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Get In on the Ground Floor of This Revolutionary EV Charging Project – Here’s How to Buy Early

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C+ Charge is reviving the electric vehicle business by offering a new way for car owners to charge while also allowing them to profit significantly. Its native token is currently on presale, and this article will explain how to purchase it. 

Better Value for EV Owners

C+ Charge is a new product built on the belief that the electric vehicle industry’s future is based on blockchain technology. With more companies jumping into the EV space, there is a growing sentiment that this revolution will eventually take over the world. 

EV owners will now have an easy and appealing way to charge their vehicles and access a strong, resilient ecosystem where they can charge their vehicles in an environmentally sustainable manner, thanks to C+ Charge. 

EV owners can also earn tokens in exchange for their troubles. Investors will be able to purchase CCHG, the platform’s native token, which will appreciate during the presale and will be a deflationary token.

Primarily, the CCHG token is built to replace Point of Sale (PoS) hardware and software, which have become too expensive. With CCHG, EV owners have a more reliable and efficient payment method that allows them to easily charge their vehicles and make payments for charging stations. 

Overall, the C+ Charge ecosystem is looking to provide a lasting and effective solution to the problems faced by most people who use PoS hardware and software. It also allows the smooth running of charging stations for EV owners. Car owners can easily find charging stations using the C+ Charge app, and they will never be stranded if their circles lose power. 

Fleet management is another benefit of C+ Charge. With the platform’s app, EV operators can manage their cars and perform diagnostics to determine where their cars might be deficient. This enables proper vehicle management and ensures EV owners get the optimal value.

These tokens will also enable EV owners to earn carbon credits for charging their cars, thanks to a partnership with Flowcarbon – a leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. 

This partnership, announced in September, will allow C+ Charge’s users to enjoy on-chain carbon credits via Flowcarbon’s native Goodness Native Token (GNT) as they charge their electric vehicles. 

GNT is a token with backing from top venture capital firms such as a16z Crypto and Samsung NEXT, and it represents verified carbon credits on the blockchain. By providing it as an incentive, C+ Charge and Flowcarbon hope to increase the incentive for EV owners to drive and charge their vehicles. 

How to Buy CCHG 

The CCHG token is one of the market’s most impressive and functional new coins. The digital asset already raised over $34,000 in its presale, with its price increasing as more presale stages are crossed. 

To purchase this new asset, investors can follow these steps: 

Set Up a Wallet 

The first step will be to get a self-custodial wallet. We recommend Trust Wallet or MetaMask

Connect the Wallet 

Once the wallet has been installed, head to the C+ Charge presale page. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and complete the wallet connection process. 

Fund the Wallet 

A buyer will need to have either USDT or BNB to purchase CCHG. The assets can be purchased directly from wallets or centralized exchanges. 


After the wallet has been funded, proceed to purchase CCHG. Click on the “Buy with BNB” or “Buy with USDT” button and complete the purchase directly. 

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