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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
how to buy btc20 token

BTC20 is a brand-new Proof-of-Stake crypto that builds upon Bitcoin’s technical base while leveraging the recent blockchain trends. This easy-to-follow guide outlines a five-step process to buy the $BTC20 tokens on DEXTools. It also highlights the platform’s use cases and future utility. $BTC20 tokens are now listed on Uniswap, and still profitable from its $1 presale price, after witnessing near-600% growth after it first listed. The project successfully concluded its presale after raising its hard cap of $6.05 million in just a few days of its launch.

What is BTC20 Token?

BTC20 is an innovative Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto that leverages the Ethereum network’s security to provide investors with a unique opportunity for passive income. Drawing inspiration from the early days of Bitcoin when its price was just $1, BTC20 aims to improve Bitcoin’s functionality to offer a staking mechanism. The staking feature of BTC20 allows investors to earn high rewards, improving the token’s inherent value while creating community engagement.

BTC20 token explained

Similar to Bitcoin, the platform’s supply cap is at 21 million. Phase one involved selling 3 million tokens. After being fully subscribed, another 3.05 million tokens were offered. Together, these 6.05 million tokens reflect Bitcoin’s early circulation volume. The remaining 14.95 million tokens will be securely locked within the staking contract. This contract enables BTC20 holders to stake their tokens and participate in the distribution of rewards. The platform’s presale quickly sold out after witnessing a strong investor response and raising over $6 million in just a few days.

Staking and Rewards

BTC20 adopts a PoS model, an energy-saving alternative to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW), setting the stage for staking rewards. As per the BTC20 whitepaper, the reward system mirrors Bitcoin’s token release schedule. Each block confirmation releases a fixed number of BTC20 tokens to those who’ve staked.

The reward share an individual earns is proportionate to the number of tokens they’ve staked. So, staking more tokens means earning larger reward shares. This method promotes a community-focused ecosystem, promoting long-term investments, decentralization, and active community involvement. According to the staking dashboard, more than 4 million tokens are locked into the staking pool at the time of writing, almost 70% of the circulating supply, highlighting investor confidence in the long term prospects of the project. They are currently earning an estimated 60% annualized percentage yield (APY) with 50 BTC20 tokens rewarded per simulated block.


BTC20’s Roadmap and Future Use Cases

The roadmap of BTC20 highlights a clear path for the token. The platform will create an immutable staking contract, offering a space for investors to start staking and earning rewards. Following that, the project aims to form strategic partnerships and find use in decentralized apps, enhancing the token’s value and usability.

The increasing competition within the DeFi sector means that BTC20 needs to differentiate itself and prove its value to potential partners and users. Future applications of BTC20 could also involve governance roles in the BTC20 ecosystem, ensuring investors can have a say in the platform’s key decisions. This is partly why our BTC20 price prediction for 2023 – 2030 is so bullish at the moment, with potential highs of $13 forecasted by the end of 2030.

As the crypto market grows, introducing BTC20 into the broader blockchain ecosystem could be a game changer. Future interoperability with other chains could potentially broaden BTC20’s utility, creating more diverse opportunities for holders. BTC20 isn’t just mirroring Bitcoin’s past – it’s preparing for an innovative future. Moreover, with a token release schedule spread over 120 years, BTC20 offers a steady, long-term investment opportunity, aligning with Bitcoin’s approach. Consider joining the BTC20 Telegram channel to get the latest updates.

How to Buy BTC20 Token – Detailed Guide

While the opportunity to get Bitcoin for a dollar was missed by most people, you can still buy $BTC20 tokens at a similar price now. Let’s break down the buying process on DEXTools into five easy steps.

Step 1 – Set up a Crypto Wallet

Install a digital wallet compatible with the DEXTools, like MetaMask, Ledger, or Trust Wallet. MetaMask has both a browser extension and a mobile app.

MetaMask crypto wallet

Binance Wallet, OKX Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Ledger are accessible on DEXTools via a widget called WalletConnect. Trust Wallet, linked to Binance, is a mobile-friendly option on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Step 2 – Ensure You have Crypto To Swap

Go to and look for the BTC20 trading pair. You can swap ETH/WETH/WBTC/USDT/USDC etc, for BTC20. You can get these via a crypto exchange. After buying them, send the crypto to your wallet or initiate the purchase directly.

