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Uniswap Crypto Exchange Lists Mollars Token, Price Explodes Nearly +200%

Uniswap crypto exchange has listed Mollars token. The new ERC-20 is hailed as Ethereum Blockchain’s new version of Bitcoin. The listing is a surprise to investors as it’s the 4th crypto exchange to include the store-of-value token.

Mollars token presale adjourned on the final hours of June 1st. It was the concluding a successful initial coin offering that closed slightly shy of $1.7-million-dollars.

Listed under the symbol $MOLLARS on the ERC-20 network, the new store-of-value token has only 10-million tokens minted. This is the complete supply; no further tokens are to be issued.

Of that total supply, 40% was allocated to the ICO. Presale investors purchased over 87% of that 4-million tokens. That’s a total of 3.1-million $MOLLARS total.
3 More Crypto Exchanges To List Mollars

Via the X [formerly twitter] social media platform, Mollars left a very frank message to investors, encouraging all to hold. Three more crypto exchanges are going to list the token.

“Uniswap will list #MOLLARS token today. Keep HOLDING. There are 3 more exchanges that are going to list Mollars through this week, as promised. More traders holding, increases the value of the token. Be wise. Let’s Apply Pressure.,” tweeted project developers.

By ‘pressure’ it’s presumed the Mollars team is referring to the concept that more users buying the token, from each crypto exchange, should fundamentally drive the price of the token upwards. This occurs because the demand for the token is increasing against a very low supply.

The 3 crypto exchanges that confirmed future listings of the $MOLLARS token were LBank, Bitmart, and XT. Between the 3 exchanges, data found on Google reveals they have over 20-million crypto traders registered. Each exchange is expected to showcase the Mollars token once listed to their respective audiences.

How Many Users Does Uniswap Have?

The first listing of Mollars however is on Uniswap and was not priorly announced. This is a big deal for investors as it’s the #1 decentralized crypto exchange on the planet. Last year CNF reported the exchange had over 30-million active users and it’s likely those numbers have since increased.

Apart from the user base, Uniswap is also the 5th largest application on the Ethereum blockchain, per report, and does over 1-Trillion dollars in volume.

Token Value Increased Nearly 200% Today

The listing on Uniswap caused the Mollars token to have a parabolic explosion initially before the price corrected. It was listed on Uniswap at a price of $0.32 [cents].

Since the opening on the exchange, the $MOLLARS cryptocurrency reached a high of $0.87 [cents] within hours of listing.

The atypical correction of course commenced after a sell off by some investors looking to make opening day profits, bringing the token’s value back down to $0.42 [cents] at the time of this writing.

The 13-cent difference between listing time and currently is an ROI yield of slightly over +40%.

A great start for the presale’s 1st and 2nd round investors, along with Uniswap traders, the mild profit is still lower than the token’s expected to reach. The ‘stable’ price for the Mollars token will not be known until it’s listed on all 4 exchanges, that have confirmed listing. The addition of tens-of-thousnads of traders to the ERC-20 token’s trading volumes and liquidity could put heavy pressure on the store-of-value asset’s value.