9 Best Binance Trading Bots for 2024

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
Best Binance Trading Bots

Binance trading bots automate the crypto investment process. Simply choose a suitable strategy, connect the bot to Binance, and begin trading crypto passively.

In this guide, we compare the best Binance trading bots for profitability, reputation, pricing, and supported markets. Discover the most accurate bots for Binance in 2024.

List of the 9 Top Binance Trading Bots for 2024

In our view, listed below are the 9 best Binance trading bots to consider today:

  1. Dash 2 Trade – Our top pick for the best Binance bot in 2024.
  2. Learn2Trade – Get automated signals with 79% accuracy.
  3. Bitsgap – Profit from sideway crypto markets via auto trading.
  4. Cryptohopper – Automate your crypto investments with a DCA bot.
  5. Coinrule – Create a custom bot through rules-based trading.
  6. 3Commas – Top-rated TradingView bot for the Binance exchange.
  7. TradeSanta – Marketplace for Binance bots at great prices.
  8. Shrimpy – Build long-term Binance portfolios via bot rebalancing.
  9. Binance – Directly follow bots that are already live on Binance.

An In-Depth Look at the Best Trading Bots for Binance

Keep reading to discover the best Binance bot for your trading requirements. The top providers will now be discussed in more detail.

1. Dash 2 Trade – Our Top Pick for the Best Binance Bot in 2024  

Dash 2 Trade offer the best Binance bots to help you automate your trading. There are two bots to choose from: one that uses grid trading strategy and another that uses dollar-cost averaging (DCA). You can customize these bots to work on a cryptocurrency pair of your choice, such as BTC/USDT or SOL/USDT. You can also set the amount to trade, whether to go long or short and when to take profit.

The great thing about Dash 2 Trade bots is that you can backtest them or test them in real time with virtual funds without risking a single dollar. Whenever you’re happy with the bot’s performance, set it up to trade live. The process takes less than 10 minutes.

dash 2 trade trading bots

Dash 2 Trade is in the process of building a new tool to enable traders to build custom bots based on their own trading strategies. Some of the strategies available to you include Social Metrics, which track social media activity, volume and sentiment to identify hot new cryptocurrencies to trade.

There’s a free version with limited features you can try, and there’s a paid version that unlocks all features. Annual subscription costs $120 if paid with ETH or $102 if paid with the platform’s native token D2T.


  • Overall best Binance trading bot
  • Two bots to choose from: DCA and Grid
  • 100% automated process – the bot trades 24/7
  • Can backtest or test in real-time with virtual funds
  • Will soon enable traders to build custom bots


  • Supports only crypto trading
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Dash 2 Trade 2022 DCA and Grid trading, custom strategies coming soon No $102 if paid in D2T tokens, $120 if paid in ETH

2. Learn2Trade – Our Top Pick for the Best Binance Bot in 2024  

With a 79% win rate to date, Learn2Trade is the most accurate Binance bot to use. It leverages more than 100 technical indicators to scan the crypto markets 24/7. With over 1,500 lines of code, Learn2Trade’s bot consistently outperforms the markets – even when prices are bearish. This is because Learn2Trade deploys both long and short positions.

What’s more, it scans hundreds of crypto pairs simultaneously. This covers some of the best cryptocurrencies to trade, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Shiba Inu, and Solana. Whenever a risk-averse trade has been identified, Learn2Trade’s bot will place orders on Binance. This includes limit, stop-loss, and take-profit orders – ensuring the bot trades sensibly.

Learn 2 Trade trading bot for Binance

On average, Learn2Trade’s bot places about 70 buy and sell orders each month. It charges £99/month on flexible plans, although most traders opt for a 3 or 6-month package. This reduced the monthly price significantly. In terms of reputation, Learn2Trade is an established forex and crypto signals platform. It has over 70,000 members across its free and private Telegram groups.


