Mollars ($MOLLARS) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

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Mollars ($MOLLARS) is a popular new crypto project designed to solve a problem in the gaming industry of integrating finance to benefit all stakeholders equally. Moreover, the world of finance is centralized, non-transparent and it lacks equitable distribution of wealth. The solution designed by the Mollars project is decentralization, transparency and fairness.

The $MOLLARS token is designed to be a store of value that gives ownership to its holders. That’s because there will be 10 million coins in existence and only 4 million will be sold during a token presale, making it scarce, similar to Bitcoin. At the same time, the team aims to build a strong community that will help grow the project. Moreover, there could be a launch sometime in the future of a web3 product to add more utility to the token.

Our $MOLLARS price prediction weighs multiple factors that could affect the token price, including macroeconomics, token utility and the project itself.

Mollars Token Price Prediction 2024 to 2030 – Summary

  • End of 2024: The MOLLARS token is expected to launch on major exchanges in Q2 2024. This coincides with the Bitcoin halving event estimated to happen in April 2024. As bull runs often follow the halving event, the MOLLARS token could benefit from this and see a price move to $6 by the end of the year.
  • End of 2025: The end of 2025 could see a cooling off in prices in the overall crypto space, meaning MOLLARS could trade as low as $3 during that time. It is also likely to peak at $9 before the market starts to pull back.
  • End of 2030: The end of the decade is likely to be marked by consistent inflows of new liquidity in the crypto market thanks to Bitcoin going mainstream with the Bitcoin spot ETFs. This added liquidity from traditional markets will prop many cryptocurrencies for years, and $MOLLARS could be one of those. Depending on what the team releases by then, one scenario could see the price trading above $15.
Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $1 $3.5 $6
2025 $3 $6 $9
2030 $9 $12 $15

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Mollars Token Price History

Mollars is a new token presale that has launched recently. Being in a presale means early investors get the chance to buy the token at potentially lower prices before being listed on exchanges.

There are 4 million MOLLARS tokens on sale with a token price of $0.45 during the current presale round, and as of this writing, close to 1 million tokens have been sold. This means the supply available to the public is dwindling fast.

Moreover, the token price will increase with each presale round. That means if the token price is now at $0.45, it will go to $0.50 in the next presale round and end at $0.60 by the end of the presale. If you’re planning to participate in this project, now could be the right time.Mollars token presaleOnce the presale ends, you can either buy the token on an exchange where the price is likely to be higher than the presale, or you can earn the token by participating in the Mollars ecosystem and contributing to the project.

Mollars Token Price Prediction 2024

This year will be marked by the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC as well as the Bitcoin halving event. The latter is predicted to happen in April of 2024 and it often precedes the start of a bull run in the whole crypto ecosystem.

The Mollars presale will conclude either on May 1st or when all of the 4 million tokens are sold if it happens before that date. This coincides with the halving event and could help the MOLLARS token price soar in the months following the halving event.

After the token presale ends, the next phase is to list the token on major exchanges. Once the token is listed, it could go up as we consistently see with other tokens, such as BONK that doubled in price with the news of listing on Binance being released.

Another aspect that could potentially affect the MOLLARS token price is the introduction of reward points. The way this works is the team rewards active participation with points, which can be converted to MOLLARS tokens once the “quest” is over, such as follow Mollars Token on X or join the Mollars Token Discord channel. This gamified approach to engaging with the community and participating in the project can help drive user growth in 2024.Mollars pointsWithin the 2024 roadmap, the team has outlined four phases:

  • Groundwork phase builds the smart contract for the token and starts the community engagement.
  • Take off phase includes the token launch, building partnerships with developers, influencers and content platforms, as well as listing the token on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Community fortification is the third phase that will see benefits to MOLLARS token holders, which includes early access, exclusive content and events. During this phase, the team will aim to list the token on top-tier exchanges and begin the development of a decentralized exchange.
  • Evolution phase will see the transition of leadership from the team behind Mollars to the community, making this a truly decentralized project.

If everything goes as planned, the token price could easily outperform our Mollars price prediction.

Mollars Token Price Prediction 2025

From the macroeconomic perspective, we could see interest rate cuts if inflation is tamed by then. This helps the overall asset prices that are considered high risk as new liquidity enters the market. However, the crypto bull run that is expected to happen in 2024 post-halving and last in early 2025, could stall by the end of 2025, meaning we could see a pullback in most cryptocurrencies.

But what happens to the MOLLARS token depends on the project itself as well. For example, listing on top-tier exchanges will likely positively affect the token price. Moreover, the community rewards to engage interaction and grow the user base could pay dividends in 2025.

