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BTC20 Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Elliott Lee
Last updated: | 14 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

The self-proclaimed “more versatile version of Bitcoin,” BTC20, has hit the crypto scene and made a huge mark. Its $6 million presale sold out in just two weeks after witnessing a massive investor response, before it launched on Uniswap and made nearly 600% gains. With millions of tokens locked in its staking pool and high investor confidence, BTC20 could be set for a breakout performance in the next bull run. This BTC20 price prediction looks at what the new project offers and whether it can live up to its potential as a hybrid version of both BTC and ETH. Let’s begin.

BTC20 Price Prediction Summarized

  • End of 2024: The BTC20 presale took place at $1 per token and sold out in two weeks, before pumping by nearly 600% after it launched on Uniswap. With tokenomics that mirror Bitcoin and improved features such as staking, and higher efficiency, investor confidence remains high. Therefore, our BTC20 price prediction estimates a price of $3 by the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: According to its whitepaper, BTC20 aims to add utility within dApps in the Ethereum ecosystem and explore governance rights. Considering its limited supply and robust staking feature, these future developments could greatly benefit its price. With this in mind, our BTC20 price prediction forecasts a price of $7.50 by the end of 2025.
  • End of 2030: How far BTC20 can go remains to be seen. Still, the project will be 100% community-owned and decentralized, so it has plenty of long-term potential. As such, we forecast the price of BTC20 could reach $12.50 by the end of 2030.

BTC20 Price Prediction 2024 – 2034

YearPotential Low (ROI)Average Price (ROI)Potential High (ROI)
2025$0.563 (429.11%)$0.659 (519.59%)$0.805 (656.83%)
2026$0.586 (451.02%)$0.791 (643.18%)$1.10 (929.09%)
2027$0.612 (475.72%)$0.922 (766.76%)$1.38 (1,195.63%)
2028$0.637 (498.57%)$1.05 (890.35%)$1.68 (1,473.61%)
2029$0.699 (556.86%)$1.19 (1,013.94%)$1.95 (1,728.72%)
2030$0.709 (566.64%)$1.32 (1,137.52%)$2.25 (2,012.42%)
2031$0.788 (640.79%)$1.45 (1,261.11%)$2.48 (2,231.79%)
2032$0.794 (645.91%)$1.58 (1,384.70%)$2.86 (2,585.53%)
2033$0.800 (651.97%)$1.71 (1,508.29%)$3.01 (2,730.56%)
2034$0.840 (689.73%)$1.84 (1,631.87%)$3.37 (3,061.44%)

BTC20 Price Prediction 2024

At the time of writing this, BTC20 has a fully diluted market cap of around $26 million and the price is currently $1.20, with the wider crypto market also struggling and September typically an awful month for crypto prices. However, investor confidence in the long term clearly remains high, with 70% of the circulating supply currently locked in the staking pool.

BTC20 explained

This is a promising sign for BTC20’s future, showing that investors and media value the project. BTC20 aims to build on the foundations of Bitcoin, solving its most prominent criticisms. Since BTC20 is built on Ethereum, it is compatible with all of Ethereum’s decentralized applications. This includes DeFi, metaverse, and Play-2-Earn applications. Moreover, users can buy and manage BTC20 using their MetaMask or other Ethereum wallet.  

These two factors make BTC20 much more accessible and versatile for the average crypto user, presenting an easy-to-understand value proposition. With attractive staking rewards and a long-term lifecycle, BTC20 is a long-term hold available at a discount price. Our BTC20 price prediction forecasts a price of $3 by the end of 2024, with an uptick in the market expected by the end of the year.

BTC20 Price Prediction 2025

BTC20 has already introduced its stake-to-earn feature and, as outlined above, it is proving to be hugely popular with 70% of the circulating supply locked in it and generating rewards. Staking is a direct juxtaposition to “mining” rewards on the original Bitcoin blockchain.

BTC20 staking

Bitcoin mining has been criticized for its significant energy consumption, but staking presents a far more environmentally-friendly solution. Moreover, mining is complex to get started with, and users generally have to pay high upfront costs for expensive mining hardware. Furthermore, electricity costs associated with mining Bitcoin often make it unprofitable, leading many miners to move country seeking cheaper energy.

