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Immediate Altex Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Platform

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 9 min read

Immediate Altex Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

People often use complex tools to keep up with the rapidly changing crypto market. Immediate Altex claims to be one of those tools, stating that it is a “vanguard of crypto education.” that offers unparalleled trading insights through third-party tools that simplify market analysis.

As the world is already crowded with platforms that claim to be the next best thing, where does Immediate Altex stand? Is it a legit crypto education platform? This review gives an answer.

Immediate Altex Summary

Supported Crypto Multiple cryptocurrencies and other investment assets
Accuracy Rate No info available
Available on Mobile No Immediate Altex mobile application
Fees No info available
Customer Support Contact-form available
Withdrawal Speed No info available
Minimum Deposit No info available

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Altex?

The market is going through a bullish season again. Cryptocurrencies are trading at new highs, and early movers are raking in the gains. However, don’t get swept away by how the market currently looks.

Volatility may be around the corner. What is up on the trading charts now can take a dive tomorrow. Therefore, staying vigilant during trading is important, which is why trading applications that offer deep insights are becoming more prevalent.

Immediate Altex throws its hat as one of these analytics-focused trading sites. Promising to provide users with knowledge of advanced trading tactics, it portrays itself as an investment education website.

The platform claims to link inquisitive minds with leading crypto education companies. Needless to say, the site itself does not offer any educational resources, instead acting as a bridge between learners and education institutes.

As we read through the complex terminologies that the platform has used to upsell its services, we also found that it offers a handful of analytical tools. Although not used for trading, these tools are reportedly leveraged to monitor the current market conditions.

The platform’s educational resources reportedly focus on a structured learning approach. It claims to have established a methodical learning journey that learners can follow to acquire deeper knowledge about crypto investments at their own pace.

Even though the platform hasn’t specifically written what the structure is, we could find that the lessons are divided into three parts.

Users can reportedly build a foundation first. Then, they will be introduced to topics beyond the fundamentals. Afterward, they will reportedly be taught how to use news articles and the latest developments to decipher market movements.

These features are reportedly provided by an “adept navigator,” who could be a human or a robo advisor; the site is unclear.

The site has revealed nothing about its fee structure, and we are not sure that people can take its word that it is “free of cost.” There might be some charges present, but since the partner companies may be asking for them, the information isn’t highlighted on the website.

Immediate Altex Pros and Cons

While the complexity of the content doesn’t give us a clear picture of the website’s nuances, here are some pros and cons we did find.


  • Offers many educational resources
  • Simple to sign up
  • Methodical lesson structure
  • Focus on multiple investment topics


  • Not available in the US
  • No information about the founders of the website
  • No detailed information about the fee structure

How Does Immediate Altex Work?

Immediate Altex portrays itself as a crypto education platform, delivering crypto courses related to trading and other aspects in many ways.

While the delivery method of the lessons hasn’t exactly been highlighted, we guess that video tutorials and articles may be involved.

Now, the website states that it has a methodical approach towards teaching, it tells us two things:

  1. Users will have to reveal how much they know.
  2. Based on that information, the platform may connect them to an appropriate education company.

The first part may begin during the sign-up process, in which users may have to tell the customer support team about their risk tolerance, knowledge level, and investment history.

The website may connect users with an appropriate company based on that information. According to the claims, there are many companies on the platform. Each one’s approach to education might be different. Therefore, it is important for investors to be able to switch their teachers based on their expertise.

Whether or not Immediate Altex will allow one to make that switch is unknown.

In addition to teaching, the platform is said to provide crypto tools for research and analysis. But we are still in the dark about what these tools are.

Immediate Altex – Top Features

Below are the top features we found after analyzing the website’s content.

Easy to Sign-Up

According to the website, users won’t waste much time in a long, drawn-out signup process. Only giving essential details is necessary, and a representative of a crypto education company will reach out.

This, no-latency way may ensure users get to the lessons quicker.

Tiered Education Structure

Users may find that Immediate Altex offers a tiered education structure. It starts with the basics and then moves on to more complex subjects. Although the details of how topics will be covered in the basics aren’t given, our guess is that short videos will also be provided.

Expert Guidance From the Website

Immediate Altex says users can access expert guidance from an “adept navigator.” Now, this navigator could be a robo advisor or a teacher himself. This could also mean that users can access personalized lessons for better learning.

Access to News Articles and Updates

Per the platform, users will get regular updates in the form of news and notifications. These updates will reportedly help them get a leg up during volatile market conditions.

