22 Sep 2022 · 16 min read

8 Best New NFTs to Invest in 2022

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When it comes to finding new NFT projects that have ample upside potential, the plethora of subpar collections can make the selection process rather troublesome. Luckily, we've done the research and found eight of the best new NFT projects. 

Throughout this article, we'll be reviewing the top eight new NFT projects, discussing where to find the best new NFT projects, and explaining exactly how to buy new NFTs. Let's get started. 

The 8 Best New NFT Projects to Invest in Right Now

Finding new NFT projects doesn't have to be difficult, we've included a brief overview of each project as well as a more detailed review slightly further down the page.  

  • Tamadoge - Overall Best New NFT Project to Invest in
  • Battle Infinity - Play-to-Earn NFT Project with DeFi Elements
  • Lucky Block - Deflationary NFT Competition Platform with Huge Prizes
  • Suspicious Unicorn Society -  NFTs Providing Holders Access to Exclusive Trading Tools
  • Hedz - New NFT Collection from the Creator of Pepe the Frog
  • Multibeasts - Web3-Focused NFT Collection with Full IP Rights
  • Haunted Space - Award-Winning Multiplayer P2E Adventure Game
  • R.U.R. World - Exciting Collection Helping People Launch NFT Collections

Reviewing the Top New NFT Launches

In order to paint a more complete picture of the best new NFTs, we've included collections that span a myriad of categories, ERC-based projects, and even new Solana NFT projects. 

1. Tamadoge - Overall Best New NFT Project to Invest in

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new NFT game recently released to huge demand. The project takes elements from play-to-earn games, the Metaverse, and of course, NFTs to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its users.

Clearly, there is plenty of demand for the concept pioneered by the Tamadoge team as the project's presale sold out far ahead of schedule, raising a wildly impressive $19 million, becoming one best crypto presales this year.

Following the presale, TAMA debuted on leading crypto exchange OKX, prompting the price to rocket by over 200%. This impressive momentum has led to LBank and MEXC listings - and Tamadoge's team has even applied for a listing on the world's largest exchange, Binance.

The main attractions to Tamadoge are an expansive Metaverse world that players can explore while interacting with each other dubbed the Tamaverse and the collection of NFT-based Tamadoge Pets. Pets can be leveled up using items from the in-game store, with the owner receiving Dogepoints for doing so, boosting their leaderboard ranking and their share of the P2E rewards pool. 

Although the Tamadoge project is still in development, investors will be glad to know that Tamadoge NFTs are on their way. A total of 21,100 NFTs will be made available, with three classifications on offer – Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare. No release date is set for the first two classifications, although investors will be able to get their hands on the Ultra-Rare NFTs from October 6th.

These Ultra-Rare NFTs represent the elite Tamadoge Pets, meaning holders have the highest chance of winning PVP battles and earning Dogepoints. Only 100 of these NFTs will be minted, meaning investors must act fast to snag one before they’re all gone. 

In addition, TAMA is one of the best cryptos to buy in 2022 because it is a deflationary asset that will help bolster long-term upward price action. A sizable 5% of revenue generated from in-store transactions is burned. Over time, this will likely become rather significant and help boost Tamadoge to become one of the best NFTs to release this year.

All in all, out of the best new NFTs, Tamadoge shows the most potential for explosive growth. The project has been attracting massive attention, cementing itself as perhaps the most hyped upcoming NFT game. Check out the project today to learn more, and join the Tamadoge Telegram to get updated about one of the best new NFTs before anyone else. 

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2. Battle Infinity - Play-to-Earn NFT Project with DeFi Elements

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a collection of DeFi features and P2E games that see players face off against one another. The project has generated an immense amount of attention and is one of the most hyped new NFT projects at present.  

Investors all around the world are wondering how to buy Battle Infinity and for good reason. This new NFT game features a massive range of features. As a result, the Battle Infinity ecosystem is split into six different platforms, each housing a specific feature. 