On the other hand, BTC20’s stake-to-earn mechanism means users can deposit their BTC20 tokens into the project’s smart contract and receive passive staking rewards – all without lifting a finger. This means BTC20 boasts a much simpler rewards process while benefiting from sustainability and Ethereum’s esteemed network security. Although BTC20 builds on top of Bitcoin’s foundations in some ways, it remains true to them in others.

As mentioned, BTC20 features the same 21 million capped token supply as Bitcoin. All tokens are available to the public via staking rewards, making the project will be 100% community-owned and decentralised. Moreover, holders will likely lock up most of the circulating supply to earn staking rewards. Essentially, BTC20 uses the same scarcity model as Bitcoin. It is well-known that Bitcoin’s scarcity is one of its primary price drivers, so this could massively boost the BTC20 price.

The next Bitcoin halving, when mining rewards are cut in half, is expected in mid-2024 and is likely to bring with it a bull run and explosion in prices – some analysts belive BTC will reach six figures. Considering its advantages over Bitcoin and its similar scarcity-based tokenomics, as well as an expected bull run, our BTC20 price prediction estimates a price of $7.50 by the end of 2025.

BTC20 Price Prediction 2030

Since BTC20 is a newly launched project, how far it can go remains to be seen. However, its ability to generate hype, strong value proposition, staking rewards, and sustainable tokenomics could make it one of the top long-term cryptos. Its large staking pool is already a big indication that those who have invested already consider it a long-term hold.

BTC20 features

According to the project’s whitepaper, the team aims to secure strategic partnerships, add utility with dApps and create governance rights within the BTC20 ecosystem. Being an Ethereum-based, proof-of-stake token it has significant advantages over the Bitcoin network as it is cheaper, more scalable and more energy efficient – the possibilities and potential future use cases are endless. One of the main advantages of BTC20 is that it is native to Ethereum.

Currently, investors and Ethereum-based protocols looking for exposure to Bitcoin must utilize wrapped Bitcoin tokens. This presents a substantial risk, as most wrapped cryptos feature counterparty risk by relying on blockchain bridges. This is the Achilles heel of crypto, with bridges being hacked for $1 billion in 2021-2022 alone. Since BTC20 does not rely on blockchain bridges, investors and dApps may prefer to utilise the token over wrapped Bitcoin for added security. If so, the liquidity entering the project would explode.

Also, with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) a key priority amongst institutional investors in recent years, BTC20’s use of Stake to Earn could make it a preferred “greener” alternative for whales. The crypto market is currently worth only $1 trillion – less than Apple’s market cap ($3 trillion) alone – and is expected to explode in price by the end of the decade. Many projects will see price increases by many magnitudes of their current standing. With this in mind, our BTC20 price prediction estimates a price of $12.50 by the end of 2030.

Potential Lows and Highs of BTC20 Price

After a quick presale sell-out and Uniswap Listing, BTC20 has already proved to be one of the best staking coins. Therefore, the question becomes, how far can it go? We have listed our expected lows and highs below.

Year Possible Low Possible High
2024 $1.50 $3
2025 $4 $7.50
2030 $8 $12.50

What Is BTC20?

BTC20 is a Stake to Earn cryptocurrency which aims to be the greener and more versatile of Bitcoin. The project is currently listed on Uniswap after quickly achieving its hard cap goal of $6.05 million.

It features the same 21 million capped supply as Bitcoin. However, some tokens will only see the market in over a century thanks to its 120-year staking rewards unlock schedule. To earn passive BTC20 rewards, users can stake their BTC20 tokens in the project’s smart contract. This is far more simplistic than Bitcoin’s mining and uses much less energy.

  Yet in true Bitcoin fashion, all the BTC20 tokens are allocated to the public via staking rewards, making the project 100% community owned and decentralised. Also, BTC20 is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. Therefore, users can buy and manage it from their Ethereum wallet, like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Moreover, other Ethereum-based dApps can integrate it, providing further utility to BTC20.