  • Overall best Binance trading bot
  • Has achieved a 79% win rate since the bot launched
  • 100% automated process – the bot trades 24/7
  • No prior experience needed
  • Learn2Trade has over 70,000 Telegram members
  • Also considered one of the best crypto signals groups


  • £99/month might be too much for casual investors
  • Live chat support isn’t available 24/7
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Learn2Trade 2017 Uses over 100 technical indicators to scan hundreds of crypto pairs 24/7. In general, risks 1% to make 3% gains. Fully automated – no setting adjustments are needed No, but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee £99/month


3. Bitsgap – Profit From Sideway Crypto Markets Via Auto Trading 

Bitsgap is also one of the best Binance trading bots around. Founded in 2017, Bitsgap offers several bots that are compatible with Binance. The most popular is its Gird bot, which trades in ‘sideways’ markets. This refers to crypto cycles that trade within tight price ranges. For instance, if Bitcoin was trading between $40,000 and $42,000 for a week.

Bitgap’s bot can identify when crypto pairs are in a sideway market and enter trades accordingly. It leverages stop-loss and take-profit orders on all positions. This eliminates the risk of being whipped out by a sudden breakout. Crucially, everything is completely automated, making Bitsgap ideal for newbies.

Bitsgap Binance bot review

That said, you’ll still need to determine your risk settings and maximum stake per trade. If you’d feel more comfortable testing Bitsgap first, it offers a free 7-day trial. It also offers demo trading, meaning the bot will trade with virtual funds. Monthly plans range from $29 to $149/month, depending on how many active Binance bots you need.


  • Automatically trade sideways markets
  • Benefit from a low-risk trading strategy
  • All positions carry stop-loss and take-profits
  • Compatible with more than 100 crypto pairs
  • Also one of the best crypto trading bots for Kraken


  • $149/month might be too much for casual investors
  • Live chat support isn’t available 24/7
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Bitsgap 2017 Constantly scans crypto prices for sideways markets. Frequently enters buy and sell orders to capitalize on stagnant prices No, but offers a 7-day free trial $29 to $149/month


4. Cryptohopper – Automate Your Crypto Investments With a DCA Bot

Next is Cryptohopper, which offers one of the best Binance trading bots for dollar-cost averaging (DCA). This option will suit long-term investors. Rather than scanning the market for short-term opportunities, the DCA crypto bot helps you build crypto exposure organically.

This is because it frequently buys your preferred crypto at predefined intervals. For example, suppose that every week, you want to buy $50 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin on Binance. Instead of placing trades manually, you can import these requirements into a Cryptohopper bot.

Cryptohopper Binnce bot review

The bot, after being connected to Binance, will execute your requirements automatically. Advanced users might consider entering more intricate trading parameters. For instance, buying crypto when certain price or volume targets are met. Cryptohopper is even compatible with technical indicators. Prices start at $29 when using the DCA bot.


  • Top-rated bot for dollar-cost averaging on Binance
  • Ideal for long-term investors
  • Determine which coins the bot trades and when
  • Compatible with technical indicators and price targets
  • User-friendly app for Android and iOS


  • Free trial lasts for just 3 days
  • Access to all features costs $129/month
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Cryptohopper 2017 Automates the dollar-cost averaging process on Binance. Users choose the coin, trade size, and frequency. It can also place trades based on technical readings Yes, but the free plan only supports copy trading $29 to $129/month


5. Coinrule – Create a Custom Bot Through Rules-Based Trading 

Intermediate-to-advanced crypto traders might consider Coinrule the best Binance bot. This is because Coinrule enables users to create their own bots from the ground up. That said, users must already have a clear trading strategy in mind. No programming skills are required; Coinrule simply requires users to click on their preferred rule.

After that, users amend the rule to fit their system. For example, the user might want to buy Cardano whenever the price drops by 0.5% from its previous peak. The second part of the rule could sell Cardano whenever it rises by 1% from the entry point. The user can then state how much to risk per trade. For instance, 1% of their Binance balance.

Coinrule review

Coinrule also offers advanced backtesting facilities. This allows you to test the bot without risking any money. Adjustments can be made at the click of the button. It then takes seconds to connect Coinrule to Binance via a unique API key. Coinrule is, however, considered pricey. The best features require a $59.99/month plan. Cheaper options are available but come with limitations.


  • Build a Binance bot from the ground up
  • Create triggers through simplified rules
  • Test and adjust your trading bot in demo mode
  • Connect the bot to Binance via an API key
  • The free plan allows you to try the dashboard


  • A crypto trading strategy is needed before getting started
  • Freemium users are capped at monthly volumes of $3,000
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Coinrule 2017 Users create their own bots from scratch. No coding experience is needed, as triggers are based on rules. Triggers include volume, price, and technical indicators Yes $0 to $449.99/month


6. 3Commas – Top-Rated TradingView Bot for the Binance Exchange 

3Commas is a popular trading bot platform that supports ready-made strategies. This includes bots for Grid trading and dollar-cost averaging. That said, we particularly like its TradingView bot, which can be connected with Binance. This means users can import their favorite TradingView signals and strategies.