The Battle Infinity ecosystem comprises an NFT-based fantasy sports league (launching during phase 7 of the roadmap), a collection of player-against-player P2E games, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange (DEX), an immerse metaverse arena with highly customizable avatars, and even a staking platform for players to earn rewards on their crypto (releasing on the 24th September 2022). 

The IBAT token is used to keep the Battle Infinity ecosystem running smoothly. It uses the BEP-20 standard (based on the ERC-20 standard), meaning that the token can be easily implemented within other projects. Furthermore, as it uses BEP architecture, the token supports fast, low-cost transactions, perfect for one of the top new NFT games. 

The IBAT token surged by around 400% following its listing on PancakeSwap after the conclusion of the presale, making it one of the year's most successful and best ICOs As the token features an adjustable tax, there are now plans in motion for it to get listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

Once IBAT begins releases its staking platform, a sharp uptick in demand is likely. Meaning, it could be worthwhile checking out the IBAT Telegram group and stocking up on tokens ahead of time. 

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3. Lucky Block - Deflationary NFT Competition Platform with Huge Prizes

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is the only NFT competition platform where everyone's a winner and one of the most popular new NFT projects currently on the market. Lucky Block provides users with an easy, efficient, and secure way to enter competitions with prizes ranging from World Cup tickets to $1 million in Bitcoin. 

Thanks to its innovative use of NFT technology, Lucky Block is able to host a variety of prize draws simultaneously, meaning that regardless of budget, there will be something for everyone.

 Each drawing is entered by purchasing an NFT from Launchpad.xyz. Each unique entry ticket-style NFT is linked to a specific drawing but even after it's completed, it grants the holder a portion of the rewards pool daily.

In addition to the standard competitions that can be entered by anyone, Lucky Block also hosts Platinum Competitions for holders of the Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT collection. Each PRC NFT grants the holder lifetime access to these Platinum Competitions. Each PRC NFT costs just 3.75 BNB and with prizes including a $300,000 Lamborghini, the collection provides long-term value.  

Just prior to the start of August, Lucky Block transitioned from the BEP standard to ERC. This eliminated the tax on transactions and paved the way for a stream of CEX listings which increased the demand for LBLOCK massively and cemented LBLOCK as one of the top 10 new cryptocurrency projects to buy this year.

Now, the Lucky Block team has announced a monthly 1% token burn beginning on September 30th as well as the BEP to ERC bridge (October 3rd, 2022). Both these events have the potential to send LBLOCK absolutely parabolic. As such, it's worth heading over to the Lucky Block website and checking out the project before demand gets sent through the roof.

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4. Suspicious Unicorn Society -  NFTs Providing Holders Access to Exclusive Trading Tools

The Suspicious Unicorn Society or 'SUS' for short, is a collection of 999 unique voxel-style NFTs taking the form of unicorns. While the SUS NFT collection does feature beautiful artwork, it's also a high utility NFT project

The collection provides users the ability to earn daily crypto rewards for simply holding their NFT but that's not all. Anyone holding the SUS collection will also be able to mint the upcoming Pegasus collection early and will be granted early access to Rainbow Labs - a community trading platform that offers expert support, automated trading, and a plethora of customizability.

The Suspicious Unicorn collection will be available to mint on the 22nd of September and with a detailed roadmap of the future as well as a fully doxed team, it's one of the best new NFTs to watch right now. While we'll have to see how good of a platform Rainbow Labs is once it's fully released, the project does seem to show a fair amount of promise. 

5. Hedz - New NFT Collection from the Creator of Pepe the Frog

One of the most notorious internet memes of all time is Pepe the frog. The green cartoon-style character has inspired thousands of artists since its release and now its creator, Matt Furie, has released his own NFT collection consisting of 1,000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs. The Hedz collection has been a big hit and figures like Chain/Saw and Furie involved, it's no wonder why.