BTC20’s Price History

BTC20 launched as a presale on July 17, 2023. For those who have wondered if they should buy Bitcoin, the BTC20 presale quickly sold out its $6 million hard cap within just two weeks before it was listed for its IEO on Uniswap. BTC20, which was available at $1, then exploded after launch, reaching a peak price of almost $6 – a near-600% price increase from the presale.

BTC20 coin stylized

Although the price has since settled, investor confidence remains high, as does the potential for huge gains in the next bull run. According to the staking dashboard, more than 4 million tokens are locked in the staking pool at the time of writing, around 70% of the circulating supply, indicating that BTC20 holders are viewing the project as a long term hold – the staking pool is currently offering an estimated annualized yield percentage of 60%.

It aims to build upon the foundations of Bitcoin, making it more accessible, functional and environmentally friendly. BTC20 is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, making it compatible with all other Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps). Like Bitcoin, BTC20 comprises of 21 million tokens. However, just 6.05 million were available in its presale, with the remainder allocated to staking rewards.

According to its whitepaper, the staking unlock schedule spans 120 years, making BTC20 a highly scarce asset. The BTC20 staking feature – Stake to Earn, enables investors to deposit tokens in the project’s smart contract and receive staking rewards proportional to their share in the staking pool. In other words, the more holders stake, the more they earn. BTC20 price history key points:

  • BTC20 is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and a BTC clone.
  • The project’s $6 million presale launched on 17 July and sold out in just two weeks.
  • The price reached an all-time high of $5.80 – nearly 600% gains.
  • 70% of the circulating supply is locked in the staking pool.
  • The estimated APY is currently 60%.
  • The remaining tokens are allocated to staking rewards, with a 120-year incremental unlock schedule.

What Factors Influence the BTC20 Price?

Coin NameBitcoin20
Bitcoin20 SymbolBTC20
Bitcoin20 Price$0.106
Bitcoin20 Price Change 24h▼ -2.99%
Bitcoin20 Price Change 7d▼ -5.74%
Bitcoin20 Market Cap$644,146
Circulating Supply6,050,000 BTC20

BTC20 has got off to an immense start and became one of the top ICO projects after it sold out its $6 million presale in two weeks. It then went on to make nearly 600% gains after launch and still remains in profit over its presale price, despite the whole market currently struggling. Looking ahead, there are numerous factors which could affect its price. Let’s take a look at them below.


As with all new projects, hype will significantly affect the BTC20 price. However, BTC20 differs from other new projects since it builds on the disadvantages of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin clone, with several significant advantages, more hype will reach the project, especially when the wider market improves.

Media Interest

Media interest has been huge since launch and is expected to continue with every pump in price, especially with its generous staking rewards. Therefore, BTC20 could become one of the top low-cap cryptos if it continues to gain traction.

Scarcity and Staking Rewards

BTC20 has utilized similar tokenomics and scarcity tactics to Bitcoin. These measures often lead to fear of missing out (FOMO). Staking is now live and around 70% of the circulating supply is currently locked in the staking pool, which is generating an estimated APY of 60%. Those figures are huge and shows there is huge investor confidence in the long-term viability of the project, as well as rewarding any new stakers way above what other PoS tokens can offer. Ethereum, Cardano and Solana typically offer staking rewards of between 5% and 10%.

Integrations and Added Utilities

Since BTC20 is built on the Ethereum blockchain, there are many possibilities for future developments and integrations for the project. The further utility will inevitably boost the BTC20 demand, causing its price to increase too.

How to Buy BTC20

This section explains how to buy BTC20 on DEXTools in four simple steps.

Step One – Set up a Software Wallet

Start by creating a software wallet. We will use MetaMask for this tutorial, but you can use any Ethereum-compatible software wallet. Visit the wallet provider’s website or search for it on the App Store, then download it to your device. Follow the wallet set-up instructions to get started, ensuring you store your seed phrase securely. MetaMask crypto wallet

Step Two – Load the Wallet to Fund Your Investment & Go to DEXTools

Send ETH or USDT from your centralised exchange account to the software wallet, or pay for USDT or ETH on MetaMask directly with your bank card. Then go to and search for BTC20.

