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Why Is Crypto Crashing? Here’s Why Experts Are Bullish on These Upcoming Tokens

Tim Hakki
Last updated: | 5 min read
crypto crash

Why is crypto crashing, and is this just a temporary downturn? This is the crucial question on everyone’s mind right now.

Bitcoin’s ($BTC) halving came and went on April 20th. As yet, the market still hasn’t seen anything remotely resembling a bull run.

According to historical precedent, the software update—which reduces mining rewards and, in so doing, reduces the new supply of the world’s favorite cryptocurrency—could take a few months to kick in.

But many skeptical analysts argue that halving-related bull runs could be a thing of the past. They suggest that Bitcoin’s mid-March rally to an all-time high of $73,737.94 could have been the result of feverish hype-based speculation on the halving, which artificially inflated the price and negated the economic effects of the supply bottleneck.

Recent news that the US has approved several Ethereum ETF applications also seems to have done little to pump prices, although a large part of Bitcoin’s aforementioned rally to a new high watermark was also driven by immense hype around the launch of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs back in January.

So, it would seem crypto has run out of narratives that can drive the entire market, but there are several virally marketed meme coin projects injecting the scene with some enticing value propositions.

In short, crypto isn’t crashing, it’s only resting. Here are three of the hottest presales in the sector, so readers can get in early.

Avoid Crashing Crypto Prices with Man’s New Best Friend: AI Trading Bot WienerAI.

A new generation of meme coins like ScottytheAI and WienerAI are doing what no other funny projects are doing right now: integrating artificial intelligence to provide their owners with value that remains even after the underlying meme has dated.

In addition to being a cyborg sausage dog meme coin with a hilarious backstory, WienerAI is also a next-generation crypto project that utilizes viral marketing strategies in order to bring crypto fans one of the highest-value propositions for any meme project.

See, WienerAI is the most advanced user-friendly AI trading bot in crypto and he takes the form of a chatbot.

All users need to do is ask him a question relating to their investment needs, such as “what’s the best meme coin to invest in right now?” and Wiener will roam blockchain’s wilds to sniff out suitable candidates for his owners, while providing them with a breakdown of his analysis.

The presale is in its second month and it has already taken a tidy $5.7 million in investments.

Touted as a “Revolutionary AI Trading partner”, WienerAI ($WAI) is also gives his owners seamless swap functionality and zero fees.

Moreover, Blockchain security platform Coinsult audited WienerAI’s smart contract, so investors can have peace of mind about the project’s transparency.

Around 20% of $WAI’s supply is for staking.

WienerAI’s website offers buyers the ability to stake during the presale, in order to take advantage of the mouth-watering yield, which is currently 198% APY.

Follow WienerAI on X and Telegram.

Join the presale now over on the WienerAI website

South Park’s Gamer Guy Goes Aquatic in Solana’s Hillbilly $SEAL Meme Coin, Sealana

Solana’s Sealana ($SEAL) has already raised well over $4 million since its presale launched two months ago.

He’s evidently inspired by Gamer Guy, a character that first appeared in South Park’s World of Warcraft episode. Gamer guy’s milk-bottle glasses, screen-locked stare, messy room and gravity-defying girth, quickly made him a viral meme as he became a symbol of excessive screen use, from keyboard warriors to degen traders and every type of online troll and layabout inbetween.

Investors who want to prepare for the gold rush have a little over 2 weeks left to snap up $SEAL at a fixed presale price of $0.022.

The Sealana presale concludes at 6PM on June 25. That means this could be the last opportunity to get in early before post-listing appreciation potentially blows it sky-high.

Like WienerAI, Sealana is also very active over on X.

Buy Sealana with $SOL, $ETH, $USDT or $BNB at the official website here.

Finally, There’s Cross-Chain Meme Coin Base Dawgz

Another project redefining the meme coin is Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ). Base Dawgz is another Doge-themed coin, this time his primary home is on Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2, Base, but he’s also compatible with Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Polygon.

It launched on June 4, taking in over $200,000 within minutes as investors piled in to snap up a multi-chain meme coin with staking and share-to-earn capabilities. To date, it has raised over $1.3 million.

But what is share-to-earn? Simply put, the token’s ingenious marketing strategy puts community members at the core of Base Dawgz’s marketing strategy, thanks to a share-to-earn system that pays out point rewards for sharing $DAWGZ-centric content on social media.

In addition, Base Dawgz will introduce juicy staking rewards at a later date.

Buy in now to catch this potential stratospheric new meme coin at its lowest possible pre-launch price of $0.00502. With multiple purchase options, including popular stablecoins like USDT and USDC, buying in is simple and secure. However, there are just over 3 days to purchase the token before it rises to the next fixed presale price.

Check out the Base Dawgz community on X and Telegram.

Buy $DAWGZ here

Is Crypto Really Crashing?

So, is crypto really crashing? It’s a difficult question for anyone to answer.

While the market has run out of driving narratives, the launch of Ethereum ETFs will amp things up a notch on the way to global crypto adoption.

It will also have a positive effect on WienerAI, Sealana and Base Dawz, all of which are present on Ethereum.

A Solana ETF is likely next, but it may take years because the SEC is defining SOL as a security.

Still, for those playing the long game, it will be a boon to Sealana and Base Dawgz holders, since they’re two Solana-compatible mammals and we can broadly expect the whole ecosystem to benefit.

In conclusion, with tons of great projects still in presale that investors can get a head start on, there are still opportunities regardless of what happens in the wider market.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.