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Grace “Ori” Kwan on Solana-Based DeFi and Orca | CryptoNews Podcast #168


Grace “Ori” Kwan is a programmer, designer, illustrator, and Co-Founder of Orca. Her specialty is creating simple, human-centered interfaces for deeply technical fields. 

Upon graduating from Stanford with a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science, she started her career as a software engineer at Coursera in the Bay Area. After that, she became an Interaction Designer at IDEO's Tokyo studio, which gave her a deep appreciation for the many and varied meanings of "good design." Outside of the space, Ori dabbles as a food writer and has contributed stories to Gastro Obscura. 

In this conversation, we discuss: 

- Design fundamentals; talking to people and finding solutions to problems 
- Society rewarding specialists over generalists 
- Orca DeFi - Orca’s climate footprint 
- Measuring energy consumption via SDKs and validators 
- Solana being energy efficient in contrast to the Solana Conference 
- How Web3 leaders can support climate initiatives 
- DeFi lego 
- The smart router 
- Creating value and not just moving value around 
- Reality of NFT value 
- Living in Mexico City 
- Being a food writer