX offering, listing on the Jupiter exchange.

Smog Crypto Homepage

The token was priced at only $0.001419, with a $2 million market cap. In just a couple of days, $SMOG soared to an all-time high of $0.08611, surpassing a $100 million market cap. Now, this meme coin has dropped to the $0.0557 mark and has a $75 million market cap.

Since 2023, the meme space has witnessed several new projects explode in price. For instance, $BONK is up by more than 11,000% since its launch. What could help $SMOG in experiencing continuous growth is new exchange listings. The cryptocurrency has a total supply of 1.4 billion – 10% of which is allocated for new centralized exchange listings. As $SMOG is listed on more exchanges, it can experience higher trading volume.

Smog tokenomics

A whopping 50% of the supply is allocated for project marketing. This can help build viral marketing and expand the project across the globe. Despite being a meme coin, $SMOG also offers multiple earning opportunities to token holders. For instance, 490 million tokens will be offered through airdrops. Investors can collect airdrop points by completing daily challenges, holding the token, and staking $SMOG on the smart contract.

Staked token holders also receive annual yields as high as 42%. Almost 10 million tokens have been staked on Smog. For all these reasons, $SMOG is the best crypto priced under $1. Stay tuned for more information by going through the Smog whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel.

9. eTukTuk – Green Crypto Project Fighting Climate Change With Electric Tuk-Tuks

eTukTuk is a unique crypto project that aims to fight climate change by building a network of charging stations and electric tuk-tuks. Sri Lanka is the first country where this project will try to prove this concept as it has one of the largest numbers of tuk-tuks driving in the streets.

You can participate in the project by purchasing the token $TUK, which will power the ecosystem. While in a presale, you can stake your tokens to earn a dynamic APY of 84%. The token is available for purchase with BNB, USDT, ETH or a card, and you can get it for a price of $0.0315 apiece, making it a solid crypto to buy under $1.

etuktuk presale

The team has already built an Android play-to-earn game where you drive in a virtual etuktuk on the streets in Sri Lanka for a fun way to earn rewards while the project matures.

There are already over $3 million raised so far, showing investor confidence and support. Currently, the project is in the second phase with the token presale. Two more phases come next where the first charging stations will be installed in Sri Lanka and the $TUK token launches on exchanges.

Read the eTukTuk whitepaper for more information. Also, follow eTukTuk on X and join the eTukTuk Telegram channel for updates.

Presale Started  2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Binance
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit eTukTuk

10. XRP – Large-Cap Cryptocurrency With a Low Token Price

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. Ripple – which was founded in 2012, offers payment network technology to banks and financial institutions for the purpose of cross-border transactions.

When utilizing the Ripple network, transactions take just 4-5 seconds to process irrespective of where the sending and receiving parties are located. Moreover, it costs financial institutions just a tiny fraction of a cent to initiate cross-border payments.

XRP crypto project

This is in stark contrast to the traditional SWIFT system, which is typically slow, expensive, and generally inefficient. As the native token of this project, XRP is, therefore, one of the best crypto under $1 to consider today.

XRP by far carries the largest market capitalization on this list of cryptocurrencies under $1. As of writing, the project is valued at over $30 billion. The XRP token, however, is priced at around $0.56 at this moment in time.

The reason for this is that XRP has a large circulating supply of more than 50 billion tokens. Nonetheless, XRP trades significantly lower than its all-time high of $3.84 – which was triggered back in early 2018. As of writing, XRP is trading 85% lower than its prior high.

11. Cardano – Energy-Efficient Crypto Asset Under $1

Cardano is the next project to consider on this list of the best cryptos under $1. Unlike Bitcoin, Cardano is considered one of the most energy-efficient cryptocurrencies in this space. The reason for this is that Cardano is a proof-of-stake coin.

As a result, the underlying network does not rely on highly competitive mathematical algorithms to verify transactions. In turn, so-called miners are not rewarded in the project’s native token – ADA. In a similar nature to Ethereum, the Cardano network enables developers to deploy and execute smart contract agreements.

Cardano home page

This opens up the doors for external projects and crypto assets to build their framework on top of the Cardano network.

Cardano is also considered one of the best crypto staking platforms in this space. Those holding ADA can stake their tokens on the Cardano network directly to generate passive income. Just like the previously discussed XRP, Cardano is a large-cap project.

As of writing, the project carries a market capitalization of over $12 billion. Once again, its low-cost price – which stands at under $0.62 as of writing, is due to its large circulating supply of over 35 billion ADA tokens.

In terms of its performance, Cardano was priced at $2.38 during the most recent bull market. This means that as of writing, investors can buy this top trending crypto at a discount of over 74%.

12. Dogecoin – Meme Coin With Popular Online Following

Dogecoin is a meme coin that was first launched in 2013. This digital currency was originally created as a joke to illustrate how speculative the industry had become. However, in 2021, Dogecoin became mainstream with the crypto community – which resulted in an unprecedented bull run.

For example, Dogecoin was trading at just $0.009 in January 2021. By May 2021, the same digital currency hit an all-time high of $0.74. In just five months of trading, this means that Dogecoin investors witnessed gains of over 8,000%.

Dogecoin physical coin

And of course, those holding Dogecoin tokens for several years before the bull run would have been looking at even more significant growth. Whether or not Dogecoin has another bull run left in it remains to be seen. What we do know, however, is that Dogecoin has a huge community in the online space.

Furthermore, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a self-proclaimed believer in the future of Dogecoin. So much so that some Tesla products can be purchased with Dogecoin. Even more pertinent is the fact that Tesla holds Dogecoin on its balance sheet.