The bot will then automatically implement these metrics on the Binance exchange. This is based on an ‘alerts’ system. For example, suppose your TradingView signal short-sells Dogecoin when the RSI exceeds 85. Once triggered, TradingView sends an alert to 3Commas. The bot will then place orders accordingly.

TradingView bot for Binance

This takes place in milliseconds, meaning you won’t be at a disadvantage. We also like that 3Commas supports percentage values or exact dollar amounts. For example, each trade can risk 2% of your Binance balance of $20. 3Commas is very cost-effective. You can run two TradingView bots on Binance for just $5/month.


  • Implement TradingView signals into the Binance exchange
  • Compatible with thousands of technical readings
  • Trade exact dollar amounts or balance percentages
  • Use two bots for just $5 per month
  • Offers a mobile app for Android and iOS


  • Unlimited active bots cost $79/month
  • Only suitable for traders with a technical background
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
3Commas 2017 Leverages TradingView signals and strategies, and incorporates them into a Binance bot No $5 to $79/month


7. TradeSanta – Marketplace for Binance Bots at Great Prices   

TradeSanta offers one of the best online marketplaces for Binance bots. Users simply need to choose their preferred strategy and connect the bot with Binance. Crucially, you’ll have access to a wide selection of bots without needing to make individual purchases. This is because the Basic plan costs just $25/month.

This gives you access to 49 Binance bots. And if you upgrade to an Advanced plan, you’ll get 99 bots. This costs $45/month. The Maximum plan comes with an unlimited number of bots, plus access to Binance futures. This costs $90/month. The Maximum plan also includes custom TradingView signals.

TradeSanta bot review

Buying a 12-month plan gets you a 50% price reduction. There are many bot strategies to choose from, covering both short and long positions. Some bots specialize in specific altcoins, such as BNB, Gala, and Solana. Most trading bots come with risk management tools, meaning sensible stop-loss and take-profit orders.


  • Access dozens of Binance bots with one subscription
  • The $25/month plan gets you 49 bots
  • Supports some of the best altcoins to trade
  • Long and short strategies are supported
  • Compatible with Binance spot and futures trading


  • The free trial only lasts for 3 days
  • Unlimited active bots costs $90/month
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
TradeSanta 2018 Online marketplace for Binance bots, covering short and long strategies across dozens of coins. Users have access to a maximum number of bots based on their plan No, but offers a free 3-day trial on its Maximum plan $25 to $90/month


8. Shrimpy – Build Long-Term Binance Portfolios via Crypto Baskets      

Shrimpy is one of the best Binance trading bots for creating long-term wealth. It offers several features, although we particularly like its automated crypto baskets. Here’s how it works. First, you’ll need to choose a pre-set basket. For example, the DeFi basket contains Aave, Uniswap, and Compound.

These coins are weighted at 40%, 20%, and 40%, respectively. After connecting the bot with Binance, Shrimpy ensures that your basket is automatically rebalanced and reweighted. This means you’ll invest in your chosen niches without needing to lift a finger. Best of all, Shrimpy is compatible with many of the best crypto exchanges.

Shrimpy review

In addition to Binance, this includes Huobi, Coinbase, Bittrex, Kucoin, and Kraken. If you have several exchange accounts, it’s possible to merge them with Shrimpy. This makes it seamless to manage multiple portfolios. In terms of pricing, Shrimpy charges a 1.2% management fee when using its automated basket tool. You’ll also need a plan, which ranges from $0 to $49/month.


  • Popular trading bot for long-term investors
  • Connects with Binance, Coinbase, and other leading exchanges
  • Automatically invest in pre-made crypto baskets
  • Portfolios are rebalanced on your behalf
  • Also offers portfolio insights


  • 1.2% management fee when investing in crypto baskets
  • You can only connect with one exchange on the free plan
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Shrimpy 2018 Makes long-term investments on Binance, based on the chosen portfolio basket. Automatically rebalances your portfolio, meaning a 100% passive experience Yes, but only connects with one exchange $0 to $49/month. Crypto baskets attract a 1.2% management fee


9. Binance – Directly Follow Bots That Are Already Live on Binance   

The final option is to follow bots that are already live on the Binance exchange. There are more than 105,000 bot strategies to choose from. This includes everything from spot and futures grids to rebalancing, algorithmic orders, and auto investments. Binance offers plenty of filters to help you find the best trading bot.

