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AMP Price Prediction 2024 – 2040

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 14 min read

AMP is the collateral token for the Flexa payments network and the governance token for the Ampera Foundation. It plays a critical role in facilitating crypto payments to merchants and has the potential to make crypto payments something that everyday people use.

The AMP token has been gaining steam in the past few months after languishing during the crypto bear market. In the past year alone, AMP is up more than 140%.

How high can AMP go? In our AMP price prediction, we’ll forecast the price of this payments token in 2024, 2025, 2030, and beyond.

AMP Price Prediction Overview

Let’s kick off our AMP price prediction with a summary of our forecast for 2024-2040.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.003 $0.016 $0.021
2025 $0.005 $0.025 $0.050
2026 $0.010 $0.040 $0.070
2027 $0.020 $0.060 $0.095
2028 $0.025 $0.085 $0.125
2029 $0.030 $0.100 $0.165
2030 $0.035 $0.120 $0.200
2040 $0.075 $0.350 $0.750

AMP Price Prediction 2024

AMP has already experienced significant gains in 2024, rising 115% since the start of the year. However, this could be just the beginning of the AMP token’s momentum this year.

As the crypto market enters a new bull market, more people may buy cryptocurrencies and want to use them for everyday purchases at businesses. That, in turn, will encourage business owners to try out crypto payment networks like Flexa, which allows seamless crypto payments and relies on the AMP token. So, a bullish trend in the overall crypto market is likely to create a tailwind for AMP.

AMP token logo

It remains to be seen how strongly the new bull market develops, and many analysts think that the full force of the bullish trend won’t hit until 2025. However, it’s clear that prices are up across the market, and we think AMP’s strong momentum will continue. We predict an average price of $0.016, a 100% gain from today’s price, with a potential high price of $0.021.

AMP Price Prediction 2025

Many analysts believe 2025 will bring explosive growth in the price of Bitcoin and in the crypto market overall. That’s extremely good news for AMP, the price of which is highly dependent on the broader adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method for everyday goods and services.

During the last run-up in Bitcoin prices in 2020-2021, millions of people tried crypto for the first time. A similar phenomenon could happen in 2025 if Bitcoin soars past the $100,000 threshold, as many analysts expect. As more people buy Bitcoin and other tokens, they’re likely to want to use it for payments—and AMP enables that through the Flexa payments network.

So, demand for AMP could soar, and transaction fees paid to AMP holders from the Flexa network could surge higher as well. This creates a high-momentum environment in which the price of AMP could rise extremely quickly, potentially even outpacing gains in the price of Bitcoin.

Our AMP crypto price prediction for 2025 is $0.025, with a potential maximum as high as $0.050. The predicted high price is a 550% gain from today’s AMP token price.

AMP Price Prediction 2026

2026 is likely to see a continuation of AMP’s momentum—and the broader crypto bull run—from 2025. The Flexa network could enlist more merchants, with a positive flywheel effect taking hold as business owners become more familiar with crypto payments and hear positive reviews from others who already use Flexa. In addition, Flexa could bring on more collateral pools, giving AMP holders more ways to maximize returns on their AMP tokens.

AMP could also begin to benefit from integration into a wider range of dApps. For example, the token could become widely used alongside DeFi coins, giving it auxiliary utility as a collateral token for crypto loans or leveraged trades. These additional uses for AMP have the potential to further lock up tokens from the supply and push up its price.

With this in mind, we predict an average price of $0.040 for AMP in 2026 and a potential high price of $0.070.

However, investors should also be wary that the crypto bull market could fade in 2026. While we think this is unlikely, AMP’s price suffered badly in the 2022-2023 crypto winter. With this risk in mind, we forecast a potential low price of $0.010 (just above today’s price) for AMP in 2026.

AMP Price Prediction 2030

We are bullish that crypto payments will be widely used by 2030 and that the Flexa payments network will be as ubiquitous as PayPal is today by this time. If this prediction proves correct, the AMP token should accumulate significant value for token holders in the form of transaction fees. There will also be extremely high demand for AMP to fill collateral pools within the Flexa network.

It’s difficult to estimate exactly how high the price of AMP could go since there is no precedent for a crypto payments network like this on the scale we have forecasted. That said, we think AMP would have a market cap of several billion dollars at this point in time.

A $5 billion market cap would equate to a price of $0.12 for AMP, which is also around the token’s all-time high reached in the frenzied 2021 crypto market. However, we have also forecast a potential high price of $0.20, which would correspond to more rapid growth of the Flexa network and/or incorporation of AMP into other major dApps.

AMP Price Prediction 2040

It is challenging to predict the price of any crypto token by 2040, especially given the fast-paced nature of the crypto market and the early stage of current crypto adoption. However, we made an AMP price prediction for 2040 based on broad trends in digital payments and assuming a central role for Flexa in crypto payments to businesses over the next decade and beyond.