As both Matt Furie and Chain/Saw are focused primarily on art, the collection does lack somewhat in terms of utility. Despite this, it seems likely that hype and pedigree could still help send the Hedz collection soaring after its September 21st public mint. 

With Pepe the frog being essentially synonymous with internet culture and the collection being limited to just 1,000 NFTs, it could be one of the best new NFT mints. The vast majority of new NFT projects are created by people without an established fan base but with both Chain/Saw and Furie commanding a good amount of respect, it'll be interesting to see how far the collection goes.  

6. Multibeasts - Web3-Focused NFT Collection with Full IP Rights

Created by the Haas Brothers, the Multibeasts NFT collection comprises 8,888 unique NFTs, each of which is 100% unique. The collection is designed with Web3 in mind. As such, Holders of the Multibeasts collection receive intellectual property (IP) rights for their NFT, opening up a huge amount of branding and sales possibilities. 

While many of the best new NFTs offer users IP rights, Multibeasts provides users a way to customize the NFT that they'll receive after the new NFT mints. The project allows users to take a personality test with a user's NFT molded after their answers, adding another layer of uniqueness in addition to the collection's myriad of traits. 

The Mutlibeasts collection takes an entirely new approach to the distribution of NFTs with its personality-based artwork. This extra touch of individuality could be exactly what the collection needs in order to become one of the top NFT drops this year. 

7. Haunted Space - Award-Winning Multiplayer P2E Adventure Game

Haunted Space is one of the most popular new NFT games this year. The project has been created by seasoned veteran developers with experience producing triple-A titles. This has given many investors hope that Haunted Space could be exactly what's needed to help inspire new NFT games to reach for the stars and push the boundaries of what's possible. 

In contrast to the vast majority of brand new NFT projects focused on P2E gaming, Haunted Space aims to release on consoles as well as desktop platforms, opening up a huge audience of console-only gamers, a market largely untouched by cryptocurrency. The initial genesis pass will consist of 5,555 NFTs, each selling for $130 in the public sale.

Triple-A gaming pedigree and expansion to consoles could help push Haunted Space to the forefront of the market. The project has already been enjoying promotion on CoinMarketCap but we'll have to wait and see in what capacity the project will be available on consoles to get a better idea of potential demand.

8. R.U.R. World - Exciting Collection Helping People Launch NFT Collections

Out of all the upcoming Solana NFT projects, R.U.R World is perhaps the most exciting. The collection has a tiny supply of just 99 NFTs with an additional 99 reserved to be airdropped to holders. With perhaps the lowest supply among new Solana NFT projects, even a tiny bit of demand could cause R.U.R World to go parabolic. 

One of the largest benefits of the collection is its focus on helping holders launch their own NFT collections. Anyone with a R.U.R NFT can get free assistance from the team to help create and launch their collection, with only 15% of royalties generated needing to go towards the R.U.R community wallet. 

While the R.U.R World collection has a tiny supply, it's one of the most interesting Solana NFT projects on the market. With it having a clear focus on community, it'll be interesting to see how the collection progresses after it hits the open market. 

Are New NFTs a Good Investment?

When it comes to making money with NFTs and investing in the NFT market, oftentimes it's the new NFT projects that offer the most upside potential. While popular collections can make for lower-risk investments, they'll typically offer less room for growth as demand has already been mostly priced in. 

Some investors have made huge sums from simply buying and selling NFTs. While this won't be the case for everyone, the NFT market is one that shouldn't be ignored. Despite only rising to notoriety over the past few years, the global NFT market is worth an estimated $40 billion. 

There are even some collections (the Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example) now selling for tens of thousands of dollars despite originally minting for free. While not every NFT will make for a good investment, taking the time to do the proper due diligence can yield amazing results. 

How to Find New NFT Projects

Although it's true that new NFT drops and NFT mints can offer investors ample returns, not every project is worth investing in. As such, we'll be sharing a few different techniques an investor can use to find new NFT projects and a few more that can be used to determine which are worth investing in. 

