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Wemade’s WEMIX Backs Elixir Games for Web3 Expansion

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 2 min read
A stylized digital chain made of blue code, representing the interconnectedness of blockchain technology, symbolizing the strategic gaming investment of WEMIX, a blockchain developer from South Korean gaming giant Wemade, in Elixir Games.
WEMIX invests in Elixir Games: A powerful collaboration for the future of Web3 gaming.

Global blockchain developer WEMIX, developed by South Korean gaming powerhouse Wemade, has announced its strategic investment in the Web3 gaming platform Elixir Games.

The press release said the collaboration’s goal is to advance the digital transformation of the gaming industry and improve gaming experiences globally.

Elixir will use this (undisclosed) additional funding for its launcher platform and the development of new game IPs (intellectual properties).

Speaking of which, the launcher platform is currently home to over 150 games. It has recorded over 1 million downloads since its launch.

CEO Carlos Roldan commented that Elixir Games’ mission is to “push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.”

“This support and strategic investment from WEMIX stands as an expansion of our partnership,” he said. It allows “us to accelerate our growth and bring even more innovative and engaging experiences together, truly shaping the future of gaming.”

‘Laying the Foundation for a Thriving Web3 Business’

Elixir Games is integrating blockchain to give players true ownership of in-game assets and foster a player-driven economy, it said.

The company is building a comprehensive suite of products as an all-in-one solution for Web3 gaming.

These include a user-friendly wallet system, simplified onboarding for new users, on-ramp payments, a games marketplace, infrastructure solutions for enterprises, and a launchpad for upcoming IPs.

Moreover, it’s a gamified platform with features like a Season Pass, quests, giveaways, tournaments, and leaderboards.

Elixir Games has secured partnerships with major companies, including Square Enix and GameStop.

Also, acquiring RoboKiden and LitLab Games helped it become a significant publisher.

Additionally, in May 2024, the company raised $14 million from investors such as Square Enix, supported by the Solana Foundation, NeoTokyo, Shima Capital, Blizzard Fund, and CyberKongz.

The funding is supporting the launch of the ELIX token and the Launchpad & Incubation Program.

A WEMIX spokesperson remarked that Elixir Games has become known for its “exceptional technical capabilities and deep understanding of the industry.”

WEMIX and Elixir Games together will “lay the foundation for a thriving Web3 business and push the boundaries of the gaming industry,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, WEMIX is building a blockchain ecosystem based on WEMIX3.0, a custom-built blockchain optimized for blockchain features like dapps, NFTs, and in-game ownership.

Wemade is a top gaming company with a market capitalization of $2 billion. Among many other things, it’s known for ‘The Legend of MIR IP.’

Its blockbuster MMORPG, ‘NIGHT CROWS,’ surpassed $10 million in global sales within three days of its launch.

NIGHT CROWS and MIR4 are hosted on the blockchain game platform WEMIX PLAY.