Step Three – Connect the Wallet to the BTC20 on DEXTools

Then, go to the DEXTSWAP tab website and click “Connect Wallet.” Next, follow the prompts provided by MetaMask to finish connecting to the presale.

BTC20 to WETH price chart

Step Four – Buy and Stake $BTC20 Tokens

Once your wallet is connected, choose the number of tokens you want to buy and complete the purchase. Tokens can immediately be added to the staking pool to generate rewards, which is currently an estimated 60% APY.

Best place to buy cryptocurrencies

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Binance mobile app

Find one of the best crypto management tools as a desktop or a mobile app where you can transfer your coins, trade them or stake with variable annual percentage rate that can go up to 8% on USDT and up to 3.45% on ETH with low risk. Binance offers one of the lowest trading fees as well that range from 0.1% for a trading volume of up to $1 million, to 0.012% (maker) and 0.024% (taker) fees for those who make over $4 million in trading volume. You can further lower these fees if you pay them with BNB coins. All this makes Binance one of the best crypto exchanges on the market.

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Another Bitcoin Clone Takes the Market by Storm – Bitcoin ETF Token 

If you are looking for an alternative to BTC20, Bitcoin ETF Token is a new ERC-20 token that speculates on the imminent release of a Bitcoin Spot ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund). A Bitcoin ETF has been pushed by global investment companies such as BlackRock – in hopes of giving institutional investors simpler access to trade Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ETF Token presale

Through a Bitcoin ETF, traders can buy and sell BTC without holding the underlying asset. However, a Bitcoin Spot ETF is awaiting the approval of the SEC. Bitcoin ETF Token offers the latest news and updates on this matter. Moreover, this deflationary cryptocurrency will host burning events after achieving 5 milestones – each linked to real-life Bitcoin events. For instance, one of Bitcoin ETF Token’s milestones is the approval of the Spot ETF by the SEC.

Another is when $BTCETF, the native cryptocurrency, surpasses $100 million in trading volume. Each of the 5 milestones will be followed by a 5% token burning event. Thus, 25% of the total 2.1 billion Bitcoin ETF Token supply will eventually be burned. Moreover, Bitcoin ETF Token charges a 5% burn tax, which will reduce by 1% as each milestone is crossed. Boasting huge growth potential, Bitcoin ETF Token also offers staking benefits through its verified smart contract.

Investors can stake $BTCETF and earn annual yields in excess of 5,800%. Thus giving investors great returns for simply holding the token. Interested investors can buy $BTCETF for just $0.005 on the first presale round, before the price increases. By the tenth and final presale round, $BTCETF will be priced at $0.0068 – a 36% jump. The Bitcoin ETF Token presale has set a hard cap target of $4.956 million. In just over 24 hours, the presale has raised over $32K. Keep yourselves updated on this cryptocurrency by reading the Bitcoin ETF Token whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel.

Presale Started 6 Nov 2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Closing Thoughts

BTC20 got off to an extremely strong start, selling out its $6 million presale in just two weeks before pumping by almost 600% once it reached exchanges. While the price has settled, with the crypto markets historically suffering in Septemebr, it is still in profit from its presale price of $1 and investor confidence remains high. More than 4 million tokens are currently locked in the staking pool – 70% of the circulating supply – and generating an estimated APY of 60%. BTC20 has a fully diluted market cap of $25 million and looks like it could explode in price when market conditions improve.


What will BTC20 be worth in 2025?

According to our BTC20 price forecast, one BTC20 could be worth $7.50 by the end of 2025. Our projections also estimate lows of $5.50 for the same year.

How much will BTC20 be worth in 2030?

Based on our BTC20 forecast, the price could range between $9 and $12.50 by the end of 2030. While there is certainly potential for it to climb higher, our current prediction is based on everything we know so far about the project.

Is BTC20 worth buying?

BTC20 leverages Bitcoin’s scarcity model as well as factoring in Ethereum’s functionality and “Stake to Earn” to boost ecofriendliness and the ease for users to earn rewards. As a result, the project has proven immensely popular. According to our BTC20 price prediction, the project has substantial upside potential ahead.

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