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Unveiling the Next Crypto to Explode: Simplifying Crypto Price Predictions with yPredict’s Deep Data Analysis

Yuri Molchan
Last updated: | 4 min read

Crypto trading is fast-paced and highly unpredictable. Some traders rely on emotions and general sentiments to place their trades. 

However, many trading systems are highly unreliable and lead to loss of assets. 

yPredict is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered crypto ecosystem fully dedicated to providing the right tools for traders to succeed in a volatile market. 

It offers numerous benefits and rewards for its users, providing an edge in the market ahead of institutional traders. 

yPredict The Innovative Platform For Crypto Traders, Developers, And Analysts

yPredict offers data-driven insights and deep market analysis powered by a highly adaptive AI.

It offers users access to a marketplace, a trading terminal, and revenue-sharing pools as incentives and benefits of the platform. 

Users access real-time signals, analysis, and technical indicators by subscribing to the service.

yPredict also creates an enabling environment for top developers to benefit from the ecosystem. 

Developers can build AI and Machine Learning (ML) models using the yPredict passive revenue stream. 

They can display these models on the marketplace and make passive income for each purchase.

yPredict also makes provisions for inexperienced traders with the social trading feature. 

Social trading enables new traders to follow and copy the trade patterns and transactions of the most successful traders. 

The platform’s native token, YPRED, will grant users access to the full benefits. 

The Learn-2-Earn feature rewards users with yPRED tokens when they engage in educational activities about crypto markets.

This incentive encourages more willing participation in trading education, producing more balanced crypto traders and investors.

Significance of YPRED Token In The Ecosystem

YPRED token powers activities in the ecosystem. It operates on the Polygon blockchain, renowned for its security, scalability, and compatibility with Ethereum.

The token finds relevance in the ecosystem in the following ways.

DAO Governance And Developers Model Submission

yPredict has its own DAO and uses a voting-based system to make vital decisions on the platform. 

YPRED holders can vote on predictive models and their listing and delisting from the yPredict marketplace. 

Notably, the voting process is transparent and non-discriminatory for users who meet the basic requirements.

This system makes it difficult for defective models to remain in the marketplace for extended periods and erode the platform’s core values. 

Staking Activities

Staking is a reward-based system for token holders on the yPredict platform. YPRED holders share 10% of the platform’s total revenue as staking.

Stakers may receive up to 45% quarterly staking rewards from 10% of payments for each new subscription on the platform.

Free Predictions

YPRED holders have unrestricted access to Analytics base models created by the top 1% of AI developers. 

These models give users valuable insights into the prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin with high precision.

Also, these rewards will encourage more users to stake their tokens, preserving the value of YPRED. 

Excess tokens in circulation can reduce the value of a crypto asset. However, staking helps to ensure the preservation of liquidity.

Massive Discount

YPRED holders get access to other sub-platforms on the ecosystem at discount prices. These platforms include databases, analytical tools, prediction platforms, and the marketplace. 

Without these tokens, the prices attached to these platforms are high and not easily affordable. 

YPRED Token Presale 

The YPRED tokens are currently on presale and in stage 6, each worth $0.09. 

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yPredit has realized over $1.7 million from its presale goal of $2.982 million, reflecting massive investors’ interest in the project. 

YPRED’s listing price is set for $0.12 and may increase once it lists on exchanges.

The presale is in eight stages, implying that there are just two more stages left before listing.

YPRED token holders are at an advantage to benefit from the current AI revolution in the world. 

yPredict has an exciting roadmap ahead for 2023. After the presale stages, listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges is next on the agenda.

After 2023, the focus will be on improving the AI platform and the mobile App. Also, yPredict will offer its users a Play-to-earn (P2E) feature, among other benefits.

However, only YPRED token holders can benefit from these detailed plans. More details of the project are in the whitepaper, making it one of the best new crypto projects in 2023.


yPredict is an analytical platform for crypto traders, developers, and analysts that provides the right tools and data for making informed decisions.

Users can access a live feed recommending the best tokens and indicators to buy. 

Also, new traders can benefit from social trading and the Learn-to-Earn initiative to improve their trading skills.

The YPRED token presale is underway and fast selling out. Token holders will enjoy benefits such as staking and discounts on valuable materials in the ecosystem.