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WIFTRUMP Takes Off as the Latest Trump-Themed Coin – Experts Predict This Lesser Known Meme Coin Could Be Next

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
WIFTRUMP Price Analysis: The upcoming US Presidential Election is providing an endless source of inspiration for Solana meme coin developers.

Amidst the rising excitement for the upcoming US Presidential Election, the Solana meme coin StandWifTrump is experiencing a huge surge in the market.

This article will provide an analysis of WIFTRUMP’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new GameFi meme coin, PlayDoge, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

StandWifTrump is a clever play on the name of the popular Solana meme coin DogWifHat, and appears to be the latest Trump-themed token to strike a chord with the MAGA crowd following months of PoliFi meme coin launches.

WIFTRUMP Price Analysis: As StandWifTrump Token Explodes on Solana Meme Coin Markets – Is This Presale Next to Pump?

As WIFTRUMP price continues to grind to the upside, StandWifTrump is currently trading at a market price of $0.0023 (representing a 24-hour change of +97.38%).

This comes as StandWifTrump touches down in a -37.5% localized price correction, which is currently testing underlying support at $0.0025.

WIFTRUMP Price Analysis: US Presidential Election is providing endless source of inspo for Solana meme coin developer & StandWifTrump is next.

The downtick has left WIFTRUMP price poised for a bounce off the lower trendline in the trading channel – a move analysts posit could target a new all-time high above the previously established top at $0.0038.

A glance at the order books also depicts growing strength over the past hour, with taker buy positions now representing around 53.5% of ongoing transactions.

With buy confidence expressed at these levels, it seems likely that WIFTRUMP price will see further gains from here on the short-time frame.

Indeed, with a current market cap of $2.55M, and with the backing of MAGA fans worldwide, this token could easily perform a 4x move from here.

But for many retail investors, a 4x return simply isn’t what they’re after, and for those investors seeking truly life-changing gains – look no further than the PlayDoge presale.

Discovering PlayDoge: How Tamagotchi Style GameFi Token Could Be Your Next 100x Trade

Despite the US Presidential election, developers don’t make all narratives equal, and it’s no secret that some breakout crypto narratives are better than others.

Two clear picks for the biggest runs this cycle are meme coins and GameFi, and standing at the cross-roads of both is the PlayDoge (PLAY) presale which has skyrocketed into relevance in recent days.

Retail investors are hyped up on the nostalgia-infused retro 2D GameFi ecosystem, which sees users take ownership of their very own pet Dog – much like the Tamagotchi toys that many will fondly remember from their childhood.

This inter-generational appeal is predicted to fuel major attention as the presale develops, and getting in early on the PLAY token – which powers a high-octane marketplace of NFT add-ons and items – could prove one of the best trades of 2024.

Indeed, comparable projects like Axie Infinity represent 100x+ moves from current presale levels – so don’t miss out.


Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.