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Green Crypto: This New Eco-Friendly Coin Just Added GameStop and Samsung as Affiliate Partners – Next Big Thing?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Samsung and GameStop have joined the Impact Project as affiliate partners. The crypto project is set to revolutionize the way blockchain is applied in the fight against climate change. 

Samsung and GameStop Join Affiliate Network 

This week, the Impact Project added two of the world’s most popular companies to its affiliate network. Korean technology conglomerate Samsung and video game retailer GameStop have joined the platform’s network of partners. Both companies also committed part of their revenues toward the fight against climate change. 

So far, the Impact Project has signed deals with over 25,000 companies worldwide that will act as affiliate partners. These companies will integrate the platform into their services, allowing their customers to shop seamlessly and purchase carbon credits via the Impact Project. 

There are well over 10,000 retailers among these affiliates, and customers who shop at these stores are rewarded. Furthermore, the entire system can serve as an incentive for more companies to join.

By shopping via the IMPT platform, they could also get IMPT rewards. 

Improving the Efficiency of Carbon Credit Trading 

The Impact Project is a blockchain-based platform that has generated a lot of buzz in the market. The platform, which was built on the Ethereum blockchain, allows individuals and companies to purchase and trade carbon credits that they can use to offset their carbon footprint directly. 

The Impact Project has tapped into a significant need for blockchain to play a central role in tackling climate change. Over the past few years, many have asked about the possibility of blockchain technology being more involved in the fight against global warming. 

With the technology powering crypto mining, industry critics have always pointed out that blockchain might not necessarily be sustainable. However, the Impact Project is changing the narrative, facilitating carbon credit trades and allowing investors to fund environmental sustainability projects directly.  

The Impact Project aims to optimize the carbon credit trading process for greater efficiency. The current market landscape is highly antiquated, with states issuing companies carbon credits. 

Over the years, interested buyers have found it increasingly difficult to purchase these credits, especially since the state-based credit issuance system has been prone to inefficiency and bureaucracy.  

Liquidity has also been challenging since companies have had challenges trading their credits. 

With the Impact Project, users can finally sidestep these issues once and for all. It offers credits as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing anyone to trade them more seamlessly. These tokens can also be burned by their owners if they so desire. As a result, credit holders have complete control over them.

IMPT Is Available on Presale 

IMPT, the native token of the Impact Project, has quickly become one of the most exciting coins available. In less than three months, the asset has raised more than $13 million on presale. A remarkable achievement, especially in a market that has been overwhelmingly bearish.

Its presale is still ongoing and presents a massive opportunity for investors to make a profit. The current price is $0.023, but it will move to $0.028 in the next phase. This is one asset for investors looking to make gains while also doing good for the environment. 

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