Social Media

One of the most valuable tools when it comes to finding new NFT projects is social media. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly. almost every NFT project will need social media for promotion, it helps to put the brand in front of like-minded people and generate hype. As such, searching relevant terms or tags (e.g. #NFTs) can be a great way to find new NFT drops. 

Secondly, in contrast to a project's website which can be easily manipulated, social media accounts show user interaction, making it far easier to see which projects are resonating the most with investors. 

NFT Launchpads 

Another great technique for finding the best new NFTs is browsing through launchpads to find interesting projects. Many new NFTs begin life on a launchpad. This puts the collection in front of a very targeted audience. Additionally, as most launchpads offer some type of escrow service, they have the added benefit of reassuring investors that the project won't simply disappear with their funds.

Established Projects

It makes sense that if a certain NFT collection enjoys great success, its team would want to continue creating new collections and expanding the ecosystem. Therefore, despite seeming counterproductive, keeping tabs on already established projects can be a great way to find new NFT projects that are primed to explode. 

Furthermore, in order to reward loyal fans and early supporters, a lot of collections will offer early access or discounts to people that hold another NFT from the same ecosystem. A perfect example of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club which rewarded holders time and time again, airdropping APE tokens as well Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs to holders. 


Outside of hype, one of the largest driving forces behind the value of a specific NFT is intrinsic value or utility. While any collection can skyrocket as a result of excellent marketing, it's those that serve a real purpose that will stand the test of time and survive market downturns. As such, it's worth taking the time to understand a project's goals and use cases before investing. 

Attainable Goals

Unfortunately, just about anyone is able to state they will revolutionize a certain sector or solve a previously unsolvable issue. However, we new NFTs are actually able to live up to their promises. As such, looking for collections with attainable goals and a clear roadmap will typically yield less risk and better results compared to investing in those with lofty ambitions and no real way to achieve them. 

Doxed Team

While not a guarantee of legitimacy or growth, if an NFT collection's team is willing to put their names to a project, it does show that they have faith in the project. Therefore, looking for collections that boast a fully-doxed team can help to filter out those simply created as a quick cash grab. With that said, it's better to use this technique in conjunction with others for the best results. 


One of the most important factors to look out for when trying to find the newest NFT projects to invest in is transparency. All too often a project will hide behind complex fancy terminology that has little meaning in reality. Rather than wasting time with these projects, it's better to look for those that clearly explain their goals, discuss how they will be achieved, and share progress with their fans. 


Throughout this guide, we've taken a look at eight of the top new NFT projects, discussed whether NFTs make for good investments, and explained a few ways to find new NFTs and filter out the very best collections. However, throughout our research, we noticed one collection that in particular that showed massive potential. 

Tamadoge is a meme coin and P2E game that utilizes NFT technology to tokenize in-game assets, allowing them to be bought, sold, and traded effortlessly. The project has managed to sell out its $19 million presale weeks ahead of schedule and with an exchange listing already confirmed for the TAMA token and minting expected in Q4 2022, there's no better time to get involved.  

Visit Tamadoge


What are the best new NFT projects?

While each of the new NFT projects we've taken a look at has plenty to offer, there are a few that shine above the rest. Both Lucky Block and Battle Infinity have already proven themselves in the market but Tamadoge seems well prepared to explode upon its full release. Check out our Tamadoge price prediction to find out just how high it could go. 

How do I find new NFT projects?

There is a multitude of techniques that can be employed to find new projects. Some of the best strategies involve searching through social media and NFT launchpads in order to find trending upcoming collections. However, it's still important to perform ample due diligence prior to investing. 

Should I invest in new NFTs?

It's always up to the individual investor to decide whether investing in new NFTs is right for them. However, doing so can yield impressive returns as long as the proper research is conducted so it's at least worth considering.