Step 3 – Connect Your Wallet to Your Account

Now, you need to link your digital wallet to the DEXTools platform. Hit “connect wallet,” select your preferred wallet, and choose the type of crypto you wish to trade for BTC20.

BTC20 to WETH price chart

Step 4 – Buy $BTC20

With your wallet connected, specify how much crypto you want to exchange for BTC20. Click ‘Buy $BTC20 Tokens’ and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction. Be mindful of potential gas fees. For the latest updates on upcoming listings, you can follow BTC20’s Twitter feed.

New Bitcoin Clone Speculating the Arrival of a Bitcoin Spot ETF, Offers Staking Rewards and a Deflationary Mechanism 

While BTC20 can be a potential investment opportunity, another Bitcoin clone is taking the market by storm. Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) is a new cryptocurrency that speculates the upcoming arrival of a Bitcoin Spot ETF. An ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) for Bitcoin has been in the running for several years.

This will let investors trade BTC without holding the underlying asset. However, the spot ETF is awaiting confirmation from the SEC. Bitcoin ETF Token provides updates and all the necessary information circulating the release of the Bitcoin ETF. This cryptocurrency has also set a roadmap, which is linked to real Bitcoin ETF events. It has set 5 milestones – and will conduct token-burning events on the completion of each of these targets. The milestones include: Bitcoin ETF Token milestones

  • $BTCETF soaring past $100 million in trading volume
  • SEC confirming the first Bitcoin Spot ETF
  • The release of the first Bitcoin Spot ETF
  • The Spot ETF crossing $1 billion worth of assets under management
  • BTC soaring past the $100K mark

Afer each of these milestones are accomplished, Bitcoin ETF Token will burn 5% of its token supply. Thus, the cryptocurrency aims to burn 25% of its token supply in the long term. New investors can also stake $BTCETF on a smart contract – which has been verified by Coinsult. The staking mechanism offers annual yields as high as 5,800%. So far, more than 5 million $BTCETF tokens have been staked on Bitcoin ETF Token.

From a 2.1 billion token supply – 840 million tokens are being distributed equally across ten presale rounds. At press time, $BTCETF is priced at $0.005 per token. By the final presale stage, the price will increase to $0.0068 per token. So far, the presale has raised more than $32K in just 24 hours. Bitcoin ETF Token aims to raise a hard cap of nearly $5 million by the end of the presale. Read the Bitcoin ETF Token whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to stay updated with this new cryptocurrency.

Presale Started 6 Nov 2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None


Ever asked yourself should I buy Bitcoin in 2024? BTC20 offers an appealing opportunity, selling tokens for $1, mirroring Bitcoin’s early days’ charm but with a twist of modern blockchain technology. You can buy tokens by connecting your digital wallet to the DEXTools platform.

The project has witnessed a successful presale after raising $6.05 million in just a few days and getting listed on Uniswap, where the price pumped by almost 600%. Still profitable from the presale price, more than four million tokens have been locked into the staking pool – 70% of the circulating supply, proving investor confidence. Stakers are currently earning an estimated APY of 60%.

Always double-check the transactions you’re approving and use only validated links. The sole authorized site to buy BTC20 tokens before they’re listed on DEX and CEX is Remember, it’s crucial to scrutinize and understand the market trends before diving in. The initial stage provides a great opportunity to join BTC20’s journey early, with the potential for solid returns over its planned 120-year token distribution.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BTC20?

BTC20 is a new Proof-of-Stake crypto inspired by Bitcoin’s early days and built on the Ethereum network. It has introduced a staking mechanism allowing holders to earn rewards. Its total supply is capped at 21 million tokens, emulating Bitcoin’s structure.

How to invest in BTC20?

Investing in BTC20 involves a straightforward five-step process. First, set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask, Ledger, or Trust Wallet. Next, purchase ETH or USDT, which you’ll use to buy BTC20 tokens. Connect your wallet to your DEXTools, then exchange your crypto for BTC20.

What is the market cap of BTC20?

BTC20 currently has a fully diluted market cap of $25 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

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