Based on our MOLLARS price prediction, the token could trade between $3 and $9 in 2025. But if the team manages to build a decentralized exchange or any web3 product, the MOLLARS token could really take off in 2025 and beat our forecast.

Mollars Token Price Forecast 2030

The blockchain industry is expected to be worth over $1 trillion by 2030, according to Statista. This is a huge influx of new liquidity in the crypto market that will help propel the prices of various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in the years to come.

Between 2026 and 2030, a new bull/bear cycle is expected to happen, which will cause prices to wildly fluctuate. Our Mollars price prediction for 2030 sees the price trade between $9 and $15.

However, if the team delivers a decentralized exchange or any other web3 product, the price could easily be 10x our price prediction, especially if MOLLARS token holders get benefits like revenue share or discounts or anything that could justify a high token price.

Moreover, the team will introduce a 1% burn tax on every MOLLARS transaction. This could burn a huge amount of MOLLARS tokens by 2030, diminishing the token supply and potentially increasing its price.

Potential Highs & Lows of Mollars Token Price

Based on the factors we analyzed so far, our MOLLARS token price prediction goes as follows:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $1 $3.5 $6
2025 $3 $6 $9
2030 $9 $12 $15

What do Other Analysts Predict for Mollars Token?

There aren’t any analysts giving Mollars price prediction at this point as the token is still in a presale phase and the token is yet to launch and list on exchanges. There is no historical data to make a technical analysis on MOLLARS price charts.

What is Mollars Token?

The MOLLARS token is designed to be a store-of-value token of the Mollars ecosystem. However, it will likely become a utility token if the team delivers a web3 project, like a decentralized exchange, according to the Mollars whitepaper, and it will likely be a governance token in the Mollars DAO when the founders of MOLLARS recede and leave the project governance to the community.

There will be a total of 10 million MOLLARS tokens, 4 million of which will be used in the token presale, which is currently the main way to get your hands on some MOLLARS. Having 4 million tokens available means the supply is limited and the chance to buy the token at the presale price could be gone soon.Mollars tokenomicsThe presale will run in six rounds and each will see a price increase. If you’re looking to participate in the presale, getting as early as possible could help you get the best price. These are the presale rounds and their token prices:

Presale Round Price
Round 1 $0.30
Round 2 $0.40
Round 3 $0.45
Round 4 $0.50
Round 5 $0.55
Round 6 $0.60

Luckily, you can increase your bag of MOLLARS by actively participating in the project and the community. This gamified approach will earn you points, which you can exchange for MOLLARS. There are 2.4 million tokens set aside for the rewards program.

Key features of the Mollars project:

  • Low token supply of 10 million total
  • Chance to buy $MOLLARS tokens at a discount during the presale
  • Deflationary mechanics that will burn 1% of the token in every transaction
  • Post-launch community governance
Ticker Symbol MOLLARS
Presale Launch December 2023
Presale Price $0.45
Tokens Available During Presale 4 million
Presale Hardcap $2 million

What Factors Influence the Price of Mollars Token?

To make our Mollars price prediction, we used the following factors that influence the token price:

  • Token presale: The token price will go from $0.30 in the first presale round to $0.60 in the final presale round. This alone pushes the price by 100%.
  • Token listing: Listing the token on major exchanges often affects the token price positively. Once the presale ends and the token is listed on exchanges, we could see a price pump.
  • Token burning: The team will introduce a 1% token burn mechanics on each transaction, designed to lower the token supply and potentially increase the token value.
  • Project development: If the project successfully executes its vision and builds a web3 product will positively affect the token price as it will give it more utility.
  • Project governance: Similar to project development, if the project grows, the token will get high value as MOLLARS token holders can influence how the DAO funds are spent and which direction the project should go.
  • Macroeconomics: Inflation and interest rates affect all crypto prices as they dictate how expensive borrowing of funds is. If borrowing money is cheap, it can easily be borrowed and invested in crypto for higher returns than the cost.
  • Crypto cycles: The whole crypto market is affected by bull/bear cycles, which directly affect crypto prices as a whole.
  • Market hype: The crypto market often hypes a certain type of coins, such as dog-themed coins like DOGE, BONK, WIF and MYRO. However, the hype can change at any moment and other types of coins become the meta.


MOLLARS is the store of value token of the Mollars ecosystem that is likely to turn into a utility and governance token, giving it additional value. Our Mollars price prediction for 2024 sees the token trading between $1 and $6. This could be a massive return, given you can buy the token in a presale for $0.45 apiece as of this writing.

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What will MOLLARS be worth in 2025?

Based on our MOLLARS price prediction, the token could trade between $3 and $9 in 2025.

Is MOLLARS a good investment?

This largely depends on your risk tolerance given that the Mollars project is still in a token presale phase, meaning it could be a good investment if the project is successful.

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