While Tesla recently sold some of its Bitcoin holdings, it refrained from cashing out any of its Dogecoin. At this moment in time, investors can buy Dogecoin at $0.09, a discount of nearly 88% when compared to its former high of $0.74.

13. Shiba Inu – Micro-Cryptocurrency Token With Metaverse Ambitions

In a similar nature to the previously discussed Dogecoin, Shiba Inu is one of the best cryptos under $1 for those in the market buying a trending meme coin. Shiba Inu was launched in mid-2020 by a team of anonymous developers that still to this day, have opted not to reveal their identities.

This is the case even though Shiba Inu is now a large-cap cryptocurrency project with a multi-billion dollar valuation. Shiba Inu went from obscurity to becoming a top-15 coin by market cap in the space of just 18 months.

Shiba Inu coins

This unprecedented journey meant that early Shiba Inu investors have since witnessed growth of several million percent. Although Shiba Inu was initially created as a meme coin with little real-world use case, the project has since expanded into the metaverse.

Similar to Decentraland and the Sandbox, investors will be able to purchase virtual plots of land within the Shiba Inu metaverse world. The native token of the metaverse is SHIB which adds it to the list of best metaverse coins to watch. Due to its huge circulating supply of over 589 trillion tokens, Shiba Inu is also an extremely cheap cryptocurrency to buy.

As of writing, for example, one SHIB token is trading at just $0.00001, a discount of nearly 88% when compared to its previous all-time high.

Deciding Whether Crypto Under $1 is a Good Investment

Now that we have discussed notable cryptocurrency projects that each trade for under $1, we can now discuss whether or not penny cryptos are a viable investment.

Circulating Supply

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the price of a token often has no relevance to its valuation.

The reason for this is that just like traditional stocks, the value of a crypto asset should be viewed by the market capitalization.  This refers to the total number of tokens in circulation, multiplied by the current market price.

Let’s take Cardano as a prime example.

  • As of writing, Cardano trades for just $0.35 per token.
  • However, it is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in this space, with a market capitalization of over $12 billion as of writing.
  • This combination of a low-cost price and large market capitalization is due to the circulating supply, which, in the case of Cardano, stands at over 35 billion tokens.

In comparison, Numeraire is a cryptocurrency with a token price of nearly $14. However, as of writing, it carries a market capitalization of just $85 million. This is because the project has less than 11 million tokens in circulation.

Crucially, the key takeaway here is that just because a crypto asset has a low token price, it doesn’t mean that it carries a small valuation.

Larger Token Allocation

On the flip side, buying a cryptocurrency under $1 does offer the perk of having a much larger number of tokens.

Investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum requires a large capital outlay just to purchase one token. For example, when Bitcoin previously hit an all-time high, it was trading for over $68,000. This is a significant amount of money to buy just one digital token, even though it’s considered by many to the best crypto to invest in.

In contrast, during a presale prior to a new coin launching, tokens are often available to buy for well under a dollar, even for a fraction of a cent.

Our Methodology – How We Chose the Best Cryptos Under $1

There were several aspects that we looked at when compiling the list of cryptos that could hit $1. Here are our top considerations:

  1. We looked for cryptocurrencies with a relatively low market capitalization (market cap) but with strong fundamentals. Low market cap coins have the potential for significant growth compared to established cryptocurrencies – but they also needed to have a solid foundation, active development, and a clear use case.
  2. We researched the project’s whitepaper, team, and roadmap, choosing projects with innovative technology, strong use cases, and a dedicated team, as these are statistically more likely to succeed.
  3. We evaluated the size and engagement of the cryptocurrency’s community on social media and forums, looking for active communities that show strong support and potential for growth.
  4. We analyzed the tokenomics of the cryptocurrency, including supply distribution, token allocation, and inflation mechanisms. The tokenomics had to support sustainable growth and incentivize participation in the ecosystem.
  5. We used technical analysis and sentiment analysis tools to gauge market sentiment about the cryptos that were included on this list and identify potential entry points. We paid attention to trading volumes, price movements, and market sentiment indicators.
  6. We considered regulatory factors and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Projects operating in compliance with regulatory requirements are less likely to face legal hurdles and regulatory scrutiny, reducing the risk of disruption.
  7. We assessed the security and reliability of the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology, network, and infrastructure. We looked for projects with robust security measures, a stable network, and a track record of reliability.

The crypto world moves fast, so we monitor our recommendations regularly to make sure they’re still the best cryptos under $1 that the market has to offer. Our suggestions are updated frequently, based on changing market conditions and new information.


This market insight has ranked many of the best cryptocurrency under $1 in the industry right now.

As we have discussed extensively, most of the crypto assets listed on this page are available to buy at a huge discount – this is because of the broader crypto bear market.

One of the best cryptos under $1 right now is Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE). This is a new multi-chain meme cryptocurrency, compatible with six blockchains.

Visit Dogeverse

Best Crypto Under $1 FAQs

What is the cheapest and best crypto?

Notable options to consider right now include Dogeverse. This new dog-themed meme coin is the first to be compatible across six blockchains.

What is the best crypto to buy under $1?

Among the plethora of options available, buyers can consider Dogeverse, which currently offers a staking APY of over 107%.

Which crypto coin will reach $1 next?

Those in the market for an established cryptocurrency that is priced under $1 have various options to consider. XRP, for example, is trading at under $0.50 as of writing, albeit, the token carries a 52-week high of $1.35.

Another potential option is The Graph, which trades at $0.11 as of writing, but carries a 52-week high of $1.33. Alternatively, investors looking to buy into newly launched crypto projects while they are still young might consider the likes of Bitcoin Minetrix.