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Web3 Games Platform Tamadoge 3D NFT Presale Starts Today 14th September, Set to Continue TAMA Coin Price Surge

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 7 min read
tamadoge ultra nft
A Tamadoge Ultra NFT is on sale for ETH 0.6

Web3 games platform Tamadoge launches its 3D NFT presale on the afternoon of Thursday September 14th, a fortnight since announcing the introduction of staking, and then a week ago a new burn program.

Tamadoge’s $TAMA coin has witnessed bullish price action as a result of the impressive news flow, with the native token gaining 25% in the past two weeks to reach $0.01086.

The launch of the Tamadoge 3D NFT presale is yet another major milestone achievement for the project and a precursor to future updates that will make the NFTs fully playable characters in Tamadoge games.

Most excitingly, 100% of the revenue generated from the 3D NFT sales will be burned.

This latest news comes on the back of a series of successful game launches by Tamadoge. The top meme coin-infused games platform is now pivoting to bolster brand awareness for its ecosystem and its native token $TAMA, as it seeks to grow its user base and chalk up more centralized exchange listings.

Tamadoge 3D NFTs will include an array of dynamic features, offering agility, strength and speed enhancements across the Tama ecosystem.

Tamadoge is burning 100% of all profits from 3D NFT sales

There are three levels of 3D NFT available to purchase:

  • Common – 0.06 ETH
  • Rare – 0.25 ETH
  • Ultra Rare – 0.60 ETH

All revenue will be burned regardless of the currency players use to make their purchase. 

tamadoge 3D NFTs


ETH purchases – Used to purchase $TAMA which is then burnt 

USDT purchases – Used to purchase $TAMA which is then burnt

Card purchases – Used to purchase $TAMA which is then burnt 

Tama purchases – Any NFTs purchased with $TAMA will be matched, resulting in double the value burnt. The matched $TAMA will be added to the burn pool and burnt as part of the Mega Burns promotions (more on Mega Burns below).

The expanded burning program will help with the token’s scarcity and, consequently, its value, providing a win-win situation for the entire community.

Also, when using the new NFT system and the Pet Shop, players will be able to level up their NFTs for free by leveraging engagement and experience points.

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible tokens’. Unlike normal tokens, NFTs are each different from one another and, therefore, can be used to assign unique ownership to digital and non-digital goods and services. NFT games are an exploding use-case for the technology.

Here are the innovative features of the Tamadoge 3D NFTs

Staying true to its product roadmap, Tamadoge is pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in Web3 gaming by developing games that are accessible and appealing to mainstream casual gamers. As such, the 3D NFTs will play a key role in delivering a uniquely immersive and engaging gaming experience for the community.

Introducing 3D NFT Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip provides users with the opportunity to receive 3D NFTs – Common, Rare, or Ultra Rare. Each of these NFT types features randomly generated attributes such as agility, strength and intelligence.
To add an element of surprise and excitement, attributes remain hidden until after the NFT is purchased. 

Simplified payments with multiple options

The Tamadoge platform ensures a smooth transactional experience by offering a variety of wallet options for connecting:

  • Tamadoge Wallet (Web3Auth)
  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • Email Sign-Up (Web3Auth / Tamadoge Sign-Up)
  • Tamadoge offers an extensive range of payment methods, including TAMA, ETH, USDT, and bank cards through its partnership with Wert, which allows gas fees to be bundled directly into credit/debit card transactions.

Presale and minting

All 3D NFTs will be minted at the point of purchase, with the user covering the minting costs.

On the horizon: NFT staking

Tamadoge is also in the final stages of development before it releases an NFT staking feature, where users can earn $TAMA rewards.

No price rounds are currently planned and there is no time limit for the 3D NFT presale.

Tamadoge mystery project 1: Stake to earn 

Tamadoge’s latest major milestone announcement is the third reveal of its three mystery projects, the other two being staking and a multi-faceted burn program.

