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This New Platform Enables Electric Vehicle Drivers to Pay For Charging With Crypto – How Does It Work?

C+Charge aims to provide massive benefits to electric vehicle (EV) owners, allowing them to participate in the green revolution while also earning carbon credits. The system allows users to access electronic wallets where they can store the blockchain network's token CCHG, which can be used to settle EV charging fees.

An Introduction to C+Charge 

Launched in 2022, C+Charge is a blockchain-based platform that provides significant benefits for electric vehicle owners. The platform is looking to build a network of charging stations where EV owners can easily charge their cars and enjoy several incentives. 

The developers of this platform understand the potential for EVs to be the future of transportation. Cars that don't rely on foil fuels are good for the environment, and manufacturers – from new players like Tesla to legacy names like Toyota – are already investing massively in EVs. 

However, the EV space remains highly inefficient. A big issue comes with the inefficiency of charging stations and infrastructure. Today, charging stations aren't evenly distributed. They are also significantly underdeveloped and have yet to meet the demand for their use. 

Many people have even pointed out that a lot of these existing charging stations are still connected to traditional power grids. As a result, their environmental friendliness can be questioned.

EVs and carbon credits are two of the most explored ways to reduce global climate issues. So far, the only benefactors have been companies who can purchase carbon credits and earn governmental rebates in the process. 

The end user cannot access this facility leaving them at the losing end of the ecosystem chain. C+Charge changes this dynamic by providing the needed access through the CCHG token, which also combines as a network token for the blockchain project.

Easy Payments for EV Charging

Using C+Charge's CCHG token, EV owners can access a safe and reliable platform to make payments for their cars. The token processes transactions quickly, and its blockchain base makes it transparent and secure. 

A benefit of paying with CCHG is access to carbon credits. C+Charge is booking to democratize the market for these credits, providing them to everyday people, as opposed to the traditional access route, which is only available to wealthy individuals. 

By democratizing access to carbon credits, C+Charge can encourage more drivers to switch to EVs and stop using fossil fuel-powered vehicles. 

All of this is available using the C+Charge mobile app, which provides users with a view of all their important metrics. They can check their credit balances, payment histories, and other important numbers on the go. 

The C+Charge mobile app also provides real-time information on available charging stations. This way, EV owners won't get stranded when they enter new locations and can easily find where to charge their cars. Finally, users will get access to diagnostics on their vehicles, which will allow them to process repairs, get new parts, and more. 

Overall, C+Charge is looking to be a beneficial companion for EV owners. And as the market for these vehicles continues to grow, so should the use cases for this platform. 

The CCHG Token 

As explained earlier, C+Charge operates using a native token. The CCHG token, minted on the BNB Smart Chain, will be the unit of all transactions within C+Charge. With the asset, users can pay for EV charging at all C+Charge-managed stations, and the token can also be exchanged for carbon credit incentives.  

Besides its functionality, CCHG is also notable for being deflationary. This means that units of the asset will be removed from circulation whenever it is used for payments. This model should bolster its tokenomics and help to maintain its value over time. 

At the moment, CCHG is available for early investors via its presale. The digital asset has raised over $408,000 in the presale, with each token selling for just $0.013. The presale is still in its early stages, so investors can still get in to enjoy profits.

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