We conservatively estimate a price of $0.35 for the AMP token in 2040, which corresponds to a roughly $15 billion market cap. However, if digital payments become more common—and even supplant credit and debit card networks for payments to businesses—the value of AMP could be much higher. We forecast a potential high price of $0.75, which corresponds to a market cap of more than $30 billion.

Historical Performance of AMP

The AMP token was launched in September 2020. At the time, it replaced Flexa’s original payment token, Flexacoin (FXC), which had been launched in 2019. FXC token holders received AMP at a 1:1 rate.

When AMP launched, it was priced around $0.011. Its value quickly grew in the crypto bull market from 2020 to 2021, hitting an all-time high of $0.1208 in June 2021.

The value of AMP declined sharply starting in December 2021 as the crypto winter set in. It eventually reached an all-time low of $0.0014 in October 2023, just before the start of the new crypto bull market.

Since October, the token is up more than 475% to a current price of $0.0081. It hit a local high of $0.013 in March, possibly as a result of a temporary short squeeze.

AMP is available on all major centralized and decentralized exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase,, and more. Many exchanges also support AMP staking.

What Is AMP and What Is It Used For?

AMP is primarily used as a collateral token for the Flexa payments system. To understand AMP, you must first understand Flexa.

Flexa enables business owners around the world to accept crypto payments in-store and online. Customers can pay with hundreds of tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top altcoins. Merchants then receive payment in either a cryptocurrency of their choice or fiat.

Importantly, although crypto payments happen fast, they’re not finalized instantly. In some cases, transaction finality can take up to several hours. For merchants, that delay creates a risk that they may not actually be paid for the goods or services they sell.

This is where the AMP token plays a role. AMP token holders contribute AMP to collateral pools, which are then used to pay merchants in the event a crypto transaction fails. That is, AMP serves as a form of escrow for the crypto payments that take place on the Flexa network.

AMP Collateral on Flexa Network

AMP token holders who contribute collateral stand to benefit from rewards. Rewards are paid from transaction fees charged to Flexa merchants for using the payments network.

Multiple collateral pools are available through different dApps, and the rewards AMP stakers receive are proportional to the amount of collateral available in each pool. Pools with more collateral pay lower rewards, incentivizing AMP holders to move their tokens to pools in need of collateral.

On top of this, AMP was recently adopted as the governance token for the newly created Ampera Foundation. This foundation was created by the founders of Flexa and AMP as a way to build a larger ecosystem around the payments network.

Factors Influencing AMP’s Price Forecast

AMP has real-world utility for making everyday crypto payments easier. So, much of its future price action depends on the adoption of crypto for payments broadly and the use of the Flexa network specifically.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that will affect the price of AMP in 2024 and beyond.

Level of Adoption as a Collateral Token

Many different dApps offer AMP collateral pools for Flexa payments. For example, apps like SPEDN, Nighthawk, and Gemini each offer AMP collateral pools.

The more collateral pools there are, the more demand there will be for AMP to provide liquidity in each pool. In addition, each additional collateral pool will reduce the saturation of existing pools, pushing up staking rewards across the board. This creates an incentive for the community to buy and stake AMP tokens and collect larger rewards from their collateralized tokens.

The Flexa network offers integrations with a variety of exchanges in addition to payment apps. These exchanges could launch their own collateral pools or even adopt AMP as a collateral token for their own transactions, creating a spike in demand for the token and pushing up its price.

Activity on the Flexa Network

The more activity there is on the Flexa payments network, the more transaction fees it will generate to distribute to AMP stakers. In effect, this means that increased use of Flexa directly enhances the value of the AMP token and thus should cause its price to increase.

Flexa is actively developing its network, as evidenced by the launch of the Ampera Foundation. It’s also adding support for more tokens and expanding its payment system to roll out to more merchants around the world. Activity on Flexa could really take off in the next crypto bull market, encouraging the non-crypto public to try Bitcoin and use it for payments.

Utility in dApps and Smart Contracts

Right now, AMP is primarily used for the Flexa payment network only. However, the popularity of this token and its wide availability at major crypto exchanges makes it ideal for incorporation into a wider range of dApps and smart contracts. For example, AMP could be used as collateral for crypto loans within DeFi dApps.

As more dApps adopt AMP, demand for AMP tokens will grow, and the coin’s price should increase in response. This could also draw AMP tokens out of collateral pools, increasing the reward available to new AMP stakers and further incentivizing users to buy and stake AMP.

AMP Price Predictions by Other Experts

Several other traders and analysts have noted the recent momentum in AMP’s price and made predictions about the token’s future. We’ll take a closer look at these AMP token price predictions and explain how they compare to our own.

Super Tradeish AMP Prediction

Super Tradeish is a crypto signals group on Telegram that has made a short-term price prediction for AMP. The group identified a descending triangle pattern in AMP’s recent price chart. According to the signal, a breakout from the current pattern could send AMP’s price up to $0.0155, a more than 100% increase from today’s price.