Other parts of the revamped marketing program unveiled to the community include two giveaways, but the dates and the amounts involved are yet to be confirmed.

tamadoge mystery projects

Staking has gained immediate traction with the Tamadoge community. From a standing start a week ago to today, the amount of tokens staked has swelled to 46.7 million $TAMA, with each staker earning a potential annual percentage yield (APY) of 4.3%.

A staking pool of two million $TAMA tokens has been allocated for the distribution of rewards. The pool is divided up across four months, – 500,000 $TAMA a month (approximately 216,000 block confirmations), equalling 3 $TAMA per block confirmation.

Staked tokens can be withdrawn at any time, while the APY is variable, depending on the number of staked tokens. 

The amount each staker earns depends on the percentage of the staking pool they own and the current APY.

tamadoge staking

Tamadoge mystery project 2: new Burn Portal features three burn types

Complementary to the staking functionality are the new burn features aimed at amplifying scarcity and value of $TAMA. Ease of use is at the heart of everything Tamadoge does, and it is no different when it comes to involving the community in the three-pronged burning program.

Therefore, to encourage community involvement, each of the three types of burn, their schedules and related metrics are publicly available to view on the newly launched Tamadoge Burn Portal:

Mega Burns:

Special promotional events are planned to burn a significant amount of $TAMA tokens in the fourth quarter.

Community Burns: 

For each $TAMA token that the community opts to burn, Tamadoge will match it by burning an equivalent amount of $TAMA. Up to 5 million $TAMA will be burnt, ending on November 5th.

Platform Revenue Burns: 

All revenue generated from platform sales will be converted into $TAMA tokens and subsequently burnt.

In addition to the burn schedules, the Burn Portal keeps a tally of the number of tokens burnt to date. Logged-in users will also be able to see a counter of how many TAMA they have burned. 

Tamadoge’s next Mega Burn is set to take place in October with the burning of 10 million tokens.

tamadoge burn portal

$TAMA token price is on fire right now – a top trending crypto on CoinGecko

It was the announcement last week of the staking and burn feature that lit a fire under the $TAMA token price.

The $TAMA price has taken off and is now up 25% on two weeks ago. Such has been the price momentum that TAMA became a regular fixture in the top trending cryptocurrencies table on leading listings and data site CoinGecko.

Daily volumes approached $1 million as the coin took the No.1 spot and maintained a top 3 presence for much of last week. This latest announcement from the team is likely to sustain the price momentum.

At the time of writing $TAMA is priced at $0.01058, according to CoinGecko data.

Tamadoge’s $TAMA token is currently available to buy on multiple tier-one exchanges, including top-tier centralized exchanges OKX, and Bybit

Prospective buyers can also purchase $TAMA directly on the Tamadoge website using a card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a variety of other methods, as well as by accessing the Uniswap decentralized exchange’s widget available on the Tamadoge site.

tamadoge trending on coingecko

Tamadoge Web3 breakthrough on App Stores shows project is going from strength to strength 

The growing Tamaverse ecosystem has launched six games on two apps – five games on Tamadoge Arcade and a sixth game called Tamadoge Arena, which has its own app. In a significant achievement for a Web3 games platform, Tamadoge, both apps are available in the iOS and Android app stores. 

All six games have been well received by the community. Tamadoge Arena is mobile-only, while the Tamadoge Arcade games can be played on both web and mobile.

According to the new roadmap, two more ‘tamtasic’ mobile games will be released before the end of this year – Tamadogi and Tamadoge Catch.

tamadoge roadmap new

The flagship Tamagotchi app is ‘in progress’, according to the public roadmap. Users of the app look after their pet Doge and nurture it to one day become a strong contender in battles against other pets, and see it grow into a valuable NFT.

A central goal of the current marketing campaign is to gain listings on more top exchanges to spread the good news about Tamadoge and to further widen its base of token holders and players.

With $TAMA trending across major crypto outlets, the marketing campaign is already showing its worth. As trading volume grows and visibility around the project grows, more major exchanges are sure to take notice. 

Play-to-earn Web3 gaming is smart gaming – and buying $TAMA could also be the smartest investment move to make to gain exposure to the future of gaming.

Checkout the TAMA token