While the website doesn’t clearly explain how learners will be notified, the home page showed three small updates related to Bitcoin, revealing that users may receive short spurts of information from time to time.

Covering Multiple Topics

Even though the website has talked most about providing crypto education to users, it has also revealed small bits about other assets that its lessons may focus on. These include forex and mutual funds. There could also be other investment assets, but the platform has left the detail with a vague “other investments.”

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Altex Fees

The only detail Immediate Altex has provided about the fee is that there would be no additional charges. While this points to the presence of an underlying fee structure, in one section, it stated that the website is “indeed free.”

This creates a contradiction. Therefore, investors must ask the customer support representatives for the right answer.

Immediate Altex Minimum Deposit

Since no trading facilities are available on the Immediate Altex website, no minimum deposit is required. However, some third-party reviews have said that Immediate Altex has some AI trading facilities. Even though the platform doesn’t discuss it, it is always better to ask customer care before moving forward.

Is Immediate Altex a Scam?

Immediate Altex portrays itself as a simple educational platform offering lessons related to cryptocurrencies and other investment assets in numerous ways. It does not discuss any trading features or guarantee high returns. It just offers plain old lessons to help investors become better traders.

However, the website doesn’t even give us a sneak peek into what these lessons might be. We didn’t come across any video or article that we could have used as evidence to support its claim.

Additionally, when discussing education, the tone of delivering lessons should be simple. That’s not the impression we got as we read the content. Everything on the website was too complex and too curly.

Too many metaphors crowded the content as if trying to show off the writer’s quality. If the articles and blogs the site delivers have a similar style, we believe students should prepare themselves for complex challenges.

However, the site itself has a nice layout. We didn’t encounter any issues when we logged in to see the content. The platform is a web application, which is a plus since no download is required, and people can also view the website on mobile.

Overall, the website seems like a mixed bag. It doesn’t highlight the necessary elements correctly; there are just too many hidden details. As a result, it is not clear whether it is a scam or a legitimate crypto educational platform.

How to Start Using Immediate Altex?

Here are the steps to start using Immediate Altex:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

Visit the official Immediate Altex website first, then enter the details needed to register your account. Furnish information such as username, email, and phone number before proceeding to the next step.

Visit Immediate Altex

Step 2 – Find the Right Educator

The website claims to have been populated with multiple investment education companies. Find the one that suits your requirements best. Answer the developer’s questions truthfully about the type of lessons you want to get. Based on your response, Immediate Altex may assign you to an educator.

Step 3 – Start Learning

Start learning as soon as the platform gives you the go-ahead. If there are one-on-one lessons, ask questions repeatedly. Ensure that the lessons are worth your time, and don’t be afraid to look at other sources, too, such as some Discord groups.

How to Delete an Immediate Altex Account?

The official website doesn’t highlight the process of deleting an Immediate Altex account. A request must likely be made to the customer support team for that purpose. Alternatively, remove the account dormant for a month or two.

Who are the Founders of Immediate Altex?

Instead of providing any key information about its founders, Immediate Altex tells a marketing-driven story about a group of investors who want to make it easy for others to learn about crypto. The founder-related details are vague at best.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Altex?

No celebrity has come forward to support Immediate Altex. The website has only a few features worth any celebrity’s attention.

However, be aware of AI ads featuring celebrities talking about some of the crypto trading bots and educational websites we have received. These are fake adverts designed to phish your details.

Latest Bitcoin News

Here are the latest updates related to Bitcoin to keep in mind.

  1. Mt Gox has moved at least $2.9 billion worth of Bitcoin for the first time in five years.
  2. The result of that movement has led the BTC price to drop.

The Verdict

Even though Immediate Altex portrays itself as a simple trading platform, it is unclear on certain key details.

First, the lack of founder-related information is a red flag, especially since the website doesn’t offer any trading facilities. Secondly, the fee-related information provided by the site is conflicting. Add to that, the lack of a way to independently test the site’s features is also troublesome.

Therefore, we recommend that investors exercise caution when using this crypto education platform.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


What is Immediate Altex?

Immediate Altex claims to be an investment education platform that connects educational companies and learners. It also reportedly offers analytical tools for users.

Is Immediate Altex legit?

The site doesn’t provide us with enough information to make us mark it as a legitimate platform. There are many aspects of Immediate Altex that are hidden from the community, including information related to the developers and fee structure. Proper scrutiny is necessary before checking out its offerings.