21 Aug 2022 · 2 min read

Uniglo (GLO), Cardano (ADA) And ApeCoin (APE) Could Go Past 10x This November. Here's Why?

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Are you looking for some fall flourishes to your portfolio? While we might still be in a bear market, some analysts think this could soon be over. And if you want to prepare your investments for the best possible levels of success, you might want to include one or more of these tokens. Some of them have the potential to 10x in price, and while nobody can ever predict the exact price future of any coin, they certainly have the potential to help reshape your portfolio for the better and prepare it for winter success. Some savvy investors are actually increasing their deposits into crypto right now despite recent losses.

The downturn has been nowhere near as bad as many expected, giving real confidence to the market. Some coins have even managed to do really well despite overall market conditions, and even those that have simply held strong show bullish strength for the future. If you're willing to stop checking your portfolio's value every day and think a bit more about the long-term, you could fire your finances into a much more plentiful future. So take the stress out of your crypto holdings by ignoring day-trading tactics and start relaxing into sustainable long-term gains, hopefully with one of these tokens:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is one of the strongest new tokens the space has ever seen, according to some analysts. It's got a ton of great tech and answers to key issues in the financial world. As a completely deflationary token, GLO's full asset-backing and ultra-burn mechanics make it one of the strongest stores of value in currency, and that's why more and more investors are piling into the token's recent pre-sale.

Cardano (ADA)

Cadano (ADA) has had a really strong month or so in crypto. It has managed to claim back some previous losses and move up from around USD 0.47 to around USD 0.57, at time of writing. While these aren't the sort of gains that grab massive media attention, they still show incredible strength for the open-source public blockchain. If ADA can perform this well in a difficult time for crypto, it could fire even further up the charts in the future.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin interestingly manages to marry the crypto world with the global events and entertainment business. While many cryptos can be hard to understand, or difficult for the mainstream to buy into, one that manages to combine the worlds of art, gaming, real-life events and entertainment options into the digital space is something the industry has arguably been crying out for. This makes APE primed for growth, and it could be the future of the entertainment industry. That's why experts are recommending it for your portfolio immediately.


GLO, APE and ADA all look like great options for your portfolio. Many think they could have incredible Novembers and beyond, so check them out today.

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