Super Tradeish AMP Breakout Trade

This short-term prediction is in line with our average price prediction for AMP for 2024. Super Tradeish doesn’t provide any long-term forecast about AMP or indicate where the token’s price might go from the $0.0155 price target.

Changelly AMP Prediction

Analysts at the crypto exchange Changelly also produced a price forecast for AMP. They predict that AMP will reach a price of $0.0125 in 2025, $0.0183 in 2026, and $0.0855 by 2030.

Changelly’s price forecast is much more bearish compared to ours, possibly because Changelly analysts don’t believe that the Flexa network will achieve widespread adoption. However, there isn’t much explanation given for these predictions, so approach them cautiously.

AMB Crypto AMP Prediction

AMB Crypto uses AI to predict the price of tokens based on their recent price action and crypto market sentiment. For AMP, AMB Crypto predicts a price of $0.01 in 2024, $0.003 in 2025, and $0.01 in 2030.

This is a very bearish outlook that appears to ignore the growing crypto bull market. Since AMB Crypto’s price prediction is based on AI, it may give too much weight to the token’s poor performance during the recent crypto winter. The model does not consider fundamental factors, like Flexa network adoption, that we think will have the biggest influence on the future price of AMP.

Is AMP a Good Investment?

Based on our AMP forecast, we think the price of AMP is likely to go up significantly in 2024 and the years ahead. The token already has bullish momentum, and the growth of the crypto market in the current bull cycle is likely to provide a further tailwind behind AMP. As the overall crypto pie grows, AMP’s market cap is likely to grow with it. It’s potentially one of the best altcoins to buy in the next crypto bull market.

In addition, we think the crypto bull run is likely to be a huge catalyst for the growth of the Flexa payments network, which is currently the main use case for AMP. Many people are likely to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the first time and then want to use them for payments. This will encourage more merchants to use Flexa, increasing demand for AMP collateral and increasing total fees paid to AMP stakers.

Finally, we see the launch of the Ampera Foundation as a major step in the future of the AMP token. This foundation offers the community a way to make governance decisions over AMP and the Flexa network, plus provides a nonprofit vehicle for development that is likely to benefit the AMP community.

Investors should remember that the AMP token’s price is not guaranteed to rise, and it could potentially lose value. Never invest money in AMP that you are not willing to lose.

Best Place to Buy AMP Coin

The best place to buy AMP coin in 2024 is MEXC. MEXC offers spot trading on AMP, with fees starting as low as 0.00% for makers and 0.10% for takers. It’s also completely free to deposit AMP tokens to your MEXC account.


MEXC offers high liquidity and a powerful trading interface to help you get the best price for AMP tokens. You can also fund your account with a debit or credit card or bank transfer, making it easy to buy AMP even if you don’t already own crypto.

MEXC’s platform is highly secure and offers a wide range of benefits, including fee discounts, access to token airdrops, and more. You can also trade AMP on the go using MEXC’s app for iOS and Android.

Bottom Line for AMP

AMP is up more than 475% since hitting an all-time low in October. The token’s momentum signals a bullish future with increasing use and rapid price gains in 2024.

We’re especially bullish on AMP in the current crypto bull market because of its role in the Flexa payments network, which uses AMP as a collateral token. As more businesses use Flexa, AMP staking rewards could surge higher, and demand for AMP could skyrocket. We predict an AMP price of 0.016 by the end of 2024 and a price of $0.12 by 2030.



What will AMP be worth in 2025?

According to our AMP price prediction, AMP will reach a value of 0.025 in 2025. That represents a 225% gain from today’s AMP price.

Will AMP ever reach $1?

It’s unlikely that AMP will reach $1 since that would represent a 130x gain for the token and would entail a $42 billion market cap, which would make it the fifth-most valuable cryptocurrency. However, we do predict that AMP will reach a price of $0.10 by 2029.

Does AMP have a future?

AMP is used as a collateral token for the Flexa payments network, which enables merchants around the world to accept crypto payments from customers. As long as the Flexa network continues operating—and there are many signs that it is growing—the AMP token will have a future.

Is AMP a risky investment?

AMP should be considered a risky investment because it is a mid-cap cryptocurrency that suffered badly during the last crypto winter. While our AMP price forecast is bullish, there is a chance that the token will lose value rather than continue its current momentum.

Will AMP crypto explode?

We’re bullish on AMP and think the token will see gains in 2024, 2025, and beyond. While it’s possible that the price of AMP suddenly surges higher, we think it’s more likely that the token will experience steady gains as more merchants sign onto the Flexa payments network to accept crypto payments at their businesses.

Is AMP token dead?

The AMP token is alive and well and has surged more than 475% since October 2023. The token plays a central role in the Flexa payment network, which is growing quickly and enabling more merchants around the world to accept crypto payments.

What will AMP be worth in 2030?

According to our AMP token price prediction, AMP will be worth $0.12 in 2030, with a possible low price of $0.035 and a possible high price of $0.20. If AMP reaches $0.12, that represents a 1,450% gain from today’s AMP coin price.