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Mollars Crypto Half as Popular as Pepe Token According To Google Trends


The ICO for 2024’s new store of value [SOV] altcoin, Mollars (MOLLARS), is pushing quickly towards US$1,500,000.  Today the project’s initial coin offering moved  to 72%, leaving less than 28% of the tokens allocated for the presale available for purchase.

What Is Mollars?

The new altcoin is highly popular because it’s the answer to Bitcoin for Ethereum Blockchain’s 250-million wallet holders.  A digital store-of-value asset, deflationary in nature, Mollars has an advantage on $BTC because of its blockchain.   Ethereum-blockchain is faster, cheaper to use, and more scalable.

Virtually it lacks all the deficiencies of Bitcoin and even eliminates the risk of the ‘stashed wallets’ owned by BTC founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.    Mollars is possibly the only cryptocurrencies with ‘true decentralization’ of its class in terms of branding value & utility.   The founders nor developers will be given free tokens of its 10-million total token supply.

That simple policy of the cryptocurrency eliminates token dumps or market manipulation.

Mollars & Dogecoin have this in common

Unknown to some, Dogecoin is possibly the only cryptocurrency in the top 10 that’s ‘truly decentralized’ as its owners took no free tokens either.  Thought of as a joke by the founders, but done with no intent to indulge in self-greed, thanks to Elon Musk & various Fortune 500 companies, the $DOGE has become a globally recognized crypto.

Mollars could be on a similar trajectory.

Even though it’s not yet listed on exchanges, Mollars search volume is skyrocketing as it nears its June 1st close date.    Google trends reports a major breakout for the keyword terms Mollars, Mollars ICO,, and Mollars crypto.

Crypto Traders Search for “Mollars” Half as Much As Pepe Token

Apart from breakout keyword terms, “Mollars” has also skyrocketed in terms of search volume.   Some days the brand name’s search volume reaches just under half (50%) that of “Pepe token,” which is the 27th most traded cryptocurrency today.

Search volume is generally received as ‘branding value’ in business today, hinting that Mollars may be on the cusp of a major break out in the crypto space.

Three cryptocurrency exchanges have already announced they will list the new store of value altcoin.   Bitmart, LBank, and XT will each allow its millions of users access to the token upon the presale’s end on June 1st.

Token Stats

With only 10-million tokens being minted ever of the new cryptocurrency, Mollars is expected to sell out and see a hyper-parabolic uptrend in price if it moves past 5-million tokens sold.

To date, nearly 3-million $MOLLARS have been sold to crypto traders via the token presale [].  It’s currently being sold for $0.55 cents per token via the ICO event.

Mollars will launch on crypto exchanges at a price of $0.62 cents next month, June 1st, if hard cap is reached.  That is a +12% increase  of today’s price.

If popularity continues to swell, prices could become substantially greater according to reports from various cryptocurrency news outlets and its respected analysts.

YouTube channel analyst, Ari of Crypto News suggested the price could see a 20x increase (+2000%)  in value based on tokenomics and project infrastructure.

CryptoNews on-site analyst Klimnet Dukovski suggests a potential high of $6.

Both projections were made over 4 months ago when Mollars ICO had raised less than $150,000 (USD) raised and under 350,000 tokens were sold.

Today, the project is nearing $1.4-million-dollars in funds raised and almost 3-million tokens sold.