24 giugno 2021 · 3 min read

First French Erotic NFT Marketplace Raises $2M Private Sale: ICO in June

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NFT Marketplace

Rareporn is the first erotic NFT platform in France. It recently concluded its private sale and raised 2M USD in the process. Although this pioneer adult entertainment startup is barely three months in operation, it is gearing up towards exponential growth. In the next two months, it plans to employ at least 25 people. The startup will be expanding to the USA and Japan, targeting a global audience. Porntech, Frenchtech and above all, a porn that is transparent, where content creators are back on the centrestage.

Rareporn And The Global Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult entertainment industry has been on exponential growth, and Rareporn is looking to leverage such growth. According to SimilarWeb in April 2021 alone, the adult website "XVideos" witnessed 3.1 billion visits. To give you a clear perspective, Amazon and Netflix witnessed 2.45 billion and 1.23 billion visits within this same period, respectively. Therefore, there is no doubt about the huge patronage of the adult entertainment industry.

Marco Garniga and Nils Lataillade are co-CEOs of RarePorn, and both have held leadership positions in unicorns and hyper growth startups like Jumia, Amazon and Meero. Fred Coppula is the co-founder and one of the most famous adult film directors in France. RarePorn announces the continuation of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in June for an amount of 17M USD.

The global adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2020, data from SEMrush showed that erotic websites had more website traffic than Twitter, Instagrarn, Netflix, Zoom, Pinterest, and Linkedln combined. This is to tell you how lucrative and highly economically viable the industry is.

Rareporn Non-fungible Token (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are special certificates of authenticity associated with digital contents like images, videos, etc. Now Rareporn is introducing non-fungible erotic tokens. These tokens cannot be altered or duplicated, thus better-protecting copyright on the Internet.
RarePorn has become the first French NFT platform for adult entertainment. Aside from accessing unique and authentic content, users can also own collectibles like the underwear worn by their favorite actress, erotica videos, and many more. RarePorn's NFT, the POKEN will be introduced at a fixed price or at auction, thus enhancing the owner's online collection. The creator can decide to safeguard these collections, resell them or use them as a source of income.

The first Rareporn NFT was sold for 2.5 ETH, approximately 10,000 USD. It was the first of its kind in crypto space. The historic sale included the private and exclusive video and authentic panty of adult movie actress Clea Gaultier. Badoo won the auction but decided to keep the collectible in Rareporn's vaults in order to maintain its value. The Rareporn erotic NFT marketplace allows users to sell or buy virtual tokens for adults.

This record ICO will gradually allow the public to obtain PKN $ and actively participate in a whole new model of porn, which is both innovative and transparent.In the context of Covid and concerns in the cryptocurrency market, one thing is certain, the porn industry is not experiencing this crisis.

Rareporn Erotic NFT Porn Platform Has Its Own Cryptocurrency

Aside from being an erotic NFT marketplace, Rareporn has also created its own cryptocurrency known as Poken ($PKN). Users can purchase non-fungible pokens (NFPs) on the platform; however, there is more to it. With $PKN, content creators can be paid through the platform by admirers who subscribe to their profile or would like to tip the creators.

This approach puts content creators at the center of the ecosystem, putting them outside the control of “parasitic” producers or platforms. Viewers of these erotic videos and images will also be rewarded with some $PKN tokens.

ICO Launch In June

With the completion of the private sale of its $PKN token, the stage is rightly set for them to begin an initial coin offering (ICO) for up to 17M USD. This will allow the general public to buy into the $PKN token and become a part of an entirely new adult entertainment model. It is both innovative and transparent.

Although the specific date is not yet specified for the Rareporn erotic NFT marketplace ICO launch, it will certainly kickstart in June.