This includes the direction (long/short), runtime, return on investment, and type of crypto asset. The latter includes layer-1, meme coins, DeFi coins, and everything in between. However, the main drawback is that most bots are unproven over long periods.

Binance bots

What’s more, many bots utilize high-risk strategies, such as trading futures with 100x leverage. Another drawback is that you’ll need to pay a profit-sharing fee. This means the bot developer will take a percentage of any gains it makes. Minimum investment requirements range from a couple of dollars to more than $300.


  • Follow bots directly on the Binance exchange
  • Over 105,000 strategies to choose from
  • No upfront fees required
  • Advanced filters help you find a suitable bot
  • Customize your bot settings with ease


  • The bot creator will take a share of any profits generated
  • Some bots come with high minimum investment requirements
Bot Provider Founded Bot Strategy Free Bot? Pricing
Binance 2017 More than 105,000 bots are listed directly on the Binance exchange. Choose a bot, meet the minimum investment, and begin trading Yes, but all bots come with a profit-sharing agreement Profit-sharing only


What are Binance Bots?

Like many exchanges, Binance allows users to trade via bots. This means you’ll be trading without manually placing buy and sell orders. The bot is fully automated, enabling you to trade cryptocurrencies passively. Bots can’t make trading decisions per se. Instead, they’re programmed to follow specific trading rules.

A simple example is as follows. Suppose the Binance bot is programmed to trade Ethereum. Within the underlying script, the bot will buy Ethereum when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day average. The bot will cash out the Ethereum position when the RSI goes above 75. Put otherwise, the Binance bot will only trade these parameters.

What are Binance bots?

There are thousands of Binance bots in the market. Most are created by independent developers who want to monetize their proven strategies. Once you’ve selected a bot, you’d need to connect it with the Binance exchange. This takes seconds, as you simply need to create an API key within your Binance account.

The API is then provided to the bot, which gives it authorization to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf. This means the bot has access to your account balance. As such, ensuring the bot is programmed with risk-management safeguards is crucial. Otherwise, it could blow through your account balance in one trading session.

Testing a Binance Bot Before Going Live

  • Under no circumstances should you deploy a Binance trading bot without first testing it rigorously. There are two stages to the testing process.
  • First, most bot providers offer backtesting facilities. This assesses the bot’s performance in historical trading conditions. The more backtesting data the provider has, the better. Backtesting usually only takes several minutes to run, so you can easily make adjustments if needed.
  • Second, the most should be tested in demo mode. This means live trading conditions, but you won’t be risking any money.
  • If the bot passes both these tests convincingly, only then consider deploying it on Binance.

Binance Bot Strategies

There are many different strategies that Binance bots can execute on your behalf.

Some of the most popular include:

  • DCA Bots: These bots dollar-cost average cryptocurrencies based on your preferred settings. A simple example is buying $200 worth of Bitcoin every week. A more experienced trader might want to buy Bitcoin whenever the RSI drops below 30. Or when the Bitcoin price declines by over 4% in one day. DCA bots on Binance are ideal for managing diversified crypto portfolios.
  • Grid Bots: This is another popular Binance bot. It specializes in consolidating markets, which is when prices sit within a range for extended periods. For example, if Bitcoin trades between $39,000 and $41,000. The Grid bot will first identify the range, alongside key support and resistance levels. It will then enter frequent buy and sell orders to profit from the range until it breaks out.
  • Signal Bots: A more recent addition is signal bots. These import signals from third-party charting platforms like TradingView. For instance, suppose you’ve designed a TradingView signal and want to trade it whenever it’s triggered. Rather than trade manually, you can merge the signal with a bot, which then trades it on the Binance exchange.

Within each bot type, there will be specific lines of code. These instruct the bot exactly when to buy and sell, if these commands aren’t watertight, the bot could be prone to mistakes. This can be costly. At a minimum, the best Binance trading bots should have risk-management tools installed.

Does Binance Allow Trading Bots?

Not only are trading bots allowed on Binance, but on most tier-one exchanges. This includes everything from Coinbase, Kraken, and KuCoin to Bitfinex and Huobi. After all, using a trading bot doesn’t guarantee profits. What’s more, exchanges like Binance want to attract as much trading volume as possible. This is how they generate trading commissions.

Therefore, the more bots that buy and sell crypto pairs, the better. It’s also important to remember that bots are used in the traditional financial landscape. It’s only in recent years that trading bots have become accessible to the average consumer. Ultimately, bots are completely legal to use.

Do Bots on Binance Make Money?

It’s important to have realistic goals before using a bot. Even the best Binance trading bots aren’t guaranteed to make money. This goes back to our earlier discussion, where we mentioned that bots can only follow their preprogrammed rules. For example, if a trading bot is programmed to buy XRP when the MACD crosses the signal line – that’s exactly what it will do.

Whether or not that results in a profit depends on a whole range of factors – such as market forces, broader volatility, and fundamental news. For instance, while the bot might have a solid strategy, it won’t know when a major news announcement has hit the markets, such as a Bitcoin ETF approval.

Do Bots on Binance Make Money?

In addition, your ability to make money is determined by how the Binance bot has been designed. At the forefront of this is a robust risk-management strategy. No matter which way the market moves, the bot should be instructed when to close a losing trade. This could be something as simple as exiting a position when it’s down 2%.

All that being said, we came across several Binance bots that have consistently made profits. This includes the Learn2Trade bot, which is fueled by over 1,500 lines of code and more than 100 technical indicators. Since Learn2Trade launched its algorithmic bot, it’s returned a 79% win rate. That’s 79 profitable trades for every 100 deployed.

Getting Started With a Binance Bot: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a quick overview of how to deploy a Binance trading bot:

  1. Selecting a Bot: Thousands of Binance bots are sold on online marketplaces. Some are profitable while others aren’t. It’s important you spend ample time researching the many different strategies, risks, rewards, and reliability of each bot. consider how long the bot has been trading, its historical return on investment, and how much it costs to use.
  2. Backtesting: Now that you’ve purchased a bot, you’ll want to run some backtesting procedures. Put simply, this extracts historical crypto market data and assesses how the bot would have performed. Although historical results don’t guarantee future performance, it’s a great starting point. After all, the crypto markets move in prolonged cycles and trends.
  3. Paper Trading: If your Binance trading bot makes money in historical markets, the next step is to test it in the present. Most bot providers offer paper trading tools. The bot will place buy and sell orders with risk-free funds. The longer you leave the bot in demo mode, the better. It’s wise to keep tweaking the bot until it’s making consistent gains.
  4. Binance API: Ready to deploy the bot in live trading conditions? First, you’ll need to create an API within your Binance account. This can be found in the ‘Profile’ section. Binance will generate a unique API, which you’ll need to copy. Log into your bot trading account and provide the API. There should be an option that allows you to activate the bot.
  5. Constant Monitoring: Leaving the bot to trade on Binance without supervision is a recipe for disaster. We’d suggest checking how the bot is performing regularly, at least during the first few days. If you notice the bot isn’t following the preprogrammed strategy, pause it. You’ll then need to return to the testing stage and make necessary amendments.


In summary, Binance automated trading bots are ideal for beginners and experienced pros alike. Not only do bots enable you to trade passively, but they’re active 24 hours per day. Plus, bots don’t make emotional trading decisions like humans.

To get started with a Binance bot today, consider Dash2 Trade. Choose either a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) or a Grid trading bot and automate your Binance trading.



Which bot is best in Binance?

We found that Learn2Trade offers the best Binance bot. It trades crypto pairs around the clock, based on over 1,500 lines of code and more than 100 indicator readings.

Is Binance bot trading profitable?

The best Binance trading bots are very profitable. However, many bots are unproven over long periods, meaning you could make a financial loss.

Is there a free bot for Binance trading?

Yes, Cryptohopper, Coinrule, and Shrimpy offer free trading bots for Binance. However, their free plans are very limited, meaning you’ll need to upgrade to get full functionality.

Is Binance trading bot safe?

In general, Binance bots are safe when they have risk-management protections installed. However, bots are never 100% risk-free, as they have been